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Fushizen'na Saigai!!: Chapter 2

by Sparklespot336

Sparklespot336 Nozomi was a maid in a restaurant, and met a sad and lonely girl that looked super kind. Her hair was long, and everyone hates her for no reason. Thats what Nozomi thinks.
Yui, Megumi and Nozomi were behind the school. "What exactly are we doing here? Dressed like this...?" Nozomi asked, looking at Megumi and Yui's armour. Yui smiled.
"We're Magical Girls... But not the type that you think," Yui said as Megumi pressed​
something on a remote. Some parts of the grass moved, and there were some wood stairs.
Megumi looked calmly at Nozomi. "This is our basement. We don't like it too steel,​
so we made it nice and colorful,
Nozomi looked at it, and Yui pulled Nozomi's arm. When they were at the bottom,
everything looked nice and bright. Nozomi gasped in amazement, as a maid came running up to them slowly. "Yui-san! Megumi-chan! Mast- Boss is in the gathering space!" She said nervously, out of breath.
"Okay, farewell, Nozomi," Yui and Megumi ran off. Nozomi looked at the area.
There were tons of technology, and the floor was bright and yellow, and there were grey carpets under every table, and was a big space. There was a hallway which led to different rooms, and Nozomi also saw stairs beside her.
"Nozomi-chan, right? I'll take you to my sister's room." Ayaka said, and grabbed
Nozomi's arm, and ran off holding up her skirt. When they made it, they saw a blonde girl butler with a black suit. "Onee-chan!" Ayaka ran up to her.
Ayaka's sister gave a cool grin. "Nozomi, right? I am Eri Konoe and is pleased to
meet you," Eri got Nozomi's hand and shook it. "You don't need to fight as a Magical Girl for today, but of course you got duty," Nozomi smiled with excitement.
Nozomi wore a maid's costume, with her shoulder lengthed orange hair out. "Your
going to be a maid!" Eri clapped.
Nozomi looked at her outfit. Why was I brought here for some weird business?! Eri
did say I had to fight though... Nozomi gave a deep breath. There was a big restaurant, with tons of tables and was crowded with 20 people. Nozomi gulped nervously.
Someone came in. Nozomi walked up to them slowly. Calm down Nozomi, this is
one single girl... Nozomi cheered up. "Hey Master! What would you like today?" She said nervously doing a cute pose.
"E-eh.. Okay, can I have..." She said, putting her pointer finger on her lip.
Everyone glared at her, and they ate quick, and left. The girl frowned. "S-sorry... I didn't mean to interupt you,"
She had a long nice and wavy honey coloured hair up to her knee's. She ran
away with tears in her eyes, as Nozomi reached out her hand. Ayaka told Nozomi to follow her to a room. "So, do you have anyone you wan't to sleep with?"
"W..w..what are you talking about?"
"You're going to sleep here! Well, sometimes..."
"What?! What do you mean?!"
Ayaka frowned. "Are your parent's-"
"That? Oh, my family is here, but not living with me, I live by myself in an
Ayaka grinned. "Do you wan't to sleep with Hanaka? She has no roommates,"
"Sure! But before that, Yui is roommates with Megumi, right?"
"No. She loves being by herself." Ayaka giggled nervously. "Anyway, Megumi has
a roommate as well. Hanaka would love to be with a such nice girl like you," Nozomi hanged her heas thinking.
Nozomi was in Hanaka's room. Hanaka was the girl that Nozomi saw before. "Y-
you, Nozomi, right? Why are you... Don't you hate me?" Hanaka asked nervously with tears in her eyes, and looked completely innocent. Nozomi gasped and saw her reaction. Nozomi felt really bad for her.

  1. Sparklespot336
    It sure is tiring, scrawling up just to make a new paragraph, starting a new line having to scrawl up again. This is the reason why my stories are becoming shorter now. But of course I will continue, I love doing this!
    Aug 4, 2016