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The Legend of the Guardians: Chapter 2: The Melody of the Legendaries

by EspeonTheBest

EspeonTheBest Last time, Melody was taken up a mountain during her performance at the Village's celebration. Quite to her surprise, she was not Kidnapped by only two people, but multiple. They said something about Guardians?...
"Welcome, Child of Meloetta, to Guardian Peak." The man in front of her said, his voice seemed to create a powerful sound wave around the top of the mountain top. "I'm sorry? Guardian Peak? Is that where I am?" Melody looked around at the multiple people around her.
Some had a calming aura around them, others were floating in the air, seemingly effortlessly, and others were on fire! "Who in the world are you guys?" Melody asked flatly. She was kidnapped and taken to a mountain top and then welcomed to it.
She wasn't happy right now. "We are the Guardians." a voice said behind her. The two people who had taken her were still standing right behind her.
One of them had purple looking armor on him, with a flat circle disk on the back, near his head. The other had a rather interesting look to him. Displayed on his forehead was a small horn, and his hair was a startling red. He had a blue cape over his shoulders and going up to his neck. The rest of his outfit consisted of cream colored shirts and pants with blue looking shoes.
"So, who are you and what are Guardians," Melody asked not as scared as she was when she got there. The mountain felt more like home than.... home did.
The man in the Purple armor said "My name is Tyre. I am the Child of Genesect." Then the other one, younger than Genesect, "I am Sora. I am the Child of Keldeo. The Guardians are humans blessed with the power of the Legendary and Mythical pokemon of the world." He finished.
Melody turned back to the man in white. "Why did you call me 'The Child of Meloetta'?" She asked. Quite frankly, she was sure that she was human girl, born from a human, not a pokemon.
The man waited for a second and then said "You have been blessed by Meloetta, the Pokemon of song and dance. That makes you it's child in it's eyes. I am the child of Arceus." He said. "All of those you see around you are all humans blessed by the Mythical or Legendary Pokemon."
A few of them bowed, others grinned or waved to Melody. The 'Arceus Child' or what not disappeared from right in front of her, startling her. The clouds cleared and the sun illuminated the beautiful landscape.
Ranging from lush fields to fiery plains, Melody was amazed. She stood still for a minute, trying to process everything she just was told. The Mountainside erupted with cheers and clapping as multiple people came over to welcome Melody.
After she had introduced herself to multiple people, she turned around to Tyre and Sora. "So what was the deciding factor for you two to go?" Melody asked. The two looked at each other and grinned. "Well, Meloetta is good friends with Keldeo and Genesect! So Godric, that's the child of Arceus's name, sent us to get ya!" Sora explained.
"So, what can I do? I mean, ever since Meloetta should have, what is it..., blessed me? I should have had her powers, right? Why cant I do some crazy move and light my hands on fire?" Melody asked, interested in her powers.
"Well, come on! Lets see!" Sora said, quite enthusiastically. "Hold on, Sora, shouldn't she get changed first? It looks like she was at a fancy concert, and you don't battle in high heels." A voice behind her sounded.
Melody turned around to see a girl, probably her age, floating a few inches above the ground. She was wearing a light green dress and boots of the same color. Her dress was sleeveless, but she had gloves that reach to her elbow. Small fairy-like wings were visible by her shoulder blades. She also had two antennas coming out near her forehead, followed by an interesting hair style.
"My name is Kallie. Child of Celebi. Lets go inside!" Kallie pulled her into a small crevice in the mountain, revealing a nice large room, with multiple doorways. The floor was an interesting purple marble, the walls were white with engravings of multiple Pokemon Melody has never seen before.
"Here is what we call homeroom. This is where we take newcomers to allow them to change clothes into anything they want. See?" Kallie said as she held up an alternative Celebi dress. "Now, put your hand here." Kallie instructed, pointing to a small hand pad.

Melody did as instructed and put her hand on the outline of the device. Suddenly, next to her formed a dress that was a brownish blackish color with a band of her light green hair color near the waist.The dress was quite interesting in the way that it looked like one side of the dress ended near her mid-thigh, but the rest of the dress continued on, a little below her knee.
Also soon after a pair of white stockings and an awkward looking necklace appeared. "Here, I'll go try these on." Melody said as she ran into a changing room.
She walked back out, looking quite pretty with her new dress. Melody had placed the small necklace around her neck. "Oops, the Necklace actually goes around your head." Kallie said as she placed it in the right spot.
Melody noticed that the outfit actually made her feel stronger. She had actually kept her hair charm, as it seemed to help her feel safe.
Melody walked outside to see Tyre and Sora, both smiling. "I'm so ready to see what I can do."
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