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Pokéschool: Chapter 2: A Shocking Experience

by Sylvious

Sylvious Adam is ready for his first day of Pokéschool, and somehow a Pikachu.... Talks?

"Hey call me Matthew idiot!" Pikachu replies to the narrator.

Attention! This story contains some inappropriate language and minor violence. This story is recommended 13 or older. If under that age, be warned.

January 1, 2013: Sunday: 9:00 PM: Pallet Town

"You shouldn't be awake by 9:00 PM, you will have to wake up at 6:00 AM tomorrow!" Adam's Mom says.

"K..." Adam replies. "I HATE EVERYTHING ARGHHHHHH" He thinks.

Adam leaps onto his bed, and immediately goes to sleep.

January 2, 2013: Monday: 6:00 AM: Pallet Town

Adam sighs. He walks out of his room, makes cereal and eats it, and gets ready for Pokéschool.

January 2, 2013: Monday: 6:59 AM Pallet Town

"You might miss the bus, go!" Adam's Mom says.

Adam rushes to the bus and steps onto it. "Bye!" He waves to his mom.

"Hey. Sit here." Axel waves to Adam. "Thanks for the spot Axel." Adam replies. "Welcome."

Axel presses the button on his Pokéball and his Bulbasaur comes out. "Bulbasaur!" Axel's Bulbasaur yells. "Woah! How do you take out your Pokémon?" Adam asks. "You click that white button on your Pokéball." Axel replies. "Thanks!" Adam takes his Pokémon out of his Pokéball and presses the button on it. "Why the hell did you keep me inside that hell!!!!?" Adam's Pikachu shocks the pair with it's Thunder Shock move.

"Oh hey Pikachu! Please don't try to shock me, okay?" Adam says. "I'll shock you whenever I want, and call me Matthew, idiot." Matthew replies.

"Okay.... Matthew." Adam replies. "Is it normal for a Pikachu to talk?" He whispers. "I don't know..." Axel replies.

The bus halts. "Oh, time to go to Pokéschool!" Axel says. "Okay!" Adam replies.

January 2, 2013: Monday: 7:30 AM: Pokéschool

"Welcome to class, I am Ms. Ava, your teacher." Ms. Ava says.

"School sucks go away." Matthew mutters. "First, I will teach you about a Pokémon." Ms. Ava hands out a phone like machine.

"Those machines are the Pokédex. This invention was created by Champion Samuel Oak, who defeated the Elite Four with a single strike. But you know him as Prof. Oak, the Pokémon professor." Ms. Ava says.

Axel, sitting next to Adam, looks at his Pokédex. "With the Pokédex, you click on that button and hold it, and then scan your Pokédex. Feel free to experiment with this machine." Ms. Ava says.

"Hey, I wanna scan your Pika- I mean I wanna scan Matthew." Axel says. "Sure." Adam replies. "Fineeeee..." Matthew crosses his arms as Axel scans him with his Pokédex.

Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon. This Pokémon is known for being aggressive and attacking its owners. The Pikachu is known for being odd compared to other Pokémon. The great Pokémon champion, Red, used a Pikachu to defeat the Elite Four and the previous champion, Blue.

"Woah! That is a Pokédex entry?" Axel's eyes widen. "Yes, Prof. Oak recorded the entries for 150 Pokémon in Kanto, and he is currently discovering new Pokémon in Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Kalos!" Ms. Ava replies.

"Now, let me scan your Pokémon!" Adam says. Axel clicks the white button on his Pokéball and Bulbasaur pops out. Adam holds the button on his Pokédex and scans Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokémon. This pokémon has a green bulb on it's back, hence it's name. The bulb takes around a week to evolve, but it takes Pokémon battles to make the bulb do it.

"Woah..." Adam says. "Well, now you know the concept of Pokémon, now I'll tell you where Pokémon ca-"

"FREEDOM!" Matthew headbutts Ms. Ava and runs away. "FREEEEEDOOOOMMMM!!!" Matthew repeats.

Adam sighs. "DID THAT PIKACHU JUST TALK!????" Ms. Ava yells.


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