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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and the Secret of the Rings: Chapter 2: The Guild of the Full Moon

by EspeonTheBest

EspeonTheBest Cinder and Flash have a scary encounter with the police force before being informed about an almost dead guild, Astral's Guild. Will they be accepted? Or rejected?
Chapter 2, Secret of the Rings

Cinder slowly opened her large brown eyes, trying to figure out where he soft bed was. Suddenly she sat up, looking around. Cinder's memories of becoming a pokemon returned to her and she relaxed. It's not like she was comfortable with being a Vulpix, but at least she knew she had Flash.
Cinder noticed the Shinx slowly sit up, rubbing his eyes. "Good morning..." Flash mumbled. "Wait, we're in Dimension Village! We made it!" The Shinx was suddenly awake, dancing around the room. Cinder laughed at his antics for a bit, but when she heard noises coming from downstairs Cinder quit to hear what's going on.
When she became a Pokemon, Cinder's already amazing hearing increased to amazing heights, allowing her to hear things going on around a mile away if she tried. Cinder stood up and walked quietly to the doorway, making a motion with her head telling Flash to follow.
As the duo crawled down the stairs, the talking got louder, and Cinder stopped so she can listen. "Yesterday we had reports if two pokemon leaping over Dimension Village's fences. We do not know who the Pokemon are, but if you see them ma'am we need to talk to them." "Oh dear, well I did house two lost Children last night, but they didn't look like they would do any harm!" Lilli's soft voice echoes in the lobby as Cinder and Flash scramble up the stairs.
"Shoot, we have to... Ow!" Cinder yelped as a Growlithe bit down on one of her tails and dragged her down the stairs. "Oh dear...." Flash mumbled as he followed the Growlithe. The duo were surrounded by three Growlithe and an Arcanine.
"So," the Arcanine growled. "Where do you come from? Not here because I know every single Civilian here." "Not Sacro!" Lilli laughed as the Arcanine gave an embarrassed look. "N-o one wants to have friendly conversation with him!" Cinder and Flash looked at the Arcanine.
"I'm Flash and this is Cinder! We want to enroll in a guild here." Lilli smiled at the two eager Pokemon. "Why! These two want to rescue Pokemon! How cute!" Flash scowled at her words as he turned towards the Lilligant. "We don't want to, we will save Pokemon."
Arcanine gave a hearty laugh and so did some of the Growlithe with sympathetic looks on their faces. "Excuse me!" Exclaimed a quite annoyed Cinder. "What is so funny about two very well qualified peop-erm, Pokemon joining a guild to save others?" Lilli gave a sad smile. "Honey, only 2% of the Pokemon who try out for the guild make it. Well, I mean there is two guilds but the other one...." Lilli sighed, evidently thinking of how to put her feelings on the matter into words.
The Arcanine recollected himself. "There are two guilds here, The Guild of Ender, the most prized guild in Oblivia and the Guild of Astral. Probably the worst Guild in this region." The police Pokemon laughed again. "It has a tough shadow to live in huh? No body has joined that guild for over a year, I heard that they will have to shut down soon." Flash's eyes grew wide.
"Cinder! We're going to be in Astral's guild! Let's go!" The lion cub Pokemon ran out the door of the inn and started to run towards a run-down building that probably once looked somewhat like a Golden ring.
Now, Dimension Village is an amazing work of architecture. The two guild halls were built on the side of a large cliff, each having easy to access stone stairs stairs, carved out of the bluff so Pokemon in need of help can easily request the help of either guild. Nowadays, more and more Pokemon Visited the Ender guild hall rather than Astral's. At the base of the stairs was the actual village.
Dimension Village has a huge circular clearing with shops and attractions dotting the outskirts. The Kecleon mart, Kangeskan storage, Chansey the egg keeper, the Dojo keeper Hitmontop and Gulpin's link shop was down there. Those were the main ones. However, small shops were open, such as Roggenrola's Orb shop or Persian's bank. The newest and by far most interesting of all of these shops was Grovyle's dimension control.
He was the one who lets Pokemon pass through the portals and sometimes has the power to create small temporary ones.
Back to the guilds.... Both were placed on either side of the cliff and the stair cases that lead upwards combined into one near the bottom; near the shops.
On the left was Astral's guild hall, a once bright golden ring with a portal in the middle leading to an unearthly flowery field. The whole place was constantly bathed in soft bluish moonlight, illuminating the soft pink, blue and yellow flowers. The sky portrayed a beautiful silver moon, seemingly stationary over a building that looked somewhat like a Clefable.
On the other hand, and on the right, is Ender's guild hall. The ring of the portal was an eerie blackish blue, and when you entered that portal you were lead to a dark place. The whole area seemed to be an undiscovered planet, or a replication of such. In the sky, multiple planets can be seen and if you look down, unearthly rock formations were beneath you.
Gravity was messed up and you could float for multiple minutes before landing on the rocky surface. In the distance, an illuminated building is portrayed, looking similar to a Gengar. The two headmasters must be at least vaguely obvious by now.
Astral and Ender, Clefable and Gengar lead their respective guilds with pride and respect for the other. Somehow, earlier in that year, Ender found a way to attract more Pokemon to his guild rather than Astral's, and enrollment in the starry guild has decreased significantly. Flash sped through the the town, running towards the golden ring. "Cinder! Astral needs our help, and if that means joining the worst guild in the region, so be it!" He exclaimed, somewhat breathlessly.
The Vulpix nodded as she followed Flash through the ring. She noticed that the portal was similar to the one that she passed though the other day... Cinder felt herself being pulled through space, and maybe time. Bright colors surrounded her as she sped through the portal. When it stopped and Cinder regained her balance, she almost lost her balance again.
"Woah, Flash...." "I know...." The duo were so stunned that they didn't hear the Pokemon approach them. "Hmm? Are you looking for Ender's guild? If so, you went through the wrong ring." Cinder jumped and turned around to face a Gengar. To be exact, Ender, the Guild leader.
"Nope! We're here to join Astral's guild!" Flash chirped happily at the Gengar. However, the Gengar was not as pleased with this news as Flash was. "Kid, you're making a mistake by joining that Clefable's guild." The Ghost type grunted.
"Oh well. That's too bad for us, huh?" Flash said with a disrespectful grin on his face. The lion cub Pokemon padded towards the Guild hall, and Cinder decided she would follow. What they didn't know is that they had just made a scary enemy.
Cinder had the honors of being the first one to walk through the completely in tact guild hall. One step in, and swarms of Pokemon hugged her and Flash laughing and cheering.
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