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The Johto Escape: Chapter 2: The Violet City Market

by Drider

Drider In this chapter, the young lad and his Pokémon make it to Violet City, to find themselves in the midst of a market, and buy a mysterious egg from one of the stalls... #summercamp15
“We’ve made it guys!” Banjo and Goku gave a cheer, and danced around. We had just made it to Violet City, and it was surprisingly busy.

“What’s going on?” I muttered, summoning my Pokémon back into their Pokéballs. I normally always let them walk beside me, but I didn’t want them to get lost at all.

I pushed my way further through the ever-moving crowd of people, and came to the conclusion that it was a market day. The stalls selling various goods were a dead giveaway.

I decided that the gym leader could wait for a bit, I was eager to have a look around. I also thankfully had a bit of cash.

I’ll see if I can get something for Banjo and Goku, I thought, passing over a Magikarp salesman, it’s the least I can do, since they have to hang around in their Pokéballs.

Most of the stalls were pretty boring though, pretty much just expensive Potions and Pokéballs. One stall did catch my eye though, and I went over to have a look.

It was selling Pokémon eggs. As I contemplated getting one, the man running the stall came over to me. He was an oldish man, I’d say around mid fifties.

“Hello there young man,” he said, “How can I help you?”

“Hi there,” I said nervously, “Um, I was just wondering what kind of eggs you’re selling.”

“Ah yes,” he said, eyes sparkling. “Well, I do have plenty of Pokémon from this region, but you look like a trainer, so I’m guessing you’ll see plenty of those.” I just nodded.

“I have various Pokémon from other regions that you might be interested in” he said, beckoning me to follow him around behind the stall. I walked over, and saw that he had a truck full of eggs. There were literally thousands, all of them carefully wrapped in see-through cloth and further protected by plastic cases.

“Here, we have a Purrloin egg,” he said, gently took out up a dark purple egg from its case. I looked at it in awe, as I had never even heard of a Purrloin.

“It’s from the Unova region,” he added, seeing the look on my face.

“Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that region,” I said as the man put the egg back. “It’s pretty far away isn’t it?”

“It sure is,” he chuckled, and lifted another egg out from a case. “Now, this egg...”

He frowned.

“I’m afraid I’m not sure what this one is,” he muttered, looking at the egg from all angles. It was dark and light blue, and it sure as heck wasn’t an egg that I’ve seen before.

“You know what?” I grinned, grabbing my wallet, “I’ll take it. And once it hatches, I’ll let you know what it is.”

“Alright then,” he smiled, putting the egg back into its case and passing it to me, “I can actually give you a discount on it, so shall we say... [​IMG]5500?”

“Go on then.” I handed over a third of my money, and received the egg.

“Pleasure doing business with you,” he grinned, and walked back to his stall. I said goodbye and continued walking through the market, now with a major responsibility.

* * *​

“You’re kidding me, right?” I groaned, as did Banjo and Goku, who were once again out their Pokéballs.

“I’m afraid not,” said the Gym Guide, “he’s at a meeting with the other Gym Leaders. Come back in a few days, and he’ll be raring to go!”

He was, of course, referring to Falkner. It looked like I was going to have to wait for a battle.

“Thanks for letting us know,” I said, and the three of us walked out of the Gym. The market was closing down now, so there were less people and less stalls.

“Cheer up guys,” I said to my Pokémon, kneeling beside them, “we can go and catch some new team members while we wait!” That actually made them happier, so we went down to the Pokémart to get some Pokéballs.

“It’s actually getting a bit dark now,” I said, noting that the sun had almost set, “how about we set out tomorrow?” Disappointment hung in the air as we set off to the Pokémon Centre for accommodation.

So that was us done for the day. As I lay on the couch with my Pokémon snoring beside me, I dreamt with ease, knowing that there was no Drowzee around to take them.

And tomorrow was sure to be a fun day for all of us.

It never once crossed my mind that we’d encounter any sort of danger.