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Intertwined Fates: Chapter 2: The Strange Girl From Unova

by DragonHiryu

Maya woke up to see Scoot curled up into her stomach the Fenniken yawning and nuzzling her arm, gently shaking the young Pokemon she smiled to herself before whispering, "Scoot... Time to get some more friends!" She said before getting up and changing right there.

"We're getting more friends?" Scoot asked, jumping down from the bed and sitting next to his dressing trainer, "Is the way blocked?"

Maya looked to her friend in confusion as she finished pulling her shirt on, "Do you mean the gate that's outside?"

"Yeah." He replied, "Won't it get in the way?"

Maya shook her head and walked out the gates, to Scoot's surprise, they opened right up.

"Its a detection system." She said, walking towards the first route, "It basically serves as a barrier against hiding baddies."

Scoot nodded and let out a breath of awe, "That's really awesome." He commented he then looked up at his trainer, "Is there anything else?"

Maya thought for a minute before leaping over the steps, "Well there's the fact that all towns have them." She replied, "facial recognition I mean. Which... Doesn't always work the best." She sweat-dropped as she passed an old man.

"Hey young trainer!" He called out, pouting once he realized the girl was ignoring him, "Come back here!" He sighed as he, once again, got ignored, "I want to be useful..."

~:Route 2:~

"Is there anything else Maya?" Scoot asked looking up.

Maya took a moment and stopped to think, "Well.. There's the fact that you can't catch more than one Pokemon in the wild at any area." She said, "It's mainly because in the past Trainers have gone crazy trying to 'Catch them all' and leaving barely any Pokemon in the wild."

Scoot tilted his head, "And that's a bad thing?" He asked as Maya started walking again his eyes glued to her chin as she stared straight ahead to avoid bumping into anyone.

"Well yeah." She answered, "If you don't leave any Pokemon in the wild there would be no more Pokemon to catch at all. No more Pokemon that could repopulate the area."

"Silver! Serenas going to teach us how to catch a Pokemon!" Shauna exclaimed.

Maya looked up to see the tinier girl jumping up and down in excitement, before nearly dropping Scoot onto the ground as Shawna grabbed the taller girl by the arm and dragged her over. She picked up Scoot's pokeball and returned him, figuring that it would be better for his safety around Shauna if she didn't carry him.

"Hey, careful now." She warned, trying to settle herself down, although Maya already knew how to catch Pokemon, she humored Serena a little and sat back. Watching as the girl caught a Bunnelby.

"It went inside the ball!?" Shauna exclaimed the two beside her jumping with the random outburst.

Maya, too bored with the conversation at hand, zoned out while the two females chattered about how Pokeballs worked and why they worked. Though it could have been valuable information she didn't care and just wanted to move on.

"Here Silver." Serena held out ten pokeballs and dropped them into Maya's open palm, "You know it would do you some good to listen to me sometimes."

Maya sorted and walked around Serena, "You know. You would do well if you actually tried to listen to someone other than yourself for once." She shot back, continuing to walk away, "Because, honey, I think your head is too big for your shoulders." she flinched back as she nearly stepped on a male Bunnelby.

The bunnelby looked up at her and seemingly smiled before hopping up and down, "Hello! What's your name?" He asked.

"My name is Maya." She smiled, "You're a little cutie and you're coming with me." She gently bonked him on the head and watched as the pokeball snapped, signalling the capture had been successful. Maya sighed a little and walked forward, "I'll name you Emile." She told herself, looking down at Emile's pokeball. Smiling a little more she hooked Emile's pokeball onto her belt.

~:Inside Forest:~

"Hey Silver wait up!" She heard someone call, coming to a panting halt behind her, "You walked off so fast I couldn't catch up."

Maya chuckled a little, "Its alright Shauna. Sorry about that."

"Ooooh! Can I come with you? I feel like somethings going to happen if I stay by you." She sheepishly asked, smiling when Maya simply nodded.

"So whats with you and Serena?" She asked.

Maya paused and looked at her, "Why do you ask?" She asked, treading though the grass.

"Serena thinks of you as a friend but you think of her as.. Something else... Do you have a crush on her??" Shawna asked loudly, "Then again if you had.... Then you probably wouldn't have made that 'You would do well if you actually tried to listen to someone other than yourself for once' comment."

Maya nodded then groaned, "Well before I tell you the whole story... There's something I need to ask of you."

Shauna stopped and stared at Maya for a moment before nodding, "Ask away."

The girl turned towards Shauna, "If you ever find out who I really am... Please don't get angry." Violet eyes met green ones and the tension between them rose.

"What do you mean the real you..?" the green eyed girl asked, "Why would I be angry..?"

Maya shook her head before turning around, "All will be revealed in due time... And you might be heartbroken... But if that happens, do not frown for me. Instead look to the future. A new tomorrow." She said softly before walking forward, leaving a stumped Shauna behind.

She next encountered a Pansear and caught it.

"Tim. Yes. A good name for you." Maya smiled and put Pansear's pokeball with Scoot's and Emile's.

~:Outside the Forest:~

"I've got Scoot, Emile and Tim." She looked over the three and smiled, "I think you three are fine Pokemon." She commented, making the three male Pokemon blush.

"Alright. We've got to get to the next Gym and level you up!"

"Right!" The three shouted gladly accepting being returned.

The next Pokemon she encountered was a Fledgeling, catching it with one Pokeball, she picked it up and added it to her belt.



A strange girl walked into a Pokemon center her brown hair flowing behind her, stepping up to the terminal she sat down just as the screen popped up with a bright green screen and started saying "Ring ring ring! Phone call! Phone call!"

Quickly, the strange girl picked up the phone and jumped as her mother popped up onto the screen, "Hello mom...." She muttered, looking away.

"And where do you think you're going young lady?" She asked bitterly, "You weren't in your bed this morning."

"I'm... Kinda... Sorta... In.. Kalos." She sheepishly replied, watching her mother's face change from mildly annoyed to one that was very angry.

"You're where!?" She demanded, startling the Emboar behind her, "Why in Zecroms name are you in Kalos!?"

Her bright blue eyes refused to look at her mother's dark red ones. If there was one thing she knew about her mother, is that her eye color changed frequently, and if there was another thing she knew, they were always red when she was angry in any way.

Her mother was furious.

"I was asked to come here by Cheren." She responded, her gaze landing in her lap, "He asked me to do some research.... I'm sixteen now mom... Most kids leave by ten."

The girl waited for her mother to demand she come home on the next ferry. However, she was startled by her mother's sigh.

"Rain." She started, catching the girl's attention once more, "If I were to tell you to get your butt home.... I don't think i'd hear the end of it from your father."

Rain looked a little more relaxed, "You mean..."

Her mother nodded, "You may stay in Kalos. However, there is a catch." She paused as Rain nodded, "Your father is the Elite four leader in Kalos. If you can find him. Tell him I said hi and that he needs to come home."

Rain's eyes softened and the brunette took in her mother's worried look, she had lost her husband and now she was losing her only daughter.

"I will." The brunette promised, "Ill bring him home too."

"Good.. That's my girl."

"I have to go." She said, "I have to tell Cheren I've arrived safely."

Her mother nodded, "Alright. I know he must be worried about his girlfriend." She smirked, making the brunette blush a bright red.

"He is not my boyfriend!" She defended herself, a bit too loudly.

Her mother however, quickly dismissed it, "Just stay safe."

With that last statement, her mother's face was gone.

Rain sat in an unsettling silence as she wondered whether to actually call the man or not. Sighing, she pressed in Cheren's number and groaned when she got his voicemail.

"Cheren. Ive made it safely to Kalos, don't worry bout it too much now." She ordered then laughed lightly, "Well Id better get going. So much to do and so much things to mess up." She hung up the phone and left the Pokemon center, left her mother and left Cheren behind.

"Maybe this won't be so bad after all..."
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