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The Minecraft Story: Chapter 2: Twelve Years Later

by Andrewski

Andrewski Chapter 2 of The Minecraft Story
This was it. Steve crouched down low to the ground. Ahead of him lay an entire field of wheat, all fully grown with moist soil. He held an iron hoe in his hand. He looked to his left, where Alex was in the exact same position as he was. She looked back at him and nodded.
"Okay, 3...2...1...NOW!"
Steve dashed ahead onto the plowed fields and swung his hoe to his left as quick as he could. Then the right. Then the left again. The right. The left. And he never looked back; he didn't need to. The crunch of the wheat was all he needed to hear to know he had sliced it clean out of the ground.
He could hear Alex behind him. Her job was to gather the seeds left behind and stomp them into the ground as quickly as possible. And Steve had to admit, she was pretty dang good at it.
Almost hypnotically, Steve continued to swing his hoe. SLICE! Stomp. SLICE! Stomp. SLICE! Stomp. Almost there!
At last, Steve reached the end of the garden and sliced the last wheat out of the ground. In less than 2 seconds, Alex has stomped it into the ground. "Time!"
"54 seconds! Not bad!" A voice called from the house. It was the voice of Mark, Alex's father. Steve had looked up to Mark as a fatherly figure after the tragedy that occurred with his parents. He always refered to him as "uncle".
Alex and Steve groaned, but then couldn't help but giggle. Their best was 52 seconds. So close.
Alex was giggling in between words. "That...was so...your fault..."
"Mine?" Steve chuckled. He began walking back to the house breathing heavily, Alex by his side. Mark was standing by the door with a huge smile on his face.
"Well," he began, "new record or not, you two are still the fastest gardners in all of Dillsbury."
"Thanks, dad." Alex said as she gave her father a hug. Steve smiled. He appreciated what Mark had said, but he had never been a hug type of person. He began walking towards the door when he noticed something strange with the house. Two blocks from the ground at the corner of their house, there was a hole. A block was missing.
"Ugh...Enderman again..." Even before his parents were killed, Endermen were infamous around the Kingdom for stealing blocks from the ground, houses, decorations, or whatever they could find and teleporting away. No one knew where they brought the blocks. Mark walked over to Steve when he noticed him staring.
"Heh, it's those foul mobs again...I think I have some more wood planks in the storage chest. Why don't you fix this, Steve?"
"On it, Uncle Mark."


It was 12 years since the incident with the Enderman. Steve had gone to live with Mark and Alex became his sister. They all lived on a farm that supplied food for Dillsbury.
However, Steve and Alex had something else they liked besides farming: weapons. Alex had a bow that she had crafted herself, and Steve had a sword forged from iron. They were both pretty good at using their weapons.
When they were done farming for the day, Steve and Alex both liked to go into the forest near their farm and practice with their weapons. Alex would fire her bow at rabbits, and Steve would swing his sword at wood planks that represented a person. They both enjoyed it a lot.
It seemed like nothing could go wrong in the forest.
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