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The Story that Truly Happened: Chapter 2: Trouble with the Cops

by Imperfect World

Imperfect World Welcome to Talli's world. She's an Avatar, and this is just the beginning of a difficult adventure. For example? A cop chase.
Talli could still remember the day she became the Avatar. Now, at the age of sixteen, she looked for newer thrills. She went to many probending games, and like her mother told her to, she never gave away that she was the Avatar. So like the day she was first in Republic City, she bended Air as her primary.

But Talli right now, was training with Tenzin, which she didn't mind much anymore, but still found boring.

"Now, Talli, I get that you have indeed studied the other Elements, especially fire, but you haven't actually trained with them, which is why we are sending over the Water, Earth, and Fire bender mages to teach you properly." Tenzin announced.

"And I don't get any freedom, I got it..." Talli retorted, as she rolled her eyes.

Tenzin's face turned red from anger, as he saw her roll her eyes.

"You will obey them, and listen to their commands. And you will NOT get sassy with them, young lady!" Tenzin shouted, as he stomped a foot.

Talli frowned. This is usually the time she'd start arguing with him, but she decided not to. Tenzin rubbed his temples, as he pointed to the boat. Talli's eyes lit up in happiness, as she knew that he was dismissing her to go and do something fun in Republic City. He always did this, as a sign that he was annoyed with her, and needed some alone time. Talli dashed over to the boat, and as she got in it, she bended the water to take her over. Talli hopped off the boat in a short time on the shores of Republic City. She walked around, admiring the view, but saw something in front of her that she had never seen before. In fact she didn't even see it, she felt it. A giant mass of fur and fat had knocked her to the side, and she bounced on the hard ground. Talli looked up, and saw a girl, riding a polar bear dog.

"Sorry about that!" the girl said, as the pet continued to dash.

Talli looked to where the girl and her pet had come from, and gasped at the mass destruction that they had caused. There was chunks of building everywhere, and Talli felt a rush of air, as some cops passed her.

She sensed trouble from the lady who had passed her, and thought to herself 'This is going to get interesting'.

She dashed after the girl, and thought that this woman was a real threat to the city, so she used the air to hold her back, helping out the guards to catch the girl, and they did.

"I'm innocent! You've got the wrong person!" the girl said, still struggling.

Talli felt a large pit enter her stomach, as she thought to herself, 'Did I just help lock up an innocent person?'.

Talli had to know, so she followed the people, and was just about to walk into the police station, when she heard a voice.

"Halt! In the name of the law, you are under arrest!"

A/N: Sorry the chapter is super short, I got bored, and went off for a little bit, so just letting you know why.