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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 27: Aftermath

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey Arka Squad must now face the consequences of the previous night's battle.
Chapter 27: Aftermath

Rather than go straight back to the room, I made a detour to the Pokémon Center to heal my Pokémon. It would be irresponsible and cruel of me as a Trainer to leave them in the shape they’re in. I’m sure Raiden will understand. In the wee hours of the morning it was no surprise that the Center was empty save for two bored looking nurses at having the graveyard shift. They immediately jumped to attention seeing me walk in.

“Good morning! You’re up early!” greeted one of them, a brunette.

“Oh my! What happened to you?” questioned the second, a red head, noticing how beat up I was.

“I got in a scuffle with Team Rocket. My Pokémon could really use your attention, especially my Riolu and Piloswine.” I said holding out my Pokémon’s balls. “And this one doesn’t have a functional ball so you’ll have to do him the old fashioned way.” I added motioning Axel.

“Right away!” they agreed in unison.

It took two doses of Antidote to cure Piloswine’s poison condition, followed by getting the puncture wounds made by Golbat’s fangs cleaned up and bandaged to prevent infection. Riolu had some lacerations on his lower arm from the bite which were direct opposite of the metal plate on his upper arm which is why he had no wounds there. He too was cleaned up and bandaged to avoid infection. The rest of my Pokémon got the standard rejuvenation treatment.

“You’re Pokémon are fully healed. Have a good day and try to be careful.” said the red head energetically handing me back the Pokéballs.

“Thanks.” I said appreciatively.

I thank you too.” Axel said looking livelier.

All of us seemed to congregate back to the hotel at the same time with me coming in seconds after everyone else. We actually had to sneak around to get back to our room as the place was crawling with police investigating the night’s event.

“That was such a pain. I want to take a hot shower and I want to go to bed.” Eve complained sounding about as worn out as she looked.

“Can I join you?” inquired Zack in a weak voice, the complete opposite of his usual cheerfulness. All he got was an irritated look as Eve was too tired to even punish him with physical pain.

“No one is doing anything until we review what happened!” Charles prohibited sounding about as grumpy as always. We all gathered around the table he and Raiden had been meeting at earlier to hear the midget rant.

Abridged version: Lt. Deter was far from happy. Despite saving Johan Kaiser as was the entire goal of the mission, along with the bonus of capturing the two Rockets who had been Lambda’s lackeys for interrogation, Lambda still got away and the damage to done to the hotel and Tin Tower have effectively put an end to the endorsement Team Neos would have received for saving the Prime Minister’s son. After all, what politician in his right mind is going to endorse terrorists?

“As punishment, you are all demoted!” the angry little man yelled.

“Hold on! We accomplished our mission! We may not have gotten the bonus you wanted, but you and Master Raiden still succeeded in capturing two Rockets! Isn’t that compensation enough?” I objected jumping to my feet.

“Silence! You’re the jackass who caused most of the mess!” accused Lt. Deter. That quickly silenced me while making me feel pretty bad about my destructive tendencies.

“Brian has a point though.” Raiden defended. “What happened in the ballroom downstairs was a direct result of an out of hand battle where my squad was heavily outnumbered, and technically it was Petrel Lambda who ruined Tin Tower.” he pointed out.

“I don’t care! The five of you are now grunts! You got that?” yelled Charles with a vein popping on his forehead that looked like it was about to burst.

“Now with all due respect, you are my superior but that does not mean I will not appeal the situation to Captain Ross.” Raiden threatened. Now it was the midget’s turn to look concerned about his future.

“You wouldn’t dare get her involved in this!” Deter challenged. The Third Seat simply looked at the lieutenant intensely and unwaveringly. It was the most emotion I’d ever seen in Raiden.

“Try me.” Raiden dared. “I will do whatever it takes to protect my people. Sure we still have some work to do, but tonight proves their strength.”

“Wh-who are you talking about?” asked Chane curiously.

“Just like Lt. Deter is my direct superior, Captain Alexandra Ross is his direct superior. They do not get along very well.” Raiden explained. Makes sense why the midget looks so panicked by the prospect then.

“Ok, fine. I won’t demote any of you.” Lt. Deter caved. “But I’m reassigning the lot of you to the Kanto region effective tomorrow. Now get some rest.” he ordered before getting up from the table and storming out of the room.

“Glad that’s over.” Zack said tiredly stretching. “I’m going to bed. I have a hot date tonight.”

“Kaguya has a date?” Eve said in disbelief as Zack dragged himself to his room.

“Jealous?” he shot back seductively.

“No, just wondering what kind of desperate whore you picked up.” she responded uncaringly.

“Now that wasn’t very nice. Angela happens to be a very nice girl.” said Zack defensively. Rather than wait for Eve’s next stab, he continued back to his room.

“Good night.” Chane said softly.

“And you!” Eve pointed at me. “What the hell are you really?” she demanded.

“It can wait until I wake up.” I told her. I then turned to Raiden. “Thanks for taking up for me earlier.” I thanked. He nodded in response. “Come along Axel. Night ladies. Master Raiden.” I said nodding to each one as I made my way to my room.

What a night.” Axel groaned falling flat on the floor of our bedroom.

“Tell me about it.” I sighed looking at the early morning light coming in from the window. I collapsed face first onto the soft bed and quickly faded from consciousness.

It was 12:05p when I finally revived from my sleep. I tiredly cracked my neck and stretched my arms over my head. I was still so groggy from my all-nighter that I almost wanted to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, I was also tired of sleeping.

Feed me!” ordered Axel like a spoiled child jumping on top of me in bed. Why does my mind want to read that out of context?

“Feed yourself you lazy monkey.” I told the Infernape pushing him off of me.

I did, I ransacked your stash of Cheri Berries, but I’m still hungry!” he persisted. I rolled my eyes and crawled out of bed.

“Fine. Come along.” I said walking to the door. No sooner had I walked out of my room did everyone else turned to me. Chane had an expression of worry and concern on her face, while Eve looked absolutely thrilled. Raiden on the other hand seemed to gaze at me with pity.

“Have a seat.” Eve offered sweetly tapping the cushion next to her in front of the TV. “You too Axel. You both really should watch this.” I took my seat next to her noticing that the News was on. I became slightly unnerved when I realized that the black haired female reporter was standing at the entrance of the Phoenix Hotel.

“Team Rocket’s kidnapping attempt was quickly thwarted by the teamwork of six Trainers, one of them a self-proclaimed member of Team Neos.” she reported. The scene then shifted to the ballroom which had a huge crater in its center, cracks in the walls, broken furniture, and yellow caution tape everywhere. “The hotel ballroom where the battle took place was left in ruins with millions of credits worth of damage after a heated battle culminating the suspected Neos member ordering his Pokémon to murder the Rockets with Hyper Beam. He is wanted by police for multiple accounts of second degree murder and reckless endangerment as well as for questioning. Witnesses say that he gave his name as “Brian Xelbu” and that he can be identified by the Infernape with gold fur that he used in battle. Here is a police sketch of what witnesses say the suspect looks like.” the reporter continued with the screen flashing to a very poorly drawn picture of me.

“You are totally screwed.” teased Eve. Instead of having an ‘oh shit’ moment like any normal person, I quickly fell into maniacal laughter at how soon I had been outed. This earned me blank stares from everyone, even Axel.

I fail to see the amusement in this. We can’t show our faces in public anymore!” reminded the Infernape irritably. I slowly turned to him with a giggle still in my throat.

“But Axel, you and I already agreed that this was best. Remember when Master Raiden brought up the subject before? Don’t tell me you’re backing out now.” I laughed.

“That was before last night.” Raiden said. “There will be no repercussions for your actions, I just want to know what I am dealing with when I turn you loose next time.”

“Dragon-Forme.” I answered simply. “I’m not lying when I say that I know very little about my strange power. I had some tests done that confirmed this fact and all I know so far is that I am in fact a Dragon-typed human, I can use Dragon Pulse and Dragon Claw, I can’t damage steel, and I am critically weak to the cold. Fairy-types are probably my mortal enemy too. On top of all that, I can’t control the transformation yet, and once I am in that Forme my aggression is through the roof. As you noticed I was like I wild monster last night. Oh. I also have accelerated healing.”

“That was heavier than expected. If I hadn’t seen your startling display first hand I wouldn’t believe such a thing.” said Eve with a sigh. I was actually in the same boat as her. I have lived it for a week and it still feels unreal.

“Well it explains the Dragon Fang incident.” Zack said lightly trying to make the revelation less intense.

“Wh-which is the r-real you? Th-the one who took care of me, o-or the one wh-who k-k-killed th-those people?” Chane asked me.

“Both. I will do whatever it takes to protect my friends and I’ll do what I must to eliminate my enemies.” I answered matter-of-factly. To my surprise, Chane then came up to me and gave me a hug.

“Dragon or human, I really hope you continue to hold on to that kindness.” she said warmly.

“I will.” I said patting her head.

“Aw. You two make a cute couple.” taunted Eve with a snicker.

“W-we are not a couple!” protested Chane blushing slightly.

“That’s right. We’re friends who aren’t afraid to show our affections. It’s the same way with me and Axel.” I agreed.

“Wow Chane. You just got compared to a monkey.” Eve giggled.

“S-so? I-it’s true.” she stuttered defensively.

“Then why are you still hugging him?” continued Eve unrelenting. Noticing the blonde was right, Chane quickly released me while taking a step back with an apology.

“Brian. A Pokémon is only as strong as its Trainer.” Raiden reminded. I remained silent to hear him out at what he was getting to. “You are weak. Being half a Pokémon means you must also become your own Trainer. Train hard and learn to control yourself better. Leaving yourself uninhibited like this will only lead to your own destruction.”

The way he said wasn’t stern like a lecture, nor was it a warning. In his own way Raiden was begging me not to do anything that could permanently ruin my life or end it. While he was aloof and normally stoic, I could tell after how he dealt with Lt. Deter earlier and how he handled learning about Dragon-Forme that he really does care about our well-being.

“Yes, Master!” I accepted gratefully. “I won’t let my inner demon consume me. I’ll bend it to my will to make it a part of me.”

Wait!” Axel cried suddenly. “If we’re still in the hotel, and reporters and police are everywhere, won’t we get caught?” I relayed the question to everyone else with equal concern. I was pretty mad I hadn’t thought about such a threatening issue sooner.

“I took care of that.” said Zack reassuringly with pride. “I still have my Ranger ID for emergencies. When the police came to our door for questioning, I showed my ID and told them that ‘Yes, I helped in that battle, but because Team Rocket are practically Pokémon poachers which I am sworn to combat. I had no idea that the guy from Team Neos would take things so far. I would have arrested him, but he took off before I could.’ I then assured the cops that everyone else staying in my room were trustworthy individuals.” he explained. I high-fived Zack for such a brilliantly audacious stunt.

With that out of the way, Axel and I went to the kitchen to finally get our breakfast/lunch after nearly eighteen hours. All the while, I heard from Raiden how he and Lt. Deter had no problem dispatching Lambda’s guards in the tower and how Deter’s Arbok and Tyranitar detained the two while their Trainer and Raiden went to the upper levels to eventually join with me. It also explained why Lt. Deter didn’t use Tyranitar during the fire to make uses of its Sandstream Ability.

Tyranitar then carried both of the Rockets to the lieutenant’s car where Dusknoir watched them until presumably Deter left to drag them to where ever headquarters was for interrogation. Pretty sad that I still have no damn clue where HQ is for this organization.

Next I finally changed out of my suit which I had slept in back into my usual attire. I then proceeded to pack everything up so that all I had on me was a single Item Ball that contained my backpack which had everything else in it.

“Come on Raiden! Let’s go to Kanto already!” Zack persisted.

“Why are you in such a hurry Zack? I thought you had a date tonight.” I asked in confusion. He looked down in defeat.

“She just called me to say that she hooked up with her ex-boyfriend last night. The date’s off.” he said in disappointment.

“Awwwww. Poor Zacky. The girl must have come to her senses after all.” Eve tormented sarcastically. Put that way I almost felt sorry for him.

“If you really feel sorry for me, then give me the comfort only a woman can give.” he requested romantically embracing her.

“I’ll comfort you with the pain only a man can feel. How about that?” she said nonchalantly sliding her hands down his torso to his crotch.

“Point taken.” said Zack knowingly as hew released her. He didn’t want any repeats of last night’s abuse on his balls. Then again, who would?

“Eve, you’re a hypocrite. You hate it when Zack touches you, and yet you enjoy touching him in naughty places.” I pointed out just to mess with her.

“You’re simply too young to appreciate adult interactions.” she retorted. “If it means bending someone to my will, I’m even willing to do a strip tease.”

“Please?” solicited Zack wide eyed reaching for her skirt.

“Knock it off. You four better behave yourselves on the Magnet Train. It is an hour and a half ride so try to be civil.” Raiden requested. The lecher retracted his hand, not just because Raiden said so, but also because Eve now had a Great Ball in her hand that most likely held an unpleasant punishment if he proceeded.

“Since you are now a wanted man, you and Axel need to sneak out from the balcony. The rest of us will check out downstairs and meet you at the Pokémon Center.” the Third Seat instructed. I nodded and walked outside onto the terrace.

“Ready Axel?” I inquired.

Let’s run like crazy Monkey!” he agreed. He jumped off the balcony first as he is more graceful at landing from two stories up. I jumped next into the Infernape’s open arms using him to break my fall. Unfortunately, it didn’t exactly work as planned and hurt about as much as if I had done a barrel roll. “We need a new way of doing this.” he said sounding strained.

“Indeed.” I acknowledged rubbing my ribs. We then ran for dear life so as not to be spotted. It would be pretty shameful to have come this far only to get caught now. Once we five humans, I even still count, rendezvoused at the Center, we headed out to Goldenrod City to catch our train for Kanto.
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