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Zombie Apocalypse: Chapter 3: A Troubled School, Part 1

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Character Bios:
Name: Flame
Weapons: 2 Swords
Family: None
Age: 14
Personality: Kind, cares for others, hates to see death, loved science and math in school
Career before: High School Student
Appearance: Blue pants, red shirt with a skull on it, Skull necklace, green and red shoes, red baseball cap

Name: Doug
Weapons: ?
Family: ?
Age: 31
Personality: ?
Career before: ?
Appearance: Blue pants,black shirt, White shoes

Name: Dan
Weapons: ?
Family: ?
Age: ?
Personality: ?
Career before: ?
Appearance: Black Pants, Black Shirt, Black gloves

Name: Stan
Weapons: ?
Family: ?
Age: ?
Personality: ?
Career before: ?
Appearance: Grey Pants,

Hey guys, sorry for the long wait on continuing this series. But Im finally continuing it, so enjoy! One last thing, Im now accepting characters for this series, for now im only accepting 3 people. Use the forms im using for these people for the form for your person.
*A week later*
"Alright Flame, we have some bad news for yah." Doug said.
"What is it?" Flame asked.
"Your mother died." Doug said.
"Dang." Flame said with sadness in his face
"Also, we should move." Doug said.
"How come?" Flame asked.
"Well, the zombies are starting to breach the walls." Doug said.
"Shouldn't be that hard to move, since there is only about three of us left." Flame said. So they left with a couple of guys.
"So guys, whats your names?" Flame asked the two.
"My'n is Dan." One dude said.
"My'n is Stan." Other dude said.
"Welp, nice to finally meet you two." Flame said.
"Dan here, we have been best friends since high school." Doug said.
"Yep." Dan said as Stan spotted a school.
"Might be some good supplied in there." Dan said.
"Maybe." Stan said.
"I know that school, its the high school I went to before this happened." Flame said.
"Maybe going inside can help you close some doors." Doug said.
"And remember some things." Dan said.
"Alright." Flame said as they went inside.
"Thats a lot of blood." Stan said.
"Yep." Flame said looking sad when there was a screem for help.
"Lets go help." Flame said.
"Well, we have to get past these zombies first and there is a lot." Doug said.
  1. Flame the Trainer
    Flame the Trainer
    God dang, I just continued and got a character. Anyways, I will add your character soon, no clue what chapter.
    Dec 28, 2016
  2. Generation Sect
    Generation Sect
    Name: Mason
    Weapons: A hammer, with a spiked edge. He also carries around a lot of building supplies that can be used as such. He sets deadly traps everywhere he goes.
    Family: Presumed dead.
    Age: 20
    Personality: Does what needs to be done, doesn't really get emotional due to that. Plans ahead.
    Career before: A builder
    Appearance: He wears a yellow safety helmet, and a grey full body suit that is designed to be impact-proof.
    Dec 28, 2016