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Pokemon Gust: Chapter 2, Bigplant Town!

by Sylvious

Sylvious Adam And Ash Goe To Bigplant Town, Going inside Prof. Wood's Lab. Ash receives Birchko, and is ready to go out of Bigplant Town!
Ash: Okay, we are here in Bigplant Town!"
Adam: What kind of town is that?!"
Ash: A town I guess."
Ash: Well, this is where the region starts. There are also starters in that lab over there."
Ash Points At Prof. Wood's Lab.
Adam: Cool! Lets go inside!"
Adam And Ash Go Inside.
Prof. Wood: Hello! What are you guys here for? A pokemon?"
Ash: No! We just want to check out the lab!"
Prof. Wood: Okay! You are free to look around!"
Adam: Woah. These pokemon are real?!"
Prof. Wood: Yes. They are Birchko, Firic, and Rainkip.
Adam: Those are some CRAZZY names!"
Prof. Wood: Yeah, a little crazy."
Ash: I want to pick one! I want... Birchko!"
Prof. Wood: Okay! Heres Birchko's pokeball."
Ash: Yes! I caught..... A Birchko!"
Adam: Okay! Im done! Lets go!"
Ash: Okay. Lets go to Route 101!"
Adam And Ash Run To Route 101.