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Three Kingdoms of Another World: Chapter 2: Palace of the Clouds.

by PrincessPika~chan

PrincessPika~chan Jason Rose and Maira reach the Sky Kingdom proper, as well as the elegant palace where Maira resides, and likely soon Jason as well.

(Character submissions!
Myantha: @Kasumi Daiyamondo )
It was quiet whilst Jason Rose and Maira walked to the Sky Kingdom proper, ignoring the strange, faint chirping sounds echoing down from the mountains, after Jason finished explaining what anime is. Eventually, they reached a soft, white, cloud-like staircase with elaborate side handlebars, leading up to what looked like a large, cloudy city.

“Wow, amazing! I’m guessing it’s not really clouds but something similar, right?” Jason admired the view, before looking over his shoulder at Maira as he spoke.

“I don’t entirely know what it is, but I believe it is a solid cloud, likely made by one of the most skilled air magic users from ages past...” Maira sighed, looking up at the sky, something obviously weighing down on her, though it was impossible to tell what it was.

“Huh, cool...” Jason sighed, turning back to look at the staircase in front of him, “Alright, time see what this world is really like!” he shouted, stepping onto the staircase.

“Can you please calm dow-” Maira, stepping onto the staircase, began to talk, but Jason quickly interrupted her.

“Not right now sorry Maira!” he called down, almost running up the stairs. “This place is so awesome already...” Jason said, marvelling at the sight of the buildings and pathways, all seemingly made out of clouds, just like the staircase was.

“...I feel like I will question your sanity at some point...” Maira sighed and shook her head, climbing up the stair case to catch up with Jason, “So, where would you like to go first? I obviously intend on giving you a thorough tour at some point, if you’re up for it, but I feel as if I’m being too hasty.” she sighed, glaring at Jason with a mix of curiosity and exhaustion in her face.

“Eh, I really don’t mind, probably worth heading to the palace though.” Jason shrugged, still looking around at the cloud-like buildings.

“Ah, it’s just down this road here; stay on the side though, okay?” Maira pointed straight ahead of her, towards a grand palace with a pale-coloured exterior, yet still cloud-like in appearance like the other buildings. Maira ran ahead a little, before pausing to check if Jason was following, “Come on, Jason, it isn’t all too far,” she pointed out, a hint of sternness in her voice.

“Yeah, I know, I know!” Jason growled, before following Maira along the straight pathway towards the palace.

Shortly, Maira and Jason reached the castle; Maira pushed the pale, cotton-candy pink door open. Immediately, a pale-skinned young woman with greyish blue hair in a long plait turned around from where she was and rushed to the door.

“Ah, Duchess Maira! Welcome bac-whaa!” she exclaimed, tripping over directly in front of Maira.

“Thank you for greeting me, Myantha, but you honestly didn’t need to.” Maira sighed, though still smiling. “Anyway, this is Jason Rose; he will likely be staying here for the next few days, could you perhaps prepare a guest room for him?” she yawned a few times whilst she was talking.

“Oh, of course, I’ll help out in any way possible to make this a luxurious stay for you, Mister Jason.” the young woman, Myantha, said as she turned to face her mistress’ and masters’ guest, dropping a quick bow.

“Wha-? Okay then, I guess...” Jason said, extremely taken aback, ‘Formal maid I guess? I wonder if she has an adorable, possibly Yandere-esque, twin sister or something...’ he thought to himself.
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  1. PrincessPika~chan
    @Kasumi Daiyamondo Yeah, it is pretty funny~
    Probably even more so if you know what it's referencing...
    Nov 14, 2019
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    Lily May
    That last sentence had my laughing XD
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