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Pokémon: A and B: Chapter 2: Battling and Learning

by Sylvious

Chapter 2: Battling and Learning

Eventually, the airplane slows down - they had arrived. Alex wakes up from the sound of his Charmander. "Huh?" He stares at his Charmander. "Charmander!" It replies, pointing at the front window. The pilot laughs. "Yes, Alex - we have arrived at the Hawia region." Alex jumps out of his seat, along with his Charmander, grabs his skateboard, and they slowly walk off the airplane.

"Bye, Alex. Call Professor Oak using your Pokédex for directions to the nearest town!" The pilot yells over the noisy airplane. "Okay!" He replies. Alex takes out his Pokédex and finds the option. "There it is!" He says as he selects the "Call" option. Professor Oak picks up.

"Hello, Alex. Have you arrived?" He asks. "Yes!" Alex replies. "Good! Now, head across the path until there are two paths - head left and walk across that path. The path will end at Palm Town."

"Okay, Professor Oak! I'll call you back!" Alex replies. "Okay, Alex. Don't forget to save on your Pokédex every so often!" Professor Oak says. "Okay, bye!" He hangs up.

Alex walks across the path, heads left, and walks across that path, entering Palm Town.
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