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From the Ashes: Chapter 2

by CherryBlossomGirl

CherryBlossomGirl All right, now we're getting somewhere! Chapter 2 is here!
Stella walked out of the supermarket with Bolt by her side and a bag of groceries. "Pika!" Bolt cried, as the bag she held nearly fell. "Careful there Bolt! Want me to carry that?" Stella asked. Bolt thought about that for a moment then nodded with a thankful "Pika pi." Bolt hoped up onto Stella's shoulder as Stella picked the bag off the ground. "Oh my!" A woman yelled in the distance. Stella and Bolt turned their heads to see the woman was weighed down with tons of bags of clothes. "Can I help you with that, ma'm?" Stella asked hopefully. "Oh, that would be very kind of you!" Stella placed her bags to the side and ran off to the lady. After helping her with her bags, Stella went back to hers and headed to Clemont's/Bonnie's/her house.