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Eitasogare no Ai - The Story: Chapter 2: Class Representative

by The AnimeFreak

The AnimeFreak Another day of normal school. Well, it's not like a miracle happens everyday, so I don't know why I said "normal". Well, it's not really normal. This is class representative exams of somesort. Whoever gets the highest mark in the class (2-B) becomes class rep.
The next day, it was just an average school morning. Ayaka was ringing the doorbell, waiting for Shigeo to answer. “Coming. Jeez, just wait, Ayaka.” Shigeo responded to the bell. He got up and opened the door, to find Ayaka listening to a song. Shigeo took Ayaka’s earphones off, and then Ayaka realised that Shigeo opened the door.

When she realised that Shigeo also took her earphones off, she blushed, and looked away in embarrassment. Shigeo blushed back, but he didn’t look away: he just stopped blushing after a while, then he said “Anyway, let’s go.”, then Ayaka nodded. They walked to school, and Ayaka was singing the very same song she was listening to.

Shigeo was thinking “wait--does she like me? Wait, snap out of it Shigeo! Don’t be like that!” and Shigeo hit his head with the bottom of his hand, and Ayaka looked at him confused, then Shigeo responded to the look, saying “A-anyway, let’s keep going.”, and they walked off. They made it to class in time, which was a good thing. Bad thing is that the class rep exams of some sort are coming up.

As you can see, Shigeo does not like the Class Representative Exams. “It puts too much pressure on me” he says. Shigeo was actually sitting next to Ayaka, and then Ayaka said “Good luck, Miki!” and then Shigeo sighed, looking down at the table. After that, they were dismissed. They were heading to math class, which is hell for Shigeo, even though Shigeo is good at it.

He got good marks. He got a 100/100 once, and a 48/50 once as well! He tops as the smartest kid in the school, and when he is studying, his mind rushes and he completes his math work in 5 minutes. However, he dislikes maths because it is too easy for him. He wants a challenge. A real challenge. He wants to take it on like a man!

He did his maths work in 3 minutes, and he handed it to the teacher, and once again, it was all correct. 100/100 or 100%, pretty much. After that, him and Ayaka went out. Ayaka grabbed Shigeo’s hand and headed outside. They wanted to leave early, so they can practice for the exams. “Miki, let’s do it!” Ayaka said with energy, and Shigeo nodded saying “Mhm!” ending with a smile.

They stayed up all night. When they woke up, they headed to school to do the exams. They saw that everyone was concentrating, so they had to concentrate too. They realised that the answers were pretty easy, it was a snack to them. After that, they finished, and then Ayaka ended up being a rep. Shigeo was asked to do it, but then he declined.

“Miki, why don’t we go to the convenience store?” Ayaka asked Shigeo. Ayaka looked at Shigeo with a smile, and then Shigeo thought “This must not be what it looks like. It’s way too early!”, and then Ayaka grabbed Shigeo, and dragged him to the convenience store, saying “You take way too long to answer people’s questions, Miki!”. He was dragged there like a ragdoll.

But then he realised. “Wait, why me? Is it because we live next to each other? Seriously, why me of all people?” and then just right before Shigeo was gonna ask why, he was dragged inside, and he asked Ayaka something else. “Why don’t you get a special one, since you became class rep?” He asked. Ayaka was surprised, and then said “Okay!” with an innocent smile.

They got everything they needed, and then Ayaka dragged Shigeo and they went to MarkDonalds together. Ayaka got a special meal, while Shigeo got a meal for himself. Ayaka was just staring at Shigeo, and then Shigeo noticed. “N-no! It-it-it’s not what you think! P-please don’t misunderstand!” Ayaka said to try and cover up, and Shigeo replied “S-s-same h-here! I don’t like you or anything!”

They blushed at the same time and turned away, then looked back at each other again, and stopped for a laugh. After they stopped by, they went home. “This is my house. Wanna come in?” Ayaka asked Shigeo. Shigeo nodded and said “Sure thing.”, then they went in. Shigeo looked everywhere around the house, and he was pretty amazed.

Shigeo sat down on the couch. It was already night time, so Shigeo had to sleep at Ayaka’s house, since he forgot the keys, and the keys were inside the house. “Hey, Miki…” Ayaka tried to get Shigeo’s attention “I’ve got something I’ve wanted to ask for a really long time.”. Shigeo was surprised, and was thinking weird things again. Typical Shigeo Kobashigawa.

“Thing is…” Ayaka said in a shy voice “Will you--”. Ayaka fell asleep, and she lied down on Shigeo’s shoulder. Shigeo sighed, and then he carried Ayaka to her room, and he said “Good night.”. After that, he went to the spare room, which is for people who sleepover. Shigeo had to sleep there for the night, so he got on the bed and slept. He held the pillow, pulled the blanket up, and slept until another day of normal school.