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Pokelover's Bonnie Fanfic: Chapter 2

by ~Pokelover~

~Pokelover~ Here is the second chapter in my fanfic. Enjoy!

"Dedenne, we made it! We're in Santalune City!"
Bonnie wanted to challenge the Gym, but she also wanted to check out the restaurant that was on the complete other side of town. Dedenne hopped off Bonnie's shoulder and ran toward the Gym.
"Dedenne, wait!!"
The orange Pokemon burst through the doors, Bonnie puffing behind it moments later.
"Hang on, Dedenne.... we need to figure out a plan..."
She sat down on a bench, thinking. She was a little surprised when she thought to herself, "What would Ash do?"
Ash had become champion of the Pokemon League, and eventually everyone had to separate and go their own way. Ash took on challengers, Serena went to Showcases, and Bonnie and Clemont had gone back to the Gym.
"Excuse me. Are you a challenger?"
Bonnie stood up. Viola, the Gym Leader, was standing at the door to the arena.
"Yes, I am. I challenge you to a battle!"
"Alright, then come on."
"Ok, Surskit, go!!"
Bonnie sent out the Pokemon given to her the day before.
"I believe in you.... Chikorita, go!!"
"Use Water Gun!!"
"Chikorita, Razor Leaf!"
The two attacks collided.
"Use Ice Beam!!"
"Dodge it!!"
Chikorita avoided the attack just in time.
"Use Vine Whip and throw Surskit!!"
Chikorita grabbed Surskit and threw it into a wall. The little blue Pokemon slid to the floor, fainted.
"Surskit, Return!! You're pretty good, Trainer, but you're not done yet!! Go, Vivillon!!"
"Use Razor Leaf!"
"Gust, Vivillon!!"
"Chikorita, watch out!!"
Chikorita got hit with its own Razor Leaf, but slowly stood back up.
"Use Infestation!!"
It looked as if something was coming out of the ground and attacking Chikorita. It never stopped coming.
"Chikorita, Return!!"
Nothing happened.
"You see, Infestation prevents escape-- and sucks away health at the same time! Do you give up? Or shall I finish this?"
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  1. ~Pokelover~
    Well, that was a super long chapter.... :'|:'|
    Jul 18, 2015