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Skyla's Journey: Chapter 2: Ninja

by pkluver944

pkluver944 This part of the story states what Pokemon came out of the Egg, and how he reacts to the young girl.
After 2 months, while the Egg is cradled in a blanket and basket, it finally sprouts a crack. When I heard the popping of the Egg's crack, I dropped my pencil and rushed over to it. There it was, the day that would change how I saw the world. I rushed back over to my desk to get the Pokeball Prof. Oak gave to me, and ran right back. I sat the Egg on the ground, and watched it hatch.

I hear a "rii" come from the Egg, and out pops a black and blue snout. Soon, a paw rips open the shell, and I see wide, amber eyes emerge from the shell. A Riolu hatched from the Egg.

"Hi!", I say to the foreign Pokemon.
The Riolu stares at me, a bit confused, and maybe scared.
"What's your name?" I ask Riolu. I was at a young age, I thought Pokemon could talk. Miraculously, it answered with saying "Riolu!".
"You know what you remind me of? A ninja!".
Riolu smiles at me, squealing "Ri! Rio!".
"I'm gonna call you Ninja! You're gonna be good at fighting, and be the best Pokemon ever!".

I hold out the Pokeball, so it's in Riolu's reach.
"Professor Oak told me that this is a Pokeball. If you go in this ball, you are owned by me, and you cannot be caught by anyone else. He said to press the button, but I think you should press it!"
Riolu pulls a confused face at me.
"Just press the button!"
Riolu holds out his paw above the button, and looks up at me.
"Don't worry, it's only for a few seconds!"
He presses the button, and a red zap consumes him into the Pokeball. The Pokeball wiggles a bit, and then clicks shut. I press the button again, and out he comes.
"Now you're my Pokemon! We're gonna be best buddies for life!"
Riolu smiles at me.

I rush downstairs. "Mum, mum!". Riolu follows me down, following my every move. "Mum, look what came out of the egg!". My mum looks over to me, and sees the black and blue Pokemon standing next to me.
"Oh my! He's adorable!", my mum says to me. "We must go to Pallet Town right away!".
We go outside, and my mum pulls out one of her Pokeballs. "Swellow, take us to Pallet Town!". A blue and red bird emerges from the Pokeball, and we hop on his back. Off we go, to Pallet Town!