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Together Until the End: Chapter 2

by Silver_Gamer614

Serena's POV:

"Don't worry you'll do fine!" Ash says as Tierno, Clemont, Bonnie and him go to find seats leaving Shauna and I at the entrance to backstage.
"Hey Serena long time no see shouldn't you be making out with Ash?" A familiar voice snickered."
"Jump off a bridge Miette." I say.
"We'll all I'm saying is today I'm making my move." She whispers.
I roll my eyes to release the feeling of wanting to strangle her and walk to backstage.
Just as Shauna and I sit down there is an announcement, "Preformers Serena, Lily, and Miette go onstage please."
" Good luck," Shauna whispers.
I walk down the hall with Pancham and Braixen ready to win my princess key.
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