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Solandis: Chapter 2:In the Wilderness

by MihajloJedi

MihajloJedi Thanks to all of you guys who helped me make character for this story.
In this part, two new characters are introduced:
Deathark by @Mihajlo Jedi
Theromino Kama by @Clite of Dragonbow
BTW, I had no idea how to start this part, I was thinking for quite some time, but nothing came to my mind, so it just goes like this
The whole day was ahead of Michael and his friends before the time they go on a journey that will change their lives.

After Michael got back from the forest, he tried to sleep for just a few minutes, but his mom woke him up.
"Get up Michael, you have a whole day of work ahead of you." Michael's mom said to her son.
Michael changed his clothes and went into the kitchen. He was eating his breakfast without saying a word. He was tired, and he couldn't stop thinking about what is he going to do tonight. After he finished his breakfast, he went straight outside. While he was going to the garden, he saw Kevin laying under a tree and doing nothing as usual. Kevin waved to him, and Michael just smiled. While Michael was digging dirt in his garden, he saw Skylar and Bruno talking, while Jewel and Turnip were playing. After he finished his job in the garden, he went to clean stable. Adrian stopped by and talked with Michael for a while and then returned to his job. When Michael was done with stable, he looked at the sun and saw that night was still far away. In the afternoon, Michael met Akrunako and she gave him a book that she got from old Peter. That was the book Michael found legend about the stones in. The only thing he needed now was a map of Solandis. He went to Adrian's house and he gave him a map that he got from his father. On the way to there, he met Gul. She was training as most of the time, but when Michael came by she suddenly stopped and gave Michael a weird look. After that was done, he gave all his stuff to Bruno to pack them and he went to finish digging in the garden. After that Heaven asked him to help her something that Neveah broke earlier this day. On his way back home he spotted again Kevin under the same tree he saw him before. It looked like he barely moved.
"Dude, are you serious? You haven't moved the whole day!" Michael said to Kevin.
"What can I do, I am not overcrowded with work as you are," Kevin said back to his friend. Michael just shook his head and went back home. There he ate his dinner and went to sleep.

In the midnight, Michael opened his eyes and looked out of the window. It was completely dark outside. He woke up Bruno. Michael was starting to take his stuff when he saw Bruno putting Turnip in his bag.
"Are you kidding me? You are going to bring him?"Michael asked his brother.
"No one can separate us, Michael, at least you know that, "Bruno answered.
They went outside with Bruno taking his bow and arrows and Michael taking his sword. Outside, the whole team was waiting for them. All of them looked like they were ready for war. Except for the fact, that lot of them brought their pets.
"You all know this is dangerous but you still bring them," Michael said pointing at Halo, Cloud, Nekodako, Jewel, Snowflake, and Turnip.
"Snowflake can be useful, we can send her up in the sky and she can see a lot of terrain around us," Adrian explained.
"Whatever, let's just go," Michael said with lack of excitement in his words.
"And where are we going, Michael?"Kevin asked ready as always.
"Well, if map and book aren't lying us, we should go towards... Ice Mountains trough Eternal Forest." Michael said and pointed at the direction they were supposed to go.
That is how the adventure of 9 friends from a little town, on edge of Eternal Forest and West Mountains, started.

On whole different part of Solandis, under Mount Point, in the great fortress, evil king Deathark was sitting in his chair and thinking. Suddenly he called one of his guards.
"Bring me Kama, quickly!" Deathark yelled on guard.
In a minute Theromino Kama was standing in front of ruthless Deathark waiting for his orders.
"You wanted something from me, my lord" Theromino asked.
"Yes General Kama, I have one task for you and I know you will like it," Deathark said and smiled.
  1. Jodie.xox
    Nice! ♥
    May 15, 2019
  2. MihajloJedi
    And oh my God, I am so sorry for not tagging you @Pokéboy098, I thought your name was already there
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  4. Clite of Dragonbow
    Clite of Dragonbow
    I really like this chapter, let the adventure begin. Fans says that they won't attack you this time becouse of this looooong break.
    Still :up:
    May 13, 2019
  5. MihajloJedi
    May 13, 2019