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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions: Chapter 2, A AWESOME PIDGEY i guess.

by Sylvious

Last time. Ace gotten to viridian city with his hacked lvl 7 Charizard. So this young trainer will continue his journey now. Ace: Viridian City gym...Ugh. Nah. Green is too powerful for my charizard." So Ace gos to route 22 to grind again......And gets his charizard to lvl 14. And goes to Route 2 To face harder pokemon i guess. And finds a lvl 5 Pidgey! So Ace decides to catch it! But... He doesn't have any pokeballs. More grinding! So Ace stocks up on potions and pokeballs. So Ace finds another pidgey! And he weakens it first. THEN throws the pokeball. And it is successful. Ace caught a pidgey! He jumps in joy then falls in a hole. Good job again Ace! So he gets up and gets to viridian forest. Where pidgeys and rattatas rule the lands. And Ace will die of boredom.
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  1. Sylvious
    In Viridian Forest. Pidgeys rule the lands. And Viridian Forest is the worst experience of your life.
    Jul 25, 2015