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POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON: Explorers of Light: CHAPTER 2: Secret of the Unknown - Day 5

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma Pika, Vee, Treeko and Pidgey return to the pyramid with the three tablets in hand.

Pika awoke. However, it was not just Vee there. Treeko and Pidgey were also in the room. "Roll Call." Vee said. "These two are coming with us today."

"Roll call!" Chatot said. "TREEKO!" "DRILBUR!" "Whismur!" "GOLETT!" "CRANIDOS!" "KADABRA!" "MEOWTH!" "EMOLGA!" "PIDGEY!" "PIKA!" "VEE!" "Alright, everyone's here." Chatot said. "Back to your jobs, everyone!" Meeting up with Treeko and Pidgey, they all headed out together. But this time, Zapdos followed them. "Where are you going?" he asked. "The pyramid, of course!" Pika responded. "Hmm..." Zapdos said thoughtfully. "What if I take you straight there?" The Explorers were shocked by this response. "You take us to the pyramid?!" "Well, of course!" Zapdos said. "I have a feeling this mission will be of the utmost importance." "Thank you, Guildmaster." Vee said, bowing her head. "You don't have to do that!" Zapdos responded. "It's perfectly fine. I'm here to help. Let's leave immediately!" "RIGHT!" the others said, all of them heading outside.

"Whoa... flying is so cool!" Pika said, excited. The four adventurers were on Zapdos' back, flying high above the Erudes region. Vee was staying as far away from the edge as possible. "I prefer land myself." she said. "Suit yourself!" Pika said, smiling. The wind rustled through his ears and on his face. "This is the life!" he said. Treeko was lying down and Pidgey was perching. All of the explorers had to save their strength. "We're almost there." Zapdos said. "It's that building over there." The peak of the pyramid was high in the sky. Pika smiled. "I've always wanted to do this." he said, running to the edge. "See you guys at the bottom!" he said, jumping off the edge. "PIKA!" they all shouted. The adventurous Pokemon went free-falling towards the pyramid. "WHOO!" he said, coming closer to the peak of the Pyramid.

Pika woke up, dazed. He found himself in a chamber that he and his team never found on their first endeavor. It was a large treasure chamber, filled with P. Looking around, Pika saw an exit as well as a Pikachu-shaped hole in the ceiling. He then felt the pain in his back. As he walked out the doorway, he saw some stairs held up by a rope. Pika cut the rope with Iron Tail, and the steps fell down, revealing his three friends looking at him. "And now we know why I'm the strategist." Vee said. Pika smiled. "Hey, what's an exploration without a little spice?" "There's spice in the Mystery Dungeon." Vee replied. "Let's get going."


Arriving once more at the ninth floor, they saw Sigilyph in the mural. Pika approached just to be certain, but it didn't stir. The tablet pieces began to glow a bright yellow. Vee walked over to the pedestal, and the tablets grew brighter. "Let's see what we've got here." she said, taking out the tablets. Placing them in the pedestal, it was revealed they shared a weird symbol. There was also some writing in some weird language. "This seems to be the language of the Unown, an ancient society of Pokemon that ruled the desert long ago. We based our current form of writing off of what they had with some minor alterations." Treeko said. "I study these things." Vee was dumbstruck. "Well, what do they say?" she asked. Treeko took a sheet out of his bag. It had weird symbols on the top, a line in the middle and a bunch of regular letters below. It was a decoding sheet. "It says 'Fire, water, grass. Red, blue, green.'" Treeko said. Suddenly, the pedestal began to glow. The stones lit up with a weird yellow pattern, and revealed a place for a paw print. "This looks like the outline of a Pikachu's paw print." Vee said. "Pika, maybe it'll do something if you press it." "Okay." the electric mouse said, stepping forwards. He raised his paw and pushed in the completed tablet. The mural started to twist and grind, and a doorway opened up. "Well?" Pika asked. The four friends entered the newly revealed doorway. "It's... an entire new section." Vee said, amazed. "Look out!" Pidgey said, attacking the weird letter creature that swooped towards them. "It's an Unown!" Treeko said, shocked. "We might have just found their home." "Which means it's another part of this Mystery Dungeon!" Pika said. "Come on!" The four explorers dashed off into the darkness.

(It's a two-in-one mystery dungeon! Not many of those in the real games!)

Reaching the fifteenth and bottom floor, they looked around. The room was filled with darkness. Pika charged himself up, lighting up the room. "It's really big." was his only response. Vee, however, ran over to the walls. "Guys, these are ancient murals! I think this one depicts Arceus and Mew creating the world!" Treeko ran over to another. "Look! It's the council of legendaries!" Pidgey went over to another. "Is this depicting a fight between Groudon and Kyogre? Exiting!" Pika went over to the end of the hall. There were a bunch of drawings. These carvings depicted Giratina fighting Arceus, and getting sealed in a portal. There was a lumbering shadow in the background, as well as Palkia and Dialga. "What's this?" he said, looking at the portrait. The others came and looked. It was really interesting. But the last thing sold it. It depicted a Pikachu, an Eevee, a Treeko and a Pidgey fighting Giratina. "IS THAT... US?!" the group exclaimed. They were really confused. Why were they on the mural from years ago? They turned to leave... but they saw something blocking their path. It was a cluster of Unown. Something was in the center of the cluster that was not an Unown, but they couldn't think about that. Some Unown came forth, but not to attack. Treeko pulled out his decoder sheet as he read what they spelled out. "'This is our secret place.'" he read. "'You have infiltrated our secret place and our home, and none may leave with this information alive.' Uh oh." Treeko said. The explorers started to dash away as the Unown swarmed towards them.

Pidgey kicked up a small barricade with Sand Attack, sending the Unown off course. Pika and Vee charged together at the core, while Pidgey and Treeko tag-teamed to keep the swarm occupied. The Volt Tackle and Quick Attack combo hit, scattering Unown everywhere. The Pokemon at the center was revealed to be a Bronzor, using its psychic power to keep the swarm under control. The explorers nodded to each other, using a double-Iron Tail to K.O. it. The Unown saw they couldn't win, and so they fled. The explorers were victorious.

The group settled down. "That was exiting." Pika said, stopping to rest. "Yeah, but we should head back. This has been a long day." Vee responded. "And I just want to rest." "Agreed." Pika said. "Let's go." And the group started heading for the surface.

Once they arrived at the exit, they found Zapdos waiting for them. "Ready to head back?" he asked. "Yep." Pika responded. The group hopped onto Zapdos' back, and they set off to return to the guild.

Arriving at the guild, Chatot was fussing about. "Guildmaster! You're back!" he said. "We need to get everything ready!" "Calm down!" Zapdos said with a hearty laugh. "We've got plenty of time. First, we must eat!"

"Now, everyone, DIG IN!"
"Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp! Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp! Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp! Crunch-munch! Chew-chew! Sniffle-slurp!"

After supper, Pika and Vee were talking. "The murals. The tablets. The break-out. 'Lombre'. What does it all mean?" Vee was asking. "Another chapter of our lives is about to commence." Pika said, smiling. "But that's tomorrow. And tomorrow isn't coming any sooner." "You're right." Vee said. "Let's hit the hay."

"Hey, Pika?"
"Yeah, Vee?"
"What do you think those murals represent?"
"Maybe the past?"
"That makes sense. I have heard old folklore about the Giratina War. It was only a few battles long ago, but they were so big that people call it a war."
"Maybe that was it, then. If not, we don't know anything about it."
"I suppose. Good night, Pika."
"Good night, Vee."

(Special thanks to; @EspeonTheBest, @~Pokelover~, @Twilight Nova, @Shauna23, @JacobRaze, @SismicFlareCharmander and @Bulba the Curious.)
  1. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    Yes, for those who are wondering, Pokemon Universe is a PREQUEL series to this! If you can't recognize these events, GO READ POKEMON UNIVERSE!
    Dec 7, 2015
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