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Locked Away - The Story: Chapter 2: Holiday Massacre

by The AnimeFreak

The AnimeFreak Yuu Komuro was the first one to spot the body, so he was suspected of murder. They didn't have enough proof, so they let Yuu go. Yuu has to spot some evidence, and find some important things that will lead to the killer's name being revealed. Who's the killer?
Yuu carefully took the knife and mini statue back to his bedroom to examine it. Yuki was having a shower in the girl's bathroom in their bedroom, so the door was closed. Yuu carefully examined the blood to see who's blood it was. It would take one hour for it to complete, so Yuu had a shower and went to his changing room to change.

After Yuu changed to his scientist-looking outfit, he went out to find more evidence. "I won't allow you to go any further." Rin said when he crept up his back. Rin put a sword near Yuu's neck, and put it away. "Nah, I was just trying to scare you, you can go." Rin said, but then he told Yuu in a creepy voice "BUT DON'T THINK I'LL GO EASY ON YOU!", so Yuu just left.

Yuu went back to his bedroom to check the blood. The blood for the knife failed, but the mini statue blood is still working. Yuu went to the crime scene to investigate for evidence. Shino was at the crime scene looking for evidence too, then Shino greeted "Hi, how are you?", until Shino saw his badge. She realised he worked for NSS, which was a science team. It's full name is National Scientific Studies, but NSS for short. Shino tried to welcome Yuu in a formal way, but Yuu responded "No, it's okay.", so Shino stopped for a bit, and gave him a bagel turkey sandwich.

Yuu kindly accepted it saying "Thank you." and ate it. Shino smiled and nearly blushed, but then Rin came and yelled at Shino saying "GET TO WORK!", but Yuu came and fought Rin. "Don't boss everyone around Harsh-Head." Yuu told Rin. Yuu punched Rin in the stomach, then to the head, and pushed him to a wall, which Yuu did by grabbing Rin on the face and pushing him to the wall. "You get to work too." Yuu angrily said to Rin. Rin got his sword and stabbed Yuu in the stomach, or the HAND.

"You really are dumb. GET TO WORK." Yuu said to Rin in a creepy voice, then Rin walked away in anger. Yuu got the sword out, then Takashiro came to help. "What do you want me to do?" Takashiro asked. "Just wrap a bandage around my hand and stomach." Yuu replied, so Takashiro did so. "Thank you." Takashiro kindly said to Yuu. Yuu wanted to know the real name of Takashiro, so Yuu asked "What's your REAL name?". Takashiro responded saying "Ochako Igarashi.", then walked off. Yuu got the sword and took it back to his bedroom for fingerprint and blood scanning...

But the results for the fingerprints are the same.

The owner of the knife owns the sword, so the first suspect is Rin. Yuu got out and looked for Rin.

Yuu Komuro - 17 - Scientist - Male
Rin Sonozaki - 19 - Author - Male

Rin Sonozaki owns a sword and books. He owns no knife.
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