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Pokehigh School: Chapter 2||First Class

by Bellenette

Bellenette #Summercamp15

Serena was recently befriended by the enthusiastic White, but she expects many trouble ahead.
"So hello everybody, I'm Miss Alloe", the teacher said. And typical class went on.

At lunch~

"Hey Serena!" Ash came up to me and stood next to me in line for lunch. "H-hi!" I said like a wimp. Oh my Arceus. He put his hands on my waist. I turned so fast that my little ponytail (she still has short hair) almost hit him. "Ash!?", I said. I couldn't control it. "Ahh, sorry", he said and blushed. I saw two girls whisper something. I got my lunch and went to sit with White. She had one other person there. "Hello, I'm Platinum!", the girl said. She looked rich. "Platinum is rich but nice", White said. "Wow, looks like you're boyfriend is popular", White said and winked. "He isn't my boyfriend!"I exclaimed and blushed. "I know!", White said. "But people here are already pairing you two", Platinum added. Ash had his own group (Ash, Ruby, and Black).

"Hi, I am sorry for earlier", Ash came and sat next to me and White. "Oh it is fine", I said. He came closer. He hugged me, but it felt more romantic. Ahhh...it was like a dream come true. "Bye!" He said and left. "Whoa!", White said. "Are you sure that you guys aren't together, he just hugged you!" She said. "That was one of the best moments of my life", I said going into a trance. "Whoa, why do you like him so much?" Platinum asked. "Well, I knew him in Summer camp, when we were like 5, he saved me", I said. "Whoa...romantic", White said. "Ugh...the Poppies already formed their "squad", Platinum said. "Oh no did I would snobby?" She asked. "Ha, no!" I replied. "So...who are they, I heard her name is Ursula, and hers is Misty, then-" Platinum got cut off. "Miette" , Serena said. "Misty is the only nice one" Platinum said. Ugh...popular girls. The ones who trip you for looking bad. "So they are called "The Poppies"?" I asked, not in a lazy voice, but just in my regular voice. "I think we're actually the popular ones here...", Platinum added. "Yeah...well our leader is "best friends" with the leader of the popular guys", White said putting quotations with her fingers when she said "best friends". "Oh shut up", I said in a playful voice and giggled. "What am I the leader?" I said frantically and quickly stood up. "Yep", Platinum said, while fixing her uniform. We probably have the cutest uniforms a school could have. Plus the food isn't all that bad. "Hey...look at that girl over there...she seems lonely", I said looking across from myself and saw a girl with shorter brown hair, tied in a little ponytail, wearing the school uniform with a bow in her hair. "Oh that's May, probably one of the nicest girls here", White said. "Then why is she by herself?" I asked, in a concerned voice. "I don't know, maybe she go taken advantage of?" Platinum suggested. "I'm going to go talk to her", I said and got up from my seat acting like I was just throwing away my food, but I went to her also. "Are you okay?" I asked with a sad look on my face. "Yeah...I'm fine", she said, with her head on the table. "What did they do to you?" I asked her. "Hey, May,are you okay?" A girl asked, she looked similar to me, but more tough. Plus she had long hair. "I'm fine, Yvonne", she said. "Sorry, the girls over there bully her sometimes..." Yvonne said. "Come on and sit at out table!" I invited her. "Well, let me go get Crystal!" She said and brought her group of three. And our groups collided. We talked about lots of things.

"Um, I am going to go and meet some of Ash's friends", I said and got up. "Okay cool!" Yvonne said.

"Um, hi..." I said nervously. "Oh hi, I see you made some friends", He said. "This is Ruby and Black", he said. They greeted me. Then the bell rang. "Oh no, I guess we have to go!" I said, not realizing that I rhymed. I heard one of them saying "Whoa, your girlfriend is pretty", It was Black. I heard that Ruby was falling for some Sapphire girl. White likes Black, but I dunno how Black is. And Yvonne liked a guy named Xavier. I said bye to my friends and headed to class. "Hi", someone said, he had black hair, sort of long. "Um, hi", I said confused. "I'm Calem", He said. "My name is Serena", I said. This was an awkward conversation. "Well, I gotta go...", I said in that weirded out voice. He put his arm in front of me to block me from going anywhere. "Hey, uh if you ever want to talk, I'll be here", he said nervously, blushing. I just said "Okay" and walked up. I went into the classroom and to my surprise, I saw Miette taking to Ash. They were laughing about something. Arceus knows what. Then I saw it. They kissed. On the lips, I don't know if he kissed back or what but it happened. And I was heartbroken. I quickly turned so he wouldn't see me crying. He didn't.
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  1. Bellenette
    Come on!!!! I didn't save some of my progress! Dx T-T
    Jul 20, 2015
  2. Bellenette
    Yeah! Thanks!
    Jul 20, 2015
  3. ~Pokelover~
    I like how you put most of the video game characters into the mix.
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