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Pokécharms: Dunsparce Version: Chapter 2, Staff Starters Yay!

by Sylvious

Sylvious Staff Is Purple. I Green. Well. Special Mew Finds Himself Picking Weird Starters. Dunsparce, Raichu, And Eevee. Yeah and those are only named after pokemon.
Special Mew Teleports To A House In The Pokecharms Region. "Ok, lets go to the lab!" Special Mew Said. Running out of the house. Special Mew Runs Across A Pond. And Gets Inside Doctor Oak's Lab. Quickly After Getting Inside. "Hello Special Mew! Now. Pick you-" Doctor Oak Said Getting Interrupted. "Hey Special Mew! Im ready to get my starter! What do we have here?" Omega Mudkip Said. "Ahem. Dunsparce, Raichu, And Eevee." Doctor Oak Said. "Uh... Can I have Eevee?" Special Mew Said. "Of Course! Here!" Doctor Oak Said. Handing A Charmball With EEVEE Carved Into It. "Dunsparce! No... Mudkip. I actually have one at my house. I don't need a starter! Cya!" Omega Mudkip Said. "Dunsparce! You pick that. Plus you don't have one. You just want to not be a Charm trainer!" Doctor Oak Said. "Okay." Omega Mudkip Says Putting The Charmball In His Pocket. "Cya!" Omega Mudkip Said. Going Out Of The Lab. "Okay! I better head off too! Bye!" Special Mew Said. Heading Off In The Direction Of Route 1.