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Pokemon: The Kids from Kanto: Chapter 2: A Surprising Encounter

by Imperfect World

Imperfect World Laura and Ash were rushing to find a Pokemon Center in the town ahead after their Pokemon were badly injured. When they arrive, however, someone decides to drop in...
"Attention citizens of Viridian City! Attention citizens of Viridian City! We have reports of possible Pokemon thieves in our area. Be on the lookout for suspicious looking strangers, repeat, be on the lookout for suspicious looking-" Laura heard a voice, which came from the loud speakers around Viridian City, the city she and Ash were running through.

Ash and Laura were covered in dirt and dust, mud and soot, as they ran through the city, carrying their beaten Pokemon with them. Charmander's flame was low and candle-like, and Pikachu, who could barely keep his eyes open. But soon, Laura could feel herself being pulled back by her hood, and she could see Ash following her movements as well.

"Hold it!" said a female voice from behind them. "And just where do you think you two are going with those Pokemon."

Laura and Ash were trying to escape her firm grasp, but stopped as soon as she let go.

"They're our Pokemon, and they're hurt, and we've got to get them to the hospital right away!" Ash shouted at her.

"Yeah! So let us go!" Laura said, as she held her Pokemon close.

The woman bent down. Laura got a good look at her. She had blue hair, red lipstick on, and a police uniform, but with a skirt instead of pants.

"Oh, I'm sorry.." she said, most likely feeling bad for what she had said. "I thought you might be stealing them."

Then she looked at the two trainers.

"Just show me your guys' ID and you can go." she said, which took Ash by surprise, as he started to sweat.

"ID? I don't have any. You see, we just came here from Pallet, and-" he said, becoming nervous.

Laura giggled at his nervousness, and pulled out her Pokedex, flipping it open and pressing a button.

"This is an ID." she said, as the sound played on the Pokedex.

After the Pokedex explained that it was there to guide Laura, Ash pulled out his Pokedex, but before he tapped the button, the officer stopped him with a sentence.

"Y'know, you two are the third and fourth people I've seen come here today from Pallet Town."

Ash stopped, a thinking expression crossing her face.

"Then that means that Gary has already been here!" Ash said, a mad expression taking his face.

The officer changed the topic.

"It's very unusual for a person to carry their Pokemon in their arms instead of a Pokeball. How do I know you didn't steal that Pokemon?" the officer said, directing at Ash, for Laura had shown the officer her ID.

"I'll show you my ID." Ash said, taking out his Pokedex, and tapping the button on it.

"I'm Dexter, a Pokedex programmed by Professor Oak, for Pokemon Trainer, Ash Ketchum of the town of Pallet. My function is to help Ash by providing information and advice regarding Pokemon and their training. When lost or stolen, I cannot be replaced." the Pokedex said, as Ash proudly held it up to the officer.

Laura was still very worried about her Charmander, and Ash's Pikachu, who were both getting worse by the second.

"Can we take our Pokemon to the Pokemon Center now?" Laura said impatiently.

"I'll get you two there in no time at all." the officer said, winking at them.

Before Laura and Ash knew what they were getting into, they were placed on a motorcycle. Laura was placed own a side car on one side, which was also where Ash was sitting, so it was pretty cramped, Laura's legs ended up hanging over, as she held onto the side car, hoping not to fall off. Ash saw her struggles, and wrapped a hand around her stomach, helping her stay seated. Laura understood his motives, thanking him for helping out. And the motorcycle took off, speeding super fast, as Laura held onto Charmander tightly. Laura looked near the front, trying to avoid the black smoke that flew from the exhaust pipe. Ash was yelling right about now, which hurt her ears.

"Tone it down, please!" she shouted over the roaring engine, which made Ash a bit scared, so he shut his mouth.

It was nearing night as they drove to the Pokemon Center, scared for their Pokemon's health. When they neared the Pokemon Center, they just then realized how big it was. But when the officer got nearer to the Pokemon Center, Laura realized that the officer passed the parking lot, which made Laura's eyes go wide, as the motorcycle skirted to a stop in the lobby. Laura's expression looked petrified, as she quickly got out of the side car, followed by Ash.

The nurse at the front counter had pink hair, and a pink nurses outfit, and she looked at the cop, annoyed.

"We have a driveway you know." the nurse said.

"It's a Pokemon emergency!" the cop said, as Laura and Ash ran to the front desk.

"Please help us!" Laura said, as she held out her Pokemon to the nurse.

"Oh, a Pikachu and Charmander...we'll do what we can." the nurse said, a serious look on her face.

Then the nurse started typing away on the computer, talking to it as if it were a person.

"I need two stretchers, one for a small electric Pokemon, and one for a small fire Pokemon, stat." the nurse said, seriously.

And just like that, four Pokemon, chanting the name, "Chansey" walked in, two at each stretcher. Pikachu and Charmander were placed on the stretcher.

"They'll be okay." the nurse said happily. "Rush these Pokemon to the critical care unit." the nurse ordered the Pokemon, who nodded, and rushed the Pokemon to a different room.

"We'll begin the treatment right away." the nurse said, as she pulled on some rubber gloves.

"Uh..." Ash said, stepping up, worried.

"Who are you?" the nurse said snippily.

"His name is Ash. And that's Laura. they're the Pokemon's trainers." the officer explained.

"If there's anything we can do, please, just tell me!" Ash said, excessively worried.

"You can be more responsible." the nurse said, taking Laura and Ash by surprise.

"If you two want to become Pokemon trainers, you don't let your Pokemon battle until this condition. " the nurse said, clearly mad.

"You don't even know what happened!" Laura shouted, stepping up.

"What's past is past." The nurse said, making Laura growl angrily. "Now we have to heal your Pokemon." the nurse said, as if she was mad about healing them.

"What can we do?" Ash asked, worried.

"Just sit back and relax. Leave it to us." the nurse said, completely changing her tone.

"It's in your hands. I know you'll give the Pokemon excellent care." the cop said, saluting to the nurse.

"You got them here just in time!" the nurse replied.

"That's my job!" the cop said, looking back at her motorcycle, before sweating. "Oh my goodness, I left my motorcycle at the front desk!"

"Next time use the drive way." the nurse said, trying not to show how peeved she was. "Ash and Laura? You need to wait in the waiting room." the nurse continued, before walking into the room the other Pokemon had went into.

"Can't I-" Ash said worriedly.

But before he could say any more, the automatic door closed in front of him, as he slumped his shoulders.

Laura put a hand on his shoulder, and looked at him with a generous smile.

"They'll be fine. Don't worry." Laura said, giving him a warm smile, that wrapped him like a hug.

Ash smiled weakly at her, as they went to sit down at the waiting room together. Laura talked to Ash for hours, but Ash was still distracted, wondering if Pikachu was okay. But he still would talk back. They conversed until it was eight p.m, as Laura grew tired. She yawned, and was close to taking a nap, until she heard a ring, that woke her up. She saw Ash over by the phone, and Laura rubbed her blurry eyes, before getting up from her spot, and walking over, sitting on a chair near him, but making sure she wasn't in the call. Laura decided not to eavesdrop, and ignored their chat, until she heard her name in there.

"Her name is Laura, who I met at the lab." Ash said, as he looked at Laura, grabbed her arms, and pulled her into the shot.

"Oh hi! You must be Laura! Ash was just telling me about how positive you are! I'm Delia." said the girl, Delia, as she waved.

Laura blushed a little, before waving back. Ash seemed a bit embarrassed about what his mom had told Laura, about him talking about her. Laura would've been embarrassed as well. They said a couple words back and fourth, until Delia decided to end the conversation.

"Bye you two! I love you Ash." she said.

"You too." Ash said, before hanging up the phone.

Ash paused for a minute, before getting up, Laura following him. Just as Ash was a bout to walk away, he stopped to see four stone pictures, a bird in three, and a four legged Pokemon in one. Laura noticed these as well, and saw one that looked like the bird they had seen earlier. Ash must've seen what she saw as well, because he was staring at that picture in particular. Suddenly, the two trainers had snapped from their thoughts, as they heard a ringing from the computer. Ash looked behind the desk, from where the call was coming from, and pressed the acceptance button. Ash spoke up.

"Uh, this is Ash and Laura." Ash said, as he was soon answered by a scratchy voice.

"I'm over here!" said the Professors voice, as Ash and Laura turned, to see a screen pop up from a vanishing stone tablet. "Ash, Laura, it's me, Professor Oak! Don't you recognize me?" Oak said.

But Laura and Ash only saw his back side, as he looked at a computer.

"No Professor, I didn't recognize the back of your head." Ash said, making Laura laugh.

Oak turned around, embarrassed, as he quickly typed away.

"Whoops! Wrong Camera..." Oak said, as the screen went black with static lines, before appearing in front of Oak's face. "There." Oak said, coughing.

"I just spoke with your mother, and she tells me you two made it to the Pokemon Center in Viridian City, is that correct?" Oak asked.

Laura nodded, as Ash said something more particular.

"We couldn't be talking to you if we weren't here." he said, making Laura laugh more, Oak glaring at her, before returning to normal state.

"The other Pokemon trainers got there so simply, and I'm surprised you two got there so soon." Oak said, making Laura glare at him.

"I had my doubts that you could handle your Pikachu, but my grandson Gary said that you both wouldn't have a single new Pokemon by the time you got to Viridian City, and I bet him one million dollars that he'd be wrong!" Oak said, with a cringe-like smile at the end of the sentence.

Ash sweat dropped, as Laura silently laughed.

"Well, money isn't everything, right?" Ash said nervously, sweating, revealing to Oak they had none.

Oak looked really disappointed.

"Oh. Why do I even bother." he said, as Laura started to feel bad.

"It's fine Oak. I'm sure Gary doesn't expect that much from you." Laura said, half lying.

Oak shook his head, seemingly angry.

"We saw a Pokemon like that one though." Ash said, pointing to the picture that Laura and Ash had their minds focused on before. "It flew right over the rainbow!"

Oak looked up, and smiled.

"Don't talk such nonsense. You couldn't have seen this Pokemon. Trainers have searched their whole lives and never seen it." Oak said.

"It sure looked like it." Ash said, a little mad.

"I saw that Pokemon specifically with my own eyes!" Laura said, getting a bit mad as she looked at Oak.

"You two must've been mistaken." Oak said, crossing his arms.

Then, the two trainers heard a ring of a doorbell from the other side of the screen.

"Oh, that's my pizza. Coming! It was very nice talking to you, Ash and Laura. Good luck." Oak said, leaving from view of the camera.

And from the corner of the screen, you could see Oak next to the delivery man.

"Mmm. Anchovies, spinach, and pineapple pizza!" you could hear Oak say, as the screen went black with a ding, signaling the end of the call.

As soon as the call ended, Laura heard a voice from behind her and Ash.

"Now I've got you!" it shouted, as Laura and Ash turned around quickly.

It was the orange haired girl from before, that they saw near the lake, who fished Ash from the water. The orange bike that Laura and Ash had used to get away from the Spearow was slung over her back, as black as soot from the lightning. She breathed heavily, an angry look on her face.

"I knew I'd find you here!" she shouted.

"Hey, what happened to your bike?" Ash asked, as Laura turned to him.

"What happened?!" the orange haired girl said.

Laura spoke up.

"We took it and it blew up in Pikachu's Thunder Shock, remember?" Laura said, as she looked at Ash, surprised he had forgotten.

"She's right! This is what's left of my bike after you to boozers stole it to save your Pokemon! Now I can see why your Pokemon is in the-" the girl shouted, before shaking and falling on the ground from the bikes weight.

Ash and Laura quickly dashed over to help her out. She was rubbing the back of her head when Ash reached down.

"Let me help you." he said, about to help her up.

Then she slapped his hand away, as she went back to her snarky comments.

"I don't need your help! And you two are gonna pay for what you did to my bike!" she shouted, still on the floor.

"We'll make up for it..we promise we will, don't we?" Ash said, turning to Laura for approval.

"Swear it." Laura said, putting a hand over her heart and holding a hand in the air.

But then she frowned.

"But not at the moment..." Laura said, as she turned her head to the critical care unit.

"Ugh, I don't want any of your lame excuses, kids, I just want a new bike right now!" the girl shouted, as she held up a fist.

"You see...it's our Pokemon...they aren't doing so well..." Ash said, as he too turned his head to the lit up needle, signing that it was the critical care unit.

The orange haired girl immediately calmed her tone, as she looked over at the critical care unit as well, witch had a big bright light shining from the top sign. She immediately felt pity for the trainers.

"Is it very serious?" she asked the two trainers.

"I think so..." Ash and Laura said at the same time, causing them to glance at each other, not dare make a move in the orange haired girls presence.

"They're so darn weak at this point, the nurse says we can't do anything to help..." Laura said, as she got a few tears in her eyes.

But right at that point, the automatic doors from the critical care unit slid open, as two stretchers were rolled out. Pikachu was sleeping on one, as he was connected to some equipment, and a headband with a lightbulb. Charmander was sleeping on one as well, but he was in some sort of incubator. Laura, Ash, and the orange haired girl dashed over to the stretchers, and Laura saw her Pokemon, sadly. Laura was about to put her hands on the glass, for she was worried for her Pokemon.

"Oh, don't!" the nurse said, grasping Laura's hands before she touched the glass. "We had to heat it up to keep the fire going. Pikachu is in better condition than the Charmander, because of its tail."

"Pikachu, Charmander! Are you two alright?" Ash shouted, worried for both the Pokemon.

"They're just resting. Good thing you got it here so fast. The procedure went well, and they should be fine. Charmander may have to rest a little more though." the nurse said, as she looked at the two trainers.

"Thanks to the Pokemon Center." the orange haired girl said, as if she felt accomplished.

"Yeah, thanks." Laura said.

"Mhm, thank you very much." Ash said, as he looked very happily at the nurse.

"Now both your Pokemon need good rest in the recovery room. I suggest you go with them, Ash and Laura." the nurse said, smiling nicely.

Ash turned to the orange haired girl.

"Listen, I'm sorry about your bike, but I'm gonna need time to make things right." Ash said, sadly.

"No way, I fell for that last time!" the orange haired girl shouted, getting up in his face.

Ash leaned way back and started to sweat.

"Oh well, you two should take care of your Pokemon now, and we'll settle up later." the girl said, peeved.

"Uh." Laura said.

"Okay?" Ash said, questioningly.

Then, an alarm was heard, as all the trainers turned their heads to the speakers.

"Your attention please!" came the voice from before, revealing itself to be the cops voice. "Our Viridian City radar systems have spotted an aircraft belonging to a gang of Pokemon thieves. If you have a Pokemon in your possession, extra's are extreme!" the voice said, hanging up.

That wasn't good. And a moment later, there was a crash, as some glass from the ceiling fell, as well a two Pokeballs. When they hit the floor, two Pokemon were seen, a snake-like Pokemon, and a rock-like Pokemon, with gas flowing from the craters imbedded in it. The rock-like one had spread a bunch of smog across the room, and it was incredibly hard to see. But Laura couldn't risk anything. She put her hands on the sizzling hot incubator, and there was a burning sound, as her hands were soon red. It hurt wildly, but Laura held back the scream, as she let a couple tears fall. At least she was with Charmander. Suddenly, through the blurry teared up eyes of Laura, she could make out two silhouettes. They looked like teenagers, one with short hair, and one with outrageously long hair.

"Who are they?" Ash asked, after coughing a couple times.

"Don't be frightened little boy." said a girl voice.

"Allow us to introduce ourselves." said a male voice.

"To protect the world from devastation." said the girl, as the smoke cleared to see her.

She had very long hotpink hair, that was curved at the end. She had pale skin, and she wore a lot of makeup. She wore a black belly shirt, with long black gloves, and a white jacket over, shorter than her belly shirt and all zipped up. It had an 'R' on it. She wore a short white skirt, and black boots, that here so long, they almost covered up her whole leg.

"To unite all peoples within our nation." said the male, as the smoke cleared from his point of view.

He wore something a lot like hers, with some different attire. He wore a black shirt as well, but it wasn't a belly shirt. His shirt was tucked into some baggy white jeans, that were tucked into blackouts, about the size that Gary was wearing earlier that day. He had a rose in his hand, which was also in rubber gloves. His jacket was about the exact same as the girls, but with longer sleeves.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love." the girl said again.

"To extend our reach to the stars above." the boy said, as the smog finally cleared. It must've just been for a dramatic entrance.

"Jessie." the girl said, apparently Jessie.

"James." the boy said, claiming to be James.

"Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!" Jessie shouted, as she struck a pose with her hand thrown to her side, and a fist in the air.

"Surrender now or prepare to fight." James said, as he held the rose up to his nose, before throwing it at Laura, as the thorns hit her nose.

"Meowth, that's right." said a talking cat Pokemon, as it held up two small paws to its face.

Laura had almost fell asleep to their boring speech. She had gotten used to holding her hand on the incubator, so she quickly took it off, the pain returning to her hand, as the others looked at her beet red hand, bulging around from the burn. She mentally screamed at her hand, as the nurse took it.

"Don't worry! I'll get it treated!" she said, running into the critical care unit, getting supplies. Then the three turned their attention on Jessie, James, and the cat, which had given away that its name was probably Meowth.

Laura's hand was distracting her though, as she held her wrist, tears forming in her eyes.

"We're here for the Pokemon."

Ash put his hands on his partner, as Laura stepped in front of the incubator.

"You're not getting them!" Ash said, mad.

"We don't want your little Pikachu. The Charmander is rare to find in the wild though..." Jessie said, smirking as she pretended to reconsider.

"No way!" Laura said, holding up a fist.

"You're starting to bug me." Ash said annoyed.

"Well look at that, the boy's bugged." James said with a smirk on his face.

"Koffing, attack!" James shouted, as Koffing let off a smog attack like before.

The nurse came back with an ice pack, water, and bandages, before she realized they were completely under attack. She handed the dish of water and ice pack to Laura, along with the bandages, and ran off, signaling for the others to follow. Laura would treat her wounds later. Right now, she had to get Charmander rolling. Ash pushed Pikachu's stretcher, and Laura pushed Charmander's, as they rolled them into a different room. Once they were there, Laura dipped her hand in the water, and the ice pack was played on it with her other. It started to cool off, as Laura hoped the burn wouldn't spread through the body. But soon, the power went out, and Laura could barely see.

"Hey, the lights!" the orange haired girl shouted, worried.

"They must've cut the power." the nurse said, a she put her hands on the door, hoping the Pokemon wouldn't find them inside. "But we've got our own Pika Power source." the nurse said, as Laura looked at her questioningly.

Soon, Laura saw what she meant, as a couple lightning bolts flew to a small dome, that must've been another way to the lights. Laura saw a bunch of Pikachu running on a treadmill, and soon, the lights flickered back on. Laura took her hand out of the cold water, and carefully wrapped it around her hand.

"That burn will take a few days to heal. I told you not to touch it." the nurse said, disappointed in Laura.

"Whoa, look at all those Pikachu!" the orange haired girl said as her hands were plastered onto the glass around the Pikachu.

Suddenly, a computer started talking, and said something about sending Pokeballs to a different Pokemon Center.

"Quick, we have to save the Pokeballs!" the nurse shouted, as she started placing Pokeballs on a conveyor belt.

The Pokeballs went onto a small platform that was curved inward, helping to stop the Pokeball from moving. Then the Pokeball lit up in a fiery blue, and disappeared, probably what the nurse meant by saving the Pokeballs.

"This is the Viridian City Pokemon Center! We have a major emergency! Transporting all Pokeballs!" the nurse said into a computer, while typing away.

"This is the Pewter City Pokemon Center. Ready to receive Pokeballs." the computer said back.

Laura ran over and started pulling Pokeballs from the shelves they were on, and shoved them onto the conveyor belt. But Laura became worried when she saw some smog float in the room from the other side of the door. And the door broke open, as the Koffing dashed inside, smog everywhere. Some Pokeballs flew onto the ground as Laura, Ash, and the orange haired girl gasped.

"Hurry! Save the Pokeballs!" the nurse shouted, as Laura went back to work on trying to get all the Pokeballs to the Pokemon Center in Pewter City.

But Ash seemed a little cautious. He picked up a Pokeballs, sweating, and the the orange haired girl spoke up.

"This is war! Don't just hold it, throw it!" she shouted, making Ash worry.

"A-Alright! Pokeball, go!" Ash said, throwing the Pokeball.

It landed on the ground, and popped open, as a blue light shot from it, and the outline of a Pokemon appeared. Out came a Pidgey, the Pokemon that Ash and Laura first saw when they left Pallet Town. Then the snake-like Pokemon popped out of the smog, scaring the Pidgey to death, as it started to run away from the Pokemon. Soon, Jessie and James had appeared, and laughed at Pidgey being chased by the snake Pokemon.

"That silly thing can't beat us." Jessie said, snidely.

Ash returned the Pidgey, and set the Pokeball down, which Laura took and placed on the conveyor belt.

"No?" Ash asked, taking another Pokeball. "Try this one then! Pokeball, go!" Ash said, throwing the Pokeball.

When it landed on the ground, it popped open, but it opened, and all you could see was the inside of the Pokeball.

"Augh, empty?" Ash asked, disappointed.

"We're never gonna beat them that way!" said the orange haired girl.

"She's right." Laura said, as she put more Pokeballs onto the conveyor belt.

"Now you tell me..." Ash said.

But he still picked up another Pokeball.

"This one's lucky, I know it...go Pokeball!" he shouted, tossing the Pokeball.

Now when the Pokeball reached the ground, it opened as a large blue light appeared, and out appeared the outline of a Rattata, which was a Pokemon that had scrounged in Ash's bag. Team Rocket smirked, and the snake Pokemon once again popped up and scared Rattata to death, chasing him around. Then the orange haired girl stepped in with a Pokeball of her own in her hand.

"I guess I'm gonna have to take this into my own hands. You two grab Pikachu and Charmander, and get out of here. I'll take care of these three clowns." the orange haired girl said, smirking.

Ash, Laura, and the nurse just stared.

"That's pretty big talk coming from such a little lady." Jessie said, her hands at her sides.

"At least you're right about the pretty part. Thanks for the compliment." the orange haired girl said, the Pokeball still in her hand.

"The girl thinks she's pretty." James said, still smirking.

"I agree with her." Jessie said. "I think she's pretty too. Pretty pathetic." Jessie continued, making the orange haired girl glare at her.

"Oh, I'll show you! Pokeball go!" she shouted, growling.

When the Pokeball hit the ground, it opened, and a beam of blue light flew from it. A fish like silhouette appeared in front of them. It flopped around, as it said the word, "Goldeen" multiple times. Jessie and James saw it, and they almost looked scared of it. Then, the orange haired girl returned the Goldeen, which confused everyone greatly.

"That's her best shot?" Jessie said, folding her arms.

"She's all washed up." James said, folding his arms as well.

"We all know very well that water types can't battle on land. I was just warming up." Misty said.

"Warming up?" Ash and Laura said at the same time, tilting their heads.

"Just get the Pokemon out of here!" Misty whisper-shouted, as she turned her head to the two trainers.

"Right." Ash said, as he took Pikachu's stretcher.

Laura took Charmander's stretcher, and the two trainers raced from the room, as the nurse continued to send the Pokeballs to Pewter City.

Laura and Ash were now running through the halls, followed by Koffing and the snake, which kept saying, "Ekans". It took a while to get to the front of the Pokemon Center, but they did it. But Ash took an abrupt stop, which made Laura accidentally crash into him. The both fell back, and Laura saw the orange haired girls bike sitting right in the middle of the lobby, which must've made Ash fall. Laura quickly got up, to see Pikachu who had woken up, and Charmander, who looked all but hurt in anyway. He even through the hot incubator off himself, wondering what was going on.

"Oh, thank goodness, Charmander!" Laura said, hugging the little Pokemon, who was still warm from the incubator, but not super hot.

Pikachu then let out a "Pika pika!" as the Pikachu's who had given the Pokemon Center their "Pika Power" jumped over the glass to help Pikachu regain health. They all piled up on top of him, and there was a large electric shock going on, like they were giving Pikachu the biggest Pikachu hug ever. Then, the electricity that started coming off their body traveled all the way to Team Rocket, who had made their way over there as fast as possible. They were screaming like crazy, as their bodies lit up. When the electricity stopped, Ash's Pikachu arose from the pile, looking as happy as ever, with the head band still on his head.

"Pikachu!" Ash shouted, a big smile on his face.

Team Rocket was paralyzed, and covered in soot. Then Meowth, the talking cat came up.

"Do I have to do everything myself? That mouse is coming with Meowth. Pikachu! You're mine!" Meowth said, as it slowly crept up to them.

Ash started to sweat, an angry look on its face as he backed away. But Pikachu turned to Ash.

"Pika pika!" it said, as if it were trying to tell Ash something.

"Pika pika?" Ash asked, confused.

"Pika pika!" Laura shouted, understanding what Pikachu was trying to do. "Pika Pika Power!"

"Pika Pika Power?" Ash asked.

Pikachu nodded at Ash, as he now understood.

"You want more power!" Ash shouted.

He then raced over to the red haired girls bike, and flipped it so it was standing up. But truly, it was upside down. Ash stood, while peddling, and holding onto the tire for balance.

"What's this?" Meowth asked, as he stopped in his tracks.

"Let's just say, me and Pikachu are going to generate a little electricity for you, Meowth." Ash said, a determined look on his face.

Ash was peddling so fast about now, that the light on the bike started to get brighter.

"Uh oh." James said, as Jessie gasped.

Meowth looked the worst of all. Pikachu hopped off of the stretcher, and onto the front of the bike. Electricity had now outlined its body, as it let off the most dangerous electric attack, that Laura had just barely run from with Charmander in her arms. So instead it directed to Jessie, James, Meowth, Koffing, and Ekans, the snake-like Pokemon. It was like an endless shock fest, one person after another getting shocked. Until Koffing decided to make matters worse. The smog that came from Koffing got caught on with electricity, and that's when the place blew up. You would've thought no one survived, but to be honest, everyone just blacked out.


Laura woke up the next morning, with Charmander, who had slept peacefully. Ash was already awake, with the orange haired girl. They seemed to be waiting for Laura.

"I never properly introduced myself, sleepy head." the orange haired said, as she walked over to Laura.

"Huh?" Laura asked, looking up and rubbing her head.

"I'm Misty." the orange haired girl said, as she held out a hand. "I thought it'd be important to know, big shot." Misty said, trying to make fun of Laura.

So Laura stood up, and they left for their adventures to come, which was in a forest. The forest they were in was very large as the three trainers walked through. Then, out of nowhere, Misty had screamed. She then grabbed onto Ash's shoulder, and hid behind his back.

"What's wrong?" Laura asked, putting a hand on her own side.

"Look, over there." she said shaking, closing her eyes.

Laura and Ash looked over at the thing she was talking about. It looked like a green caterpillar, with big eyes. Laura shivered, but she didn't scream.

"C-Certain bugs are okay, b-but caterpillars freak me out!" she said, jumping behind Misty.

"Cool! it's a Caterpie, one of the bug Pokemon!" Ash said, excited.

"Even if it is a Pokemon, bugs are disgusting!" Misty said, which made Laura change her tone.

"Nuh uh. Bugs are okay. It's just caterpillars that I'm scared of." Laura said, putting her hands on her hips.

"Alright you two scaredy cats, stand back." Ash said, as he grabbed for a Pokeball. "This one's a piece of cake."

Ash kind of stood in front of Caterpie with a Pokeball in hand, hoping not to startle it.

He then flipped his hat around, and threw the Pokeball, with a triumphant, "Pokeball, go!"