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Special Monsters of Chaos: Chapter 19 Season Finale : Chaos' True Power

by Raijin Zen

Raijin Zen Here it is the season finale a longer than normal one but its a finale so enjoy and stay tuned for season 2
After The Lovely Story Time Chaos Has Been Residing in a Place of the Hall Of Origin CHAOS' Most Evil Triump The So Called "The Chaos Lord" The First Target is Arceus it Travels to the Human World and Rampaged until a notorious Weapon Were Completed The Weapon's Code name is Chaos Neutralizer its true name is Life Obliterator the powerfull had a setup up samples of the griceous orb and samples of arceus' ring fragment. this recipe was created for obliterating any infected threat it was shot at arceus. arceus tried to fight back but arceus laid siege to it after that arceus was sent back to The Hall of Origin Believed to be the END Of Chaos. But is it The End? to be continued in Season 2.