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Marshadow the Spectral Warrior: Chapter 2: Tournament Climax

by PyroGaleZX

PyroGaleZX After fighting their way to the Semi-Finals, Landon and Lyra find each other caught in a battle to make it to the final match. However a mysterious foe known only as Phantom appears wielding a Keystone of his own.
“Azumarill, wrap this up with Hydro Pump!” Lyra ordered, a blue and white rabbit-like Pokemon quickly launched a powerful blast of water at Landon’s Lycanroc. The Soljair City Battle Tournament had continued and all that remained were four trainers. Lyra, Landon, and two other trainers.

“Sorry Lyra but we won’t lose that easily,” Landon called out, “Dusk, dodge and use Rock Slide!” Landon’s Lycanroc quickly jumped away from the attack and summoned some boulders directly above Azumarill.

“Climb the Rock Slide!” Lyra called out, Azumarill quickly began jumping from one rock to another completely unharmed.

“Dusk use Accelrock!” Landon ordered, Dusk’s speed increased as it sprinted and leaped towards Azumarill, knocking it to the ground, “Wrap it up with Iron Tail!” Dusk’s tail became coated in metal as it slammed into Azumarill, ending the battle.

“Azumarill is unable to battle, Landon will go to the finals!” the referee announced and the crowd cheered. Landon walked over to Lyra extending his hand.

“It was a great battle,” Lyra admitted as she grabbed his hand and pulled him close, “Just don’t lose now.”

“I won’t,” Landon replied softly. Lyra recalled Azumarill and walked back to the breakroom as Landon took his place for the final match.

“And the final battle will be between, Landon and Phantom!” Gunther announced, Landon looked across the field to see a man in a grey cloak with a small candle Pokemon that was called a Litwick.

“The rules remain the same, a one-on-one,” the referee announced to both sides.

“Gengar, come out now!” Phantom shouted as he threw his Pokeball high into the air, releasing a round Ghost-Type Pokemon. Landon looked carefully and noticed that the man also was wear a Keystone on his ring finger.

“Does that mean his Gengar can Mega Evolve?” Landon muttered to himself quietly as he studied his opponent’s Pokemon, “I can’t see a Mega Stone, but I still need to be careful.”

“Is something wrong,” the referee asked, Landon shook his head and reassured the ref that nothing was wrong.

“Spike let’s go!” Landon called out as he sent out his Blaziken. The referee quickly started the battle once both Pokemon were on the field.

“Spike start things off with ThunderPunch!” Landon called out, Spike’s fists became covered with electricity as it dashed towards Gengar.

“Sucker Punch!” Phantom ordered, Gengar instantly blinked away before appearing seconds in front of Spike and punching it in the gut.

“Sucker Punch always hits before an opponent can attack,” Landon muttered, “Spike keep up with the attack!” Spike slammed its ThunderPunch into Gengar sending Gengar back.

“Now from the Shadows, Gengar Mega Evolve!” Phantom said as he touched his Keystone. Gengar opened its mouth to reveal a Mega Stone on its tongue. Both stones began glowing as the light surrounded Gengar, Gengar’s body fused with the ground as its body became bigger and a third eye was former on its forehead.

Landon was shocked that Gengar was hiding its Mega Stone so well. Landon quickly gathered himself and looked at Spike for confirmation, Spike nodded in response. Landon quickly grabbed his Keystone.

“Passion, determination, like a white-hot flame, now Spike Mega Evolve!” Landon shouted, Landon’s Keystone and Spike’s Mega Stone both glowed intensely. The light surrounded Spike like it did with Gengar. Spike’s talons shot up, the flames from its wrists became ribbon-like and the yellow markings turned black.

“Wow, both Gengar and Blaziken have Mega Evolved, who could have predicted this!” Gunther shouted in excitement.

“Gengar Night Shade,” Phantom ordered. Gengar’s eyes became pitch-black as dark beams were fired at Spike.

“Dodge it and use Flamethrower!” Landon called in response. Spike shot above the Night Shade and launched a powerful blast of flames at Gengar.

“Avoid,” Phantom muttered. Gengar smiled as it faded into the floor, avoiding Spike’s Flamethrower.

“It has to be somewhere so get going!” Landon called, Spike began circling around the field and with each step it took it seemed to become faster. “Mega Blaziken’s ability is Speed Boost, you won’t be able to catch it at all.”

“Sucker Punch,” Phantom ordered. Gengar’s body seemed to phase from out of nowhere as it once again slammed its fist into Spike’s gut. Spike flinched from the attack but smirked at the opportunity for a counter attack.

“Flamethrower!” Landon yelled, Spike quickly launched another powerful blast of flames at Gengar at a close range. However when the flames dissipated Gengar was nowhere to be seen.

“Night Shade again,” Phantom ordered, Gengar appeared behind Spike and fired a dark beam from its eyes dealing lots of damage to Spike and knocking to to the ground. “Wrap it up with Shadow Ball!” Gengar summoned a ball of dark energy while Spike was still on the ground. The attack hit Spike hard and knocked it out.

“Blaziken is unable to battle, Phantom is the champion,” the referee declared. The crowd roared with applause for the winner of the tournament. Landon walked over to Spike as it reverted back to its original form.

“You did great Spike,” Landon commented as he returned Spike to its Pokeball. Landon then walked to Phantom and extended his hand, “Thanks for the great battle.”

Phantom stared at Landon’s hand for a moment before completely ignoring the kind gesture.

As the event came to an end, Phantom and Gunther stood on a pedestal, in the center of the stadium, with the Zenith flame. All of the trainers and some spectators stood in front of the pedestal to witness this event . As Landon looked closer he noticed a small green crystal was embedded into the torch.

“Now as promised, Phantom will be given this great and sacred opportunity, to place his hand into the Zenith Flame!” Gunther announced. Phantom stepped towards the torch and placed his hand into the flame without hesitation or worry.

“Litwick, Psychic if you’d please,” Phantom whispered to the Pokemon on his shoulder. The small candle-like Pokemon’s eyes began to glow as a glowing aura surrounded the crystal and removed it from the torch.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Gunther shouted as he drew a Pokeball.

“Will-o-Wisp!” Phantom ordered, the flame on Litwick quickly shot fireballs into the crowd causing everyone to panic and run everywhere, “You’re only Pokemon is Steelix, do you think it would be wise to challenge me now?”

Litwick continued to launch fireballs at the innocents creating even more chaos. Phantom pulled out a Pokeball and sent out his Gengar, quickly ordering it to use Smog. Gengar expelled a poisonous dark cloud throughout the stadium.

“I can’t see,” Landon coughed as he too was backed away by the flames.

“Heracross, blow away the Smog!” Lyra shouted as she threw a Pokeball into the air, in a flash of light a beetle looking Pokemon stood on the ground. Heracross opened its wings and began to blow away the smoke creating a small but breathable area for Landon and Lyra.

“Thanks Lyra,” Landon panted as he caught his breath, “But we still… have to get Phantom.”

“Right Heracross fly straight ahead and use Megahorn!” Lyra ordered, Heracross began flapping its wings again as it shot through the Smog, clearing it away as it moved. However when it reached the pedestal only Gunther was there. Landon and Lyra both ran to Gunther and jumped onto the pedestal. Gunther was on his knees with a horrified expression.

“Gunther what happened?” Landon asked.

“Phantom got away with it,” he muttered.

“Away with what?”

“The Marshadium Z.”