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Pokémon Fire Red: The Lost Pages: Chapter 2: The Team Expands

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst So here is a story about Ry catching his first Pokemon. Sorry to end it with a cliff hanger, but I'm a little busy at the moment and could barely find enough time to post this. I'm planning to have the next chapter, purely finishing this battle. Well, thats if things go according to plan. Eh.
"Pidgey, Pidgey," the small bird like Pokemon cooed and is hopped in the tall grass. Ry inched closer to it, and lifted his pokedex to scan it. "Pidgey, the Tiny Bird Pokemon. Does not like to fight. It hides in tall grass and so on, foraging for food such as small bugs." The Pokedex beeped. "I'm gonna catch it," the boy mumbled, sticking his Pokedex, back in his pocket. He tossed out Burst and comanded in a loud tone, "Burst! Go use Scratch!" As the Charmander charged with his claws ready to strike, the bird pokemon shrieked in fear, and flapped its wings, creating a cloud of dust. Burst stumbled back, gagging on the dust and fell on his rear end. "Use Ember to knock it away!" Ry comanded. The Fire Pokemon reared back his head and fired a small ball of flames at the Pidgey. The attack made direct contact, causing the Pidgey to shriek in fear again. "Go Pokeball!" Ry shouted tossing a Pokeball at the Pidgey.
Click! Ry ran over and picked up the pokeball. "Oh yeah, we caught a Pidgey!" He exclaimed, as him and Burst did a little victory dance. He brought the Pokeball down to eye level and said, "I'll call you Winger." In a quick motion, he returned Burst to his pokeball, and stuck his two pokeball around his waist on his belt.

After a while of walking, Ry had finally reached Viridian City. He gave his team a quick healing and began to wander, until he came to a large gate, just west of town. "I wonder what this is all about?" He asked himself, examining it.

"It's the entrance to Victory Road. Only the top trainers, who collect all eight badges can pass, try to get through Victory and Challenge the Elite Four." A voice answered him.

Ry looked to see the voice belonged to Zak. “So have you improved any since our last battle?” Zak asked with a sly smirk. “Or are you still behind, like always?”

“I’ve gotten stronger,” Ry said making a fist.

“Then prove it. Unless your chicken of course,” Zak teased. “Go Pidgey!” He released his Pidgey who flapped his wing, flying above the ground.

“Go Winger! Use Tackle!” Ry commanded after sending out his own Pidgey.

“Counter with Tackle!” The two Pokemon collided in mid air. “Use Gust!” Zak comanded. The Pidgey reeled his wings back and released pillars of wind in the direction of Winger.

“Dodge it and use Tackle!” Ry shouted. Winger attempted to swerve right to avoid the Gust Attacks, but ended up getting hit. He flew up and broke into a dive, tackling Pidgey with a full body tackle, knocking out Pidgey.

“Go Squirtle!” Zak shouted switching out Pidgey with his Squirtle. “Water Gun!” Squirtle opened his mouth to fire a last of water at Winger knocking him out. Ry returned Winger to his Pokeball and looked down. He had only one option left.
  1. DarkTrainerMark
    <Intense music picks up>
    Jun 29, 2017
  2. lozorg276
    Good work! I like the name Winger.
    Mar 6, 2017
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