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The Story of Venie in Kalos.: Chapter 2: Whats a PokeBall?

by PokeMoon

PokeMoon i spent lots of time chosing venies starter. hope you like it! (chapter 3 will be coming out tomorow) and yes, IM HYPED BOUT THE XYZ SPECIAL
Venie: Cool! So this is the Lab? Its so Big! Clemont: Yea. Heres where you get your starter! Bonnie: When I grow up, Im going to chose Frokie! Its adorable! -they all go inside- ???: Target Found. Hes with a Kid and a Little Girl. Professer Sycamore: Ah! Welcome. Im Professef Sycamore. What can I do for you? Venie: I WANT A STARTER! IS IT A FLYING TYPE, NO A FIRE! OR MAYBE A GHOST? OR MAYBE- Clemont: -his aipom arm closes venies mouth- Or maybe you can let the Professer talk. Prof. Sycamore: Thank you. Now I have Bad News and Good News. Venie: Bad news? Prof.Sycamore: We dont have a Feniken, Frokie or Chespin.. Venie: WHAT!? -fake cries- But i came all this way... Bonnie: We came from Prisim Tower which is 1 Mile away from here. Not that far. Clemont: So what is he getting? Prof. Sycamore: This Pokemon. -gets a pokeball- Here. Venie: What a PokeBall? Clemont: You have no idea what that is? Venie: Nope! Clemont: I'll explain...

After explanation....

Venie: I get it now! So what Pokemon is it? Prof. Sycamore: -relaseas tapinch- This is your starter. ???: Which one would you like Sir? ???: The one with the glasses.
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