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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 17: A Relaxing Vacation (Maybe)

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey Pallet Town is just too boring so Brian and Axel head out to find a more exciting place to take a vacation.
Chapter 17: A Relaxing Vacation (Maybe)

“Do you have everything you need?” my mom asked for the third time.

“Yes Mother dearest.” I said beginning to get annoyed by the constant reminder of something I’ve been doing perfectly for half a decade while still trying to sound sincere. “We’re off now!” I announced grabbing the worn and beaten green backpack I have been using since day one and heading out the door.

“Take care you two. Have fun, be safe, and try to stay longer than three days the next time you come and visit.” Mom asserted bidding us farewell from the doorway.

“I’ll try. I need more mental stimulation than this town has to offer.” I said pulling a red and white orb from my side. “But I’ll see if I can’t fit it into my completely random schedule to visit more frequently.” I added noticing a look of disappointment on her face. That comment seemed to satisfy her for now. After saying our goodbyes, I opened the Pokéball in my hand releasing a long stone grey winged beast with a large maw filled with razor sharp fangs. Aerodactyl gave a loud screech which startled several of the neighbors who were outside.

“To Vermillion City!” I instructed once Axel and I had boarded our prehistoric transport. With another loud screech the Fossil Pokémon beat his powerful wings to attain lift off. When we were high enough, he curled in his clawed legs and simply glided on the thermals.

It had been one tournament after another, battle after battle for so long that Axel and I had decided we needed a break from it all. It has been awhile since we were in Johto, so that’s where we decided we would take our vacation. We had originally planned to take the Magnet Train to Goldenrod City as it would be quicker than the S.S. Aqua, but I hear the Whirl Islands are nice this time of year, and it would save us a trip if we were to start in Olivine City.

Beneath us Pallet Town gradually went from houses and farmland to open grassy fields, then the scenery changed to lush green forested wilderness followed by crystal blue open water, all before we passed over Vermillion City half an hour after our departure from Pallet Town. Aerodactyl turned 45 degrees into a nosedive taking his passenger plummeting to the ground. Just as we were only a couple of feet from the surface, the ancient flier pulled up again and flapped his wings three times to maintain balance making for a badass yet elegant landing.

“Thanks Aerodactyl, you deserve a break.” I said appreciatively as I hopped off of the Fossil Pokémon’s back. After patting him on the head, I rewarded Aerodactyl’s efforts by returning him to his Pokéball to rest.

What time does the S.S. Aqua leave?” inquired Axel eagerly.

“Patience my young monkey. We’re on vacation, we can afford to wait and be as lazy as we damn well please. But to answer your question: 4:00p. That gives us roughly fifty minutes to get on board.” I answered. That did remind me though. I pulled off my backpack and rummaged through it until I found a rectangular sea blue ticket with a white boat drawn on it. Like my backpack, this ticket has seen some action as was noticeable in the bends in it and slight tears on the ends. This was a lifetime Aqua Pass I had won off of some rich guy who thought he could beat me in a Pokémon battle. Rich people never learn; they always think they’re better than us commoners.

We took the opportunity now to go down to the harbor so that we wouldn’t risk missing the ship. As would be expected of Vermillion Harbor, sailors and their Machokes, Poliwraths, Blastoises, and Primapes were everywhere loading and unloading the cargo of all the sea going vessels in the port. I wouldn’t expect anything less than to see this place bustling with activity giving the harbor its familiar scent of industry mixed with the salty sea breeze. One of the sailors began yelling and cursing at a Wingull that unknowingly and uncaringly took a dump on his bald head. Both Axel and I had to withhold our laughter unless we wanted a fight on our hands. We would make jokes about it when we got aboard the S.S. Aqua.

“Here you go.” I said handing my pass to the sailor guarding the ramp to the ship. After inspecting it he handed it back to me and stepped aside.

“Right this way sir. Enjoy your trip.” he said with genuine courtesy. I smiled politely and walked up the ramp onto the ship where my expression changed to one of confusion. Never before have I encountered a well-mannered sailor. Either he’s a new guy and hasn’t gotten as irritable as his coworkers, or he really likes his job. Then again, maybe he thought I was rich due to my lifetime pass and was hoping for a nice tip. Damn the privileged.

That was different.” Axel affirmed. I nodded in agreement and began looking for the room that I would call my own for the next eighteen hours.

The next morning the S.S. Aqua arrived safely in Olivine Port without anything exciting happening during the voyage. I descended the ramp with my tattered backpack on my shoulders and Axel by my side as always, while surrounded by the other passengers. I stretched my arms in the air with a satisfied sigh.

“Let the relaxation begin.” I declared in a mellow tone. I suddenly heard a tear and felt the weight on my back shift to my right shoulder. “Oh don’t tell me…” I groaned. I pulled off my backpack and sure enough the left strap had ripped. “Crap. Hold this while I get out the duct tape.” I told Axel passing the pack to him. This was the second time I had to actually repair my pack with duct tape. The first was when it got caught on a thorn bush and the pocket I keep all the Pokémon medicine ripped open.

Why not put it in an Item Ball like you do with the stuff that doesn’t fit in it?” the Infernape suggested.

“Because then it would be a pain in the ass getting stuff out.” I countered as I dug through the bag. “Ah! Found it!” I said pulling out the silver roll of tape. While I repaired the strap by wrapping tape all around it, Axel was quietly giggling to himself at all the trouble I was going through. He looked at me like he was going to make fun of me, but he suddenly got a terrified look on his face.

Forget the backpack for now, we have to go!” he said desperately.

“Why? What’s wrong?” I said getting ready to turn around.

Don’t look! Just run! I’ll explain everything when we get to safety!” he pleaded urgently. Before I could react to what he had told me, I understood why the monkey was so panicked. And I wish I had had listened.

“Onii-chan!!!” came a loud high pitched excited girly voice.

“Oh no…” I whispered in complete terror. She’s back.

Why didn’t you run?” Axel mourned in defeat.

“I didn’t know!” I sobbed regretfully. I had already been spotted so there was no use in fleeing now. All I could do was stand my ground and take this like a man. Without warning, ninety pounds of weeaboo was thrown onto my back causing me to lean forward. I’m glad I did stand my ground; otherwise I would have been knocked to the ground. Madison had her legs wrapped tightly around my waist and her arms just as tightly around my neck.

“Onii-chan! I really, really, really, [Oh kill me], missed you!” she squealed just as enthusiastically as ever. The feeling isn’t mutually. Especially when I can’t breathe! Her grip was like an Ekans around my throat. I desperately pulled on her arms while trying to choke out the words ‘Can’t breathe!’

“Oh! Sorry!” she said loosening her grip. I began sucking in as much air as I could to fill my oxygen starved body. “Is Onii-chan ok?” she asked.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” I said gasping heavily as if I had just run a mile with Madison on my back. I let out one big sigh having finally caught my second wind. “Now get off my back.” I said sternly while straightening up so she’d be able to reach the ground easier. No sooner had I gotten her off of me, she was already glomping Axel.

“I missed you too Axel-kun!” she cheered snuggling him. Now here we have the weirdest size comparison imaginable. Axel is tall for an Infernape, standing at five and a half feet. Madison is a sixteen-year-old human female and is a foot shorter. I guess some things never change. She still dresses like she belongs in an Anime convention rather than on the road as a Trainer, not to mention her everlasting pink bangs.

Brian, she won’t let me go!” whined the golden monkey trying vainly to pry his way from Madison’s death grip.

“Alright, that’s enough Madison. Axel needs to breathe too.” I said lightly tugging her shirt collar. Madison tilted her head back looking up at me then back down to Axel.

“Sorry Axel-kun.” she apologized releasing him.

“So Madison, what brings you to Johto?” I inquired. Her brown eyes grew huge followed by a pathetic whimper from her mouth. I could tell by the shocked look on her face that I was in for a ridiculous story.

“You mean this isn’t Hoenn?” she asked distraughtly as if hoping I would contradict myself. Instead, I face-palmed and sighed. I knew it. “Nooooooooooo! I got on the wrong boat again! I wanted to go to Hoenn for all the contests! Are there any contests in Johto?” I shook my head in the negative. Madison put her hands to her chin and began crying twin waterfalls while looking at me for guidance.

“You can’t do anything right without me can you?” I asked already knowing the answer. Madison shook her head with the same chibiish expression.

“Can I go with you?” Madison asked hopefully giving me puppy eyes.

“Me and Axel are supposed to be on vacation.” I stated trying to deter her. All I succeeded in doing was make Madison give me a cuter face. I can’t believe I’m about to say this. “Fine.” I conceded. “It would be heartless of me to leave such a pathetic creature as you to roam on your own.”

“YAY!” Madison cheered completely changing her disposition while jumping up and down. “I love you Onii-chan!” she cried happily as she hugged me again. I face-palmed again. So much for a relaxing vacation.

You go too easy on her.” Axel pointed out. I groaned knowing that much to be true. What can I say though? My big brother instinct is too strong towards her. I slipped my arms between myself and Madison trying to free myself from her powerful clutch.

“We’re going to the Whirl Islands. Any objections?” I asked without giving her much choice. Not that she would object. Knowing Madison, she would probably follow me to Hell and back.

“*Squee* The Whirl Islands sound like so much fun! Thank you so much for inviting me!” she said gratefully. “Wait. Do they have Wi-Fi on the Whirl Islands?”

“Nope!” I answered without remorse.

“But but… Anime…” she whimpered.

“You can watch your Anime when we get back. Now remember Madison, this is a vacation. That means we get to be as lazy as we damn well please, all schedules are out the window, and we just sit back, relax, play and have fun. Got it?” I went over just to make sure she understood.

“Why did you throw your schedule out of a window?” she asked blankly. I felt my eye twitch. I should have taken the Magnet Train.
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