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Digimon Tamers 2: Chapter 2

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox And now the next one! Please like and view! And comment. COMMENT DAMN IT!
Chapter 2: The Second Digidestined(s!?!)

It was the next day, after Logan had met his Digimon partner, and the group had met up at Chase’s house, with Koromon being chased after by Chase’s cat. They waited for Meredith to get there, something about walking her dog. Eventually their female companion got there and Wizardmon floated down from the treehouse.

“Sorry guys, my dog manage to get loose of the leash when it saw a squirrel, and uh, chaos ensued. So, Wizardmon, who's getting their partner today?” Meredith asked, looking up at their teacher.

“PartnerS. Two people will be getting their partner today, along with their Digivice. That is because it turns out these Digimon are twins, and must be together and share the same power to Digivolve. And their partners must be together too.” Wizardmon explained, and pulled two Digivices, one green, one pink.

“Who are they for? Please let one be mine!” Joey asked, praying inside. Thank the lord, the green digivice was handed to him, and the pink digivice to Meredith. Joey began doing his signature dance, which was jumping up and down repeatedly while flapping his hands like a bird. His signature smile was planted on his face, even bigger this time.

“Awesome! When can we meet our partners!?!?” Meredith asked, almost as excited as Joey.

“Right now! We’re going to the Panda Place, where Digimon like Tsunomon, Elecmon and Frigimon live, with their leader being Pandamon, an ultimate level Digimon. They have been taking care of the two Digimon for a few days now, since they were born. Joey, would you like to do the honors?” Wizardmon asked the to-be partner, who nodded excitedly, and Logan handed him the yellow card. The boy slashed his card against his Digivice, and the group became light and teleported away, with Koromon jumping in at the last second.

Panda Place, Digital World

“WHOOOO! Oh boy, we’re here!” Joey squealed, looking around the new town. There was many Digimon walking, or bouncing, around, which made Joey happy. He loved people getting along, and seeing everything so peaceful and happy made him very calm. As he was about to go hug a Tsunomon, he felt a large hand tap him on his back.

“Uh...hello, Mister Frigimon! I’m Joseph Kasai, you can call me Joey, though, what can I help you with?” Joey greeted, seeing the large champion Digimon.


“Sure, Frigimon.” Chase replied, and the group, excluding Wizardmon who stayed behind to talk to Pandamon. The group walked over to a large tower made out of toy blocks, and two small figures looked down from the top. One made a happy noise, while the other said something about being formal, and the jumped down.

The two figures landed on the heads of Joey and Meredith, then jumped down. The two figures were very bunny like, having gigantic ears. The first rabbit had only 1 horn, while the other had 3. One was light green with green marks, with the second Digimon being chocolate brown with pink marks. These were the Digimon twins that Wizardmon was talking about, being Joey and Meredith’s partners.

“Hi! I’m…..TERRIERMON! And Joey, I am your partner, best friend, great buddy, awesome pal, forever together best friends forever!” The Rookie Rabbit rambled, jumping up and down, making it obvious, even if he hadn’t said it, that he was Joey’s partner.

“Hello, Meredith! I am Lopmon, and this is, sadly, my brother. I’m pleased to meet you, considering we’re partners! I won’t let you down!” Lopmon introduced himself, putting her paw up to shake Meredith’s hand.

“OH MY GOD MY PARTNER IS A TERRIERMON! WE ARE GONNA BE SO AWESOME TOGETHER!” Joey screamed, and picked up Terriermon and put him on his head, and the two began dancing, with Terriermon tap dancing on Joey’s hair.

“Aw, you’re so cute! I’m glad we get to be partners too!” Meredith replied, and shook Lopmon’s paw. Meredith then picked up Lopmon and put her on her shoulder.


The group walked back to where Wizardmon and Pandamon waited, with Terriermon and Joey playing tag, though it was very short since Terriermon was still on Joey’s head while doing it. Pandamon said he had to go talk with the leader of another town, Aquillamon.

“So is MudFrigimon gonna come train us soon? Terriermon seems really excited to battle him.” Joey told Wizardmon, showing as Terriermon was punching air while blurting out fighting sounds.

“He should be here soon! Oh, look, there he is now,” Wizardmon replied, pointing over to the giant brown bear figure walking over to them. When he got closer, however, they noticed the large Champion had many scratches and bruises all over him. The group ran over as MudFrigimon fell to the ground with a loud thud.

“MudFrigimon, are you okay?” Wizardmon asked, looking at the brown bear with concern.

“They’re...coming…..Allomon, Honeybeemon and Frogmon…..the Armored Forces….” MudFrigimon mumbled, groaning in pain. The group looked at each other, recognising those names.

“Those are all Armor Digimon! They must have done this to MudFrigimon! Do….do you think they’re like Grizzlymon? Could they be evil?” Meredith asked, looking up at Wizardmon.

“There has been an outbreak of evil Digimon, lately. Perhaps there is a connection...Mine was the fifth one, this is the sixth. Whatever the case is, I suggest we make sure the villagers are safe. Logan, digivolve Agumon to help us round up the villagers. Frigimon, also come with me. You will definitely be of assistance. The rest of you, stand guard. If anything happens, I’m sure your Digimon can handle it.” Wizardmon informed, and him and Logan went off, with Agumon following in suite.

As soon as the three left, a loud roar was heard, which they assumed was Tyrannomon’s, but it was actually the incoming 3 Digimon. The one who roared was the leader, Allomon, a giant, blue dinosaur Digimon. The others were Honeybeemon, a yellow bee like Digimon, and Frogmon, a yellow toad Digimon with a leaf above it’s head. The team of evil Digimon entered the village and spotted the Digidestined.

“There they are! The Digidestined! Wait, one of them is missing, Allomon!” Honeybeemon said, looking back at Allomon, who gave an annoyed grunt.

“Whatever, we’ll hunt them down after disposing of these weaklings. Frogmon, HoneyBeemon, take them down.” Allomon ordered, and his teammates charged forward at the group. Terriermon and Lopmon hopped off their tamer’s heads and stood in front of the group.

“Bunny Blast! Blazing Ice!” The Digimon duo growled, and used their attacks, with Terriermon shooting several green energy pellets out of his mouth and Lopmon doing the same but with ice shards. Frogmon jumped up, avoiding them and Honeybeemon flew around them. Frogmon then came down and crashed onto Terriermon, who groaned in pain, and tried to push the Armor Digivolution off, but to no avail and the monster used his Frog Bite attack, which was hitting Terriermon with his leaf shurikens.

“Terriermon!” Joey cried out, looking in despair as his partner was hit repeatedly. Lopmon continued his attack, which hit, but the bounced off Honeybeemon’s armor, and the Knowledge Digivolution fired a pink, smelly gas that Lopmon breathed in, making her very woozy and dizzy, his Sweet Spray attack setting him up for his next attack, Paralyse Sting, stinging Lopmon in the chest and making her numb

“Lopmon!” Meredith called, and her and Joey ran to their partners, and the enemies got back. Joey picked up the scratched and cut Terriermon, while Meredith rubbed the paralysed Lopmon. They both called out their names, but their partners were knocked out good.

“Terriermon!” Joey cried, tears starting to form in his eyes, while Meredith sobbed in her hands. Joey shook Terriermon to try to get him awake, but his partner was out cold. Frogmon and Honeybeemon laughed at the dramatic scene, and they readied their attacks. With Frogmon pulling out his dagger and Honeybeemon sharpening his claws.

“What can we do? Our Digimon are….huh?”, Joey realised his and Meredith’s pockets began glowing a bright green and pink, and he looked over at his friend, “Meredith, check your pocket.”

“Huh?” Meredith asked, grabbing something out of her pocket, and Joey did the same. When the looked at it, they saw it was the same drive from when Logan and Agumon were fighting Grizzlymon, and the two looked at each other skeptically.

“Do you think it’ll digivolve them?” Joey asked his Digidestined partner, who looked at her drive one more time, then looked up.

“It’s worth a shot.” Meredith said, determined. Joey nodded, and pulled out his Digivice, as did Meredith.

“DIGIVOLUTION…..ACTIVATE!” They exclaimed, standing up and putting the drive into their Digivice. In the Digivice’s small screen, the words Digivolution were written in green and magenta respectively, then green and pink beams shot to Terriermon and Lopmon.

“Terriermon/Lopmon digivolve to…..” The duo said, and the pair became green and pink light figures of themselves, and began changing shape. Terriermon got a bit chubbier, and arm cannons were formed around his hands. He became much bigger and his colours were reversed, along with now having blue jeans with a large brown belt. Lopmon became a lot taller and her ears became longer as well, like Terriermon. She now had a yellow jumpsuit and a blue bandanna around her neck. She gained black shoes and red gloves, with large claws on top of them. They both struck their poses and growled, stating their names.

“GARGOMON!” Gargomon yelled, shooting beams out of his cannons.

“TURUIEMON!” Turuiemon shouts, slashing the air with her claws. The two beast Digimon glare at their armored opponents, while Joey and Meredith look at the champion formed Digimon in awe.

“Wow! Terriermon sure pulled out the BIG GUNS!” Joey joked, causing Meredith to roll her eyes.

“Bad pun. Still, they became a lot bigger! To think just a few minutes ago they were standing on our heads!” Meredith talked to her friend, who nodded.

“Gargo Laser!” Gargomon yelled, and several green energy blasts out of his arm cannon, which hit Frogmon dead on.

“Gauntlet Claw!” Turuiemon exclaimed, and ran up and continuously slashed Honeybeemon. The two armor digivolutions backed up, injured.

“Grrr….We’re not giving up! We’ll win and destroy all of you! That way, we will be free to take over every single other area in the Digital World! Then we can finally rule the Digimon World! With Devidramon as our leader!” Honeybeemon blabbered, causing Allomon to bash him on the head.

“You idiot! Now they know our plans! We’ll have to dispose of them as soon as possible, or they might run off!” Allomon ordered, and they nodded.

“Paralyse Sting!” Honeybeemon yelled, and flew at Turuiemon, who blocked the stingers with her right claws, then stabbed Honeybeemon right through the chest and slammed him to the ground, causing huge amounts of data to fly out of the armor Digivolution.

“AHHHH!!!!! HELP…..No…...I’m sorry….Allomon….” Honeybeemon cried right before he exploded into data and was absorbed into Meredith’s digivice, but he became his Rookie form, Veemon, first.

“Way to go, Turuiemon!” Meredith cheered, while Gargomon faced off against Frogmon.

“Hidden Dagger!” Frogmon announced, and tried stabbing Gargomon, who leapt back, then punched Frogmon in the stomach with his arm cannon. Frogmon slashed the arm cannon, but it didn’t even make a dent. Gargomon delivered a headbutt to Frogmon’s stomach, then threw him up to the air.

“Frog Bite!” Frogmon shouted and tried crashing down with his shurikens in front of him, but Gargomon leapt up into the air as well, and pulled his arm cannon back, then launched it forward into Frogmon face, and began shooting right in his face, using his Bunny Pummel attack.

“Gargo Laser!” Gargomon screamed, and his energy blast fired straight through his head, and Frogmon transformed back into his Rookie form, Armadillomon, before bursting into data, which was absorbed into Joey’s Digivice.

“We did it! Alright, Meredith, let’s handle the leader.” Joey claimed, and him and Meredith stood right infront of Allomon, who roared, trying to intimidate his opponents, however the pairs were not phased.

“Think you’re tough, huh? Well, I’ll take care of that! One one four, huh? Well that doesn’t change a thing!” Allomon roared, cockily.

“Make that 6!” Logan screamed, riding on Tyrannomon’s back, as he and Wizardmon had returned from evacuating the villagers.

“You’re the leader, huh? I can see cause of the goggles.” Allomon said, pointing out the orange goggles on Logan’s head, with the lens being whitish blue.

“At least SOMEBODY noticed!” Logan replied, sarcastically, earning a laugh from his friends. He jumped off Tyrannomon as his partner charged forward.

“Blaze Blast!” “Gargo Laser!” “Frozen Blitz!” The three Digimon cried, and they shot their attacks at Allomon, who was knocked back, but got back up and fired his own attack, Dino Burst, which was a large stream of rainbow colored fire.

The Champions dodged the blast, then continued attacking. Gargomon ran at Allomon and jumped on his head, then started firing his Gargo Lasers, causing Allomon to whine in pain. Turuiemon ran near his feet and started slashing his feet, getting the same reaction that Gargomon did.

“Wild Buster!” Tyrannomon screamed and bashed into Allomon’s stomach. Allomon stumbled back, and the newly Digivolved pair nodded at each other, knowing now was the time to finish their foe off.

“Ninja Fist/Bunny Pummel!” The duo screamed, and the punched right through Allomon’s stomach, causing Allomon to transform back into his Rookie form, Hawkmon.

“Ah….The p-pain….I-I….have failed my entire army…..I’m a failure….No, I’m not a failure to them...I’m a failure to myself. I….Digidestined, please give me a second chance. I don’t want this to be the end….I want to have a second chance….please…” Hawkmon pleaded to Logan, Joey and Meredith, who looked at each other, and in no time, looked back and nodded, smiling.

“Thank you, Digidestined...When I am reborn, I will find you and aid you in whatever way possible.” Hawkmon thanked, and finally exploded into data.

“Awesome! We beat the baddies and made a new friend! Pretty good day if I do say myself.” Logan said, looking at his group, who nodded, as the champion Digimon de-digivolved back to their rookie forms.

“Yeah, and tomorrow I get my partner!” Richard stated, winking at the readers. Chase looked at Richard weirdly, but shrugged, remembering he WAS Joey’s little brother.

“Digidestined, let’s say goodbye to Frigimon and then go home. We should call it a day, we’ll find the next one of your friends tomorrow, shall we?” Wizardmon explained to the Digidestined, who nodded.

“Good, because either me or Richard are getting our partners tomorrow, and we’ve barely gotten any talk time these last chapters!” Chase exclaimed, irritated, and also breaking the 4th wall.

“Okay then, let’s go!” Wizardmon said, and after saying goodbye to Frigimon and getting the villagers back in Panda Place, Meredith slashed the Yellow Card, sending them home.

Bareru Residence, Human World

The Digidestined appeared back in Chase’s backyard, with two blobs with tiny ears and eyes and mouths, one green and the other brown, in place of Terriermon and Lopmon, with the same horn pattern as their evolved forms as well.

“Wow, Terriermon became Gummymon! And Lopmon became Kokomon!” Joey claimed, placing the blob on his head.

“Digidestined, tomorrow we will be going to Beta Beach, where we will meet up with our newest partner. Hopefully, we won’t have to deal with any of that….Devidramon’s minions.” Wizardmon said, worriedly.

“Maybe we should try to stop him one we’ve gotten all our partners. He sounds like trouble, and when his minions are that strong, we’ll have to have some serious training.” Chase responded, which the others agreed on.

“Yeah, but we’ll worry about that when we have to. Plus, we’ll beat him anyways! We’re too strong!” Logan claimed, boastfully.

“Yep! Well, see you guys tomorrow! Wizardmon, remember my rule.” Chase reminded his guide, who chuckled and nodded, then floated up to the treehouse.

After Chase walked away, Logan said his goodbyes, with Koromon biting on his head, trying to eat his goggles.

“Well, Meredith, nice work today! We bet the snot out of those armor digivolutions!” Joey said, which Meredith smiled to.

“Thanks Joey, I can’t wait till we get to fight again! Though like what Wizardmon said, we have to be together to digivolve, and being feeling the same emotion as well, so it might get a little bit tricky.” Meredith replied, looking up at Kokomon, who was on top of her head, smiling back at her.

“Nothing we can’t handle, teammate!” Joey reassured, giving Meredith a thumbs up, who smiled and said goodbye, then walked away.

“So Kokomon, what are we gonna do when we get home?” Meredith asked her Digimon partner.

“I dunno, but I heard Joey and Terriermon talking something about “Pudding.” What’s that?” Kokomon asked, which earned a giggle from Meredith.

Back with Joey and Richard, who were walking home, with Gummymon bouncing around on Joey’s head.

“Here’s the plan, Gummymon! Get home, go to my room, get pudding, watch SpongeBob! That last part was what Chase added in. Trust me, it’s awesome. Richard, wanna join us?” Joey asked his little brother, who nodded.

“Yeah, that’ll be awesome! Hopefully, tomorrow night we’ll have another Digimon to join us….” Richard replied, thinking of who his partner would be. He hoped with all his might that it’s champion form would be Seadramon, though.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to get my new brother! I think that’s how it works, right?” Gummymon beamed, confused on the subject of siblinghood. The brothers laughed and walked out of Chase’s street.

Dragon’s Den, Digital World

“Sire, once again, the Digidestined have defeated our soldiers. And Allomon has betrayed us! One of our DemiDevimon said he spotted Allomon’s death, and said we would come back as their friend! He’s a valuable asset to us! We must send out the Blade Dancers! Their skill will surely be able to handle even the Tyrannomon and Wizardmon!” The same Goblimon hollered, alerting Devidramon.

“This is a nuisance. And yes, Goblimon, that is a very good decision. Those Digidestined are getting in our way. If they recruit the last two Digimon, they may be strong enough to defeat my highest warriors, which are Arresterdramon, Tuwarmon, you and Sangloupmon. And maybe even m- No. We will succeed. I haven’t even reached Ultimate yet and I have the power to destroy them. Speaking of which, I will begin my training tomorrow to reach Ultimate….Gwahahahahahahaha!” Devidramon roared, resulting in Goblimon to fall on his butt in fear.
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