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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 2: Onii-chan

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey After battling a disgruntled Sailor, Brian finds himself being harassed by a pint-sized fangirl. Weird shit is about to go down.
Chapter 2: Onii-chan

“You were great Onii-chan!” the girl squealed tackle-hugging me. Ok, why is this girl calling me Onii-chan? I don’t know her, she doesn’t know me, I’m getting hugged, this is weird, I’m gonna stop ranting now…

“Why are you hugging me and calling me Onii-chan?” I inquired prying my arms free of this kid’s grip and pulled her off of me. The girl looked up at me with her enormous brown eyes. The top of her head only came half way up my chest.

“Wow! You’re so much taller up close.” she said getting on her tippy-toes and stretching her arm to the tip of my spiky hair. “*Squee* And look at your Infernape! I’ve never seen this color before, and I’ve lived in Sinnoh my whole life!”

“Yeah, he’s a freak of nature like me. Now could you please answer my question?” I begged even putting my hands together.

“Oh, sorry. It’s because I’m a really, really, really, [about 10 more reallys later] big fan of yours. Your battle just now was really, really, [not this again] amazing!” she said excitedly. I raised an eyebrow at this comment. I think I’m confused, but I’m too confused to notice.

Brian’s got a stalker! Brian’s got a stalker!” Axel taunted while dancing around like a fool with his hands on his hips and his legs going every which way.

“She’s not a stalker.” I told him. Then I turned to her. “You’re not a stalker are you?” I asked in a worried tone. She gave me a strange look.

“Did Onii-chan just talk to his Infernape?” she asked. Does this girl have ADD or something? “And how can I be a stalker if I just met Onii-chan?”

“That’s what I thought. And yes, I did just talk to Axel. He and I understand each other perfectly after travelling together for so long. Back on the more pressing issue, how are you my fan if you don’t even know me?”

“Because Onii-chan defended me from the meany sailor and I really, really, [definitely ADD] appreciate it!” she said in almost one breath. I shook my head.

“You realize that sailors are grumpy 90% of the time and always looking for a fight with anyone that rubs them the wrong way? All I did was give the guy what he wanted; helping a youngling just happened to be a coincidence.” I explained.

“I’m not a youngling! I’ll have Onii-chan know that I’m fifteen! That make me old enough to be an Anime protagonist!” she shouted. No way! Someone this small is actually three years younger than me? I know girls are usually shorter than guys, but damn! She’s totally puny! And an Anime protagonist? Is this kid a weeaboo?

“First off, quit calling me Onii-chan, it’s annoying. The name’s Brian, and as I already said, that crazy monkey over there is Axel.” I introduced. “Yo!” Axel interrupted waving. “Secondly, I’m eighteen so you’re still a youngling in my book.”

“I’m Madison, but Onii-chan can call me Madi-chan.” she said cheerfully with complete disregard with what I just said. I closed my eyes and reached my right hand to my left waist and drew an invisible nonexistent katana. I swerved my wrist so that the would-be blade faced my chest followed by me slamming my fist into myself. Note to self: obtain a real sword. I took a deep breath to prepare for what had to be done.

“Madison, I’m only going to say this once so clean out your ears and pay attention.” I said calmly. “Enough with the Onii-crap! B-R-I-A-N! Pronounced Bry-en! If you must address me, call me by that name! No fancy titles or nicknames, got it?” I said not so calmly. More like boarder line rip your throat out. She then started to cry. Oh dammit all.

“You don’t have to be so mean about it!” she cried before running off. I sighed. Maybe I was a bit over the top, but I can only be pushed so far with annoyance. Great, now I have to apologize. I hate apologizing. Worst part is now I have to find her. Let’s see, if I was a pissed off teenage girl, where would I be?

“I’ve got it!” I said out loud snapping my fingers. “In my room eating a tub of ice cream while watching a chick flick.” I refuse to acknowledge where that information came from. “Come Axel. We must find Madison and apologize.” I said the last word with a shudder.

Finding her room was probably the hardest part. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack or as Axel said that was rather creepy, “A Skitty on a Wailord.” I went down to the kitchen to ask if they had given any ice cream to a small girl with pink bangs in the past half hour, but alas. If this search keeps up, I’ll probably lose what little sanity I actually possess. Well I do have a week before the ship gets to Sunnyshore, I’m sure I’ll run into her by then. If not, meh, I’m sure I’ve pissed off other people in my years as a Trainer.

Now my search shifted to finding my room. A hell of a lot easier considering the room number was written on my ticket. On my way I saw two guys dressed in whitish grey wearing mid-shin high boots, hakama pants, gloves, and long sleeved shirt with a hood on it. On their chest was a silver ‘X’ with red dots in the upper cross, grey dots in the lower cross and blue dots between the two crosses. They had some random guy pinned against a wall.

“We know you’re with Team Galactic, so why don’t you spill it already. What are you doing on this ship?” one of them asked gruffly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve never done anything wrong. I’m innocent, I swear.” the guy pleaded in a shaky voice. “Hey! You! You’ve gotta help me, please!” he begged when he saw me walk by.

“You’d best keep walking, boy.” warned the other hooded figure. I turned to look him in the eye.

“I can’t do that.” I said defiantly. “You’re blocking my room. Take it somewhere else.”

“Hmph. Smart move. Allow us to get out of your way then.” said the first one. He grabbed the so called Galactic and dragged him down the hall kicking and screaming. Whether the guy was with Team Galactic or not, it wasn’t my place to get involved. Before I could swipe the ticket through the card slot on the door handle, the door across the hall opened. Coming out was none other than Madison.

Madison! Brian has something he wants to say to you!” blurted Axel.

“She can’t understand a word you’re saying nimrod!” I scolded. Our bickering did manage to get her attention.

“Onii-… I mean Brian. What are you doing here?” she asked indifferently looking away.

“This is my room.” I responded stupidly pointing behind me.

“Well if that’s all, then I’m getting more ice cream.” she said turning down the hall.

“Wait!” I called. “I’m s-s-si-ar-ar-eeeeeee.” Madison looked at me in confusion. Ok, let’s try this again. “We’re sorry!” I said quick enough to get it out of my mouth but tangible enough to be understood. I drove the point across by bowing. Madison giggled at my attempt.

“That wasn’t a half bad apology. For a tsundere that is.” Madison said before giggling again.

The fuck’s a tsundere?” Axel asked me. I shrugged with just as much confusion as my partner.

“No idea. Hey! What’s a tsundere anyway?” I demanded pointing to Madison.

“Teehee. A tsundere is a character who acts mean but they’re actually a big softy on the inside.” she explained.

“I’m not a big softy!” I denied.

“You forgot Baka!” she scolded.

“What now?” I questioned becoming even more confused. I have a feeling if this goes any further I’m going to hurt myself in confusion.

“Whenever a tsundere denies their feelings they have to call the person they’re talking to baka. It means idiot.” explained Madison. Is she saying I’m the idiot or does she want me to call her idiot? Right now I’ll agree to both.

“And where do you get all this moon speak from?” I inquired.

“Anime of course!” she declared proudly putting her hands on her hips. Yup. Definitely a weeaboo.

“Right.” I said blankly. “Well, I just wanted to apologize, I did, so you go get your ice cream and I’ll just to my room.”

“Wait! Please train me!” she said almost as quickly as I apologized if not quicker while putting her hands together.

“What?” I asked flatly.

“You are such an amazing and powerful Trainer. I completely suck. I want to participate in Contests and win Ribbons, but because my Pokémon are so weak, they don’t know many moves. As they get stronger they’ll learn more moves giving me more variety and combinations to pick from.” Madison explained.

“Aren’t Contests supposed to be about appearances? You’ve certainly got that down with your cosplaying.” I pointed out.

“But think of how beautiful, and cute, and clever, and cool, and tough my Pokémon would look if they could use even more moves in the appeals round!” she rambled flailing her arms up and down.

“Fine. It’s not like I have anything better to do for the next six days. We start first thing tomorrow.” I reluctantly agreed.

“Yes Onii-sensei!” she cheered saluting me. I sighed. What have I gotten myself into now?

Baka.” Axel taunted. I shot him an annoyd glare. He was right though. I just might have done something stupid.
  1. Bluetail
    Don't let her get her hands on a glaceon or gyarados,or most definitely not a *reads long list of pokemon*...Or ninetales Brian.Actually that's me you should worry about with those pokemon...
    Apr 7, 2018