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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Chapter 2: The Battle Concludes

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst So here is chapter 2 of my Yu-Gi-Oh series.
"I draw," Ryker said drawing a card. He gave a grin. "Perfect. Sorry teach, but you're going down. I play my trap card, Call of the HAunted. It brings back one of my monsters from behind the grave. And I choose Elemental HERO Gaia. And there is a reason. You see, now I can special Summon Silver Neo Knight, due to his ability. I can tribute one warrior on the field and discard one from my hand to summon him. And his ability all depends on the monster I tribute. Since Gaia was a fusion monster, Knight can attack twice!" Silver Neo Knight appeared and the orb on his chest, along with his sword and shield began to glow with a soft purple light.

"Good play, but look at the attack points. Summoning him in attack mode, with that ability is useless agaist Blue-eyes, only destroying my Masked Dragon. I think you made a misplay," Mr. Drake said thoughtfully

"Actually, I have this, a spell card known as Ego Boost. Now for this turn, my Silver Neo Kight gains a 1000 ATK power boost, making him 2600 ATK!" Ryker exclaimed as Silver Neo Knight was surronded in a orange energy. "Now attack with Fusion Blade!" Silver Neo Kight swung and slashed Blue-Eyes in two, dealing 300 LP of damage. "Now Maked Dragon!" Silver Neo Knight turned and slashed at Masked Dragon.

"Go, My spell card Ego Boost!" Mr. Drake said boosting his dragon's attack points by 1000 ATK, allowing Mr. Drake to survive with 400 LP left. "Sorry kid, but now it's over. Due to Masked Dragon's ability I can summon a new dragon and I choose another Masked Dragon."

"I end my turn," Ryker said discouraged.

"I draw and I play the spel card Monster Rebron to bring back Blue-Eyes. Now I play a spell, Polymerization, fusing my two dragons on the field with the one in my hand. So arrive Five Headed Dragon!" The Hallway shook as the five headed beast appeared and gave a roar. Students who exited their classroom to see the duel were shocked to see his beast. It was one of the strongest cards in the game. "Now Attack!" Five-Headed Dragon reeled all five of his heads back nd fired five blasts on energy toward Silver Neo Knight.

"Not so fast, If I banish Shield Warrior from my grave, I take no damage and my monster survives," Ryker said, as the ghostly form of Shield Warrior appeared to take the hit.

"I never destroyed him," Mr. Drake said questioning the younger duelist.

"You didn't, but I did when I summoned Silver Neo Knight!" Rykr said smiling. "I draw and play one card face down."

"No defense?" Mr. Drake asked drawing a card.

"We don't need it, now hit us with your best shot."

"Go Five-Headed Dragon, attack!" The dragon fired more blasts of fire.

"Go my Trap Card, Astral Barrier!" Ryker became envolved in a white light and a form of him flew in front of the blast, wiping out the remaining of Ryker's LP.

"What was that about," a student asked.

"He couldn't win, but he could keep his monster around. That was a good duel Ryker. Let's just not send you to detention!" Mr. Drake said walking away.

"Oh yeah!" Ryker exclaimed, before rushing off towards class.
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