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The Johto Escape: Chapter 15: The Team Rocket encounter

by Drider

Drider In this chapter, Thomas and his Pokémon make it onto the mainland of Hoenn, without knowing of a nasty surprise waiting for them...
We were finally in Hoenn, and we still had no idea of where to go. Upon arriving, we've just been following the coast for a few hours now, hoping to get somewhere.

"Surely there's gotta be a town or something around here," I said to my team, who were all once again out of their Pokéballs. They didn't say anything, I could tell that they needed some food and water.

"Ah, there we go!" My Pokémon peered around me. There was indeed a city up ahead, and it looked rather nice, another place by the beach.

"C'mon guys! I'll race you there!" I started running towards the town. There was no response from any of them, but pretty soon Ricki and Goku were speeding past me.

"Wait up you two!" I laughed as the Luxio and the Feraligatr took over the race. I turned back to Banjo and Jasmine who were struggling to keep up.

"It's alright guys, let them do their thing," I chuckled, and the three of us walked the rest of the way.

When we got to the edge of the city, Goku and Ricki were totally out of breath.

"Nice running," I complimented them, "now let's go get some stuff from the Pokémart."

Cheering weakly, my team allowed themselves to be put back in their Pokéballs while I bought some water and snacks.

Stepping back out of the Pokémart, I looked around, appreciating this new city properly. It was pretty nice, with a lot of green and grey mixing nicely together. There seemed to be a market going on as well, so I decided to check it out.

Stepping into the semi-crowded place, it looked as though this market was permanently set up. There was lots of cool things there, and with what little money I had left, I bought two TMs (Hone Claws and Nature Power) and for the sake of it, some Full Incense, just because I liked the smell of it.

After all that, I decided to suss out any connecting routes so I could plan my next step. So after checking out the name of the city I was in (Slateport City), I wandered onto a nearby Route.

It was pleasant enough, plenty of grass, right near the water, but what I thought was cool about it was the massive bridge that crossed over the water and another grassy path that led the same way as the bridge.

Deciding that I would definitely check it out, I knew that my team and I needed to eat.

"Alrighty everyone," I said, releasing them all from their Pokéballs, "let's eat!"

Soon the route was filled with the noise of Pokémon (well, a Feraligatr) greedily eating away at some snack I got called Lava Cookies. they were actually quite nice, and quickly became one of my favourite foods.

It was nice and quiet on this route, not many trainers or Pokémon at all, I thought, looking around once again, I could get used to...


I just manage to duck on time as a large flying Pokémon dived at us.

"Woah woah woah!" I said, trying to see where the Pokémon went to, "no need for that buddy!"


This time, it managed to pull some of my hair out.

"Goku, Water Gun that sonofabitch!" I shouted, rubbing my head angrily.

Goku readied itself, and when the Pokémon tried to dive once more, he unleashed a powerful jet of water from his mouth, felling the Pokémon from the sky.

"Attaboy," I said, grumpily, going over to the Pokémon with my Pokédex It appeared to be knocked out, the hit from both the water and ground had made sure of that.

Yanmega, the Ogre Darner Pokémon, said the Pokédex, by churning its wings, it creates shock waves that inflict critical internal injuries on foes.

"Well good thing it wasn't smart enough to do that," I said, putting the Pokédex back into my pocket.

"Hey, it's knocked out guys, do you reckon I should catch it?" I asked my team. They looked at each other for confirmation, then nodded.

"Okey-dokey," I grinned, pulling a Great Ball from my backpack, "you're mine Yanmega!"

But before I threw the ball, the Yanmega disappeared into red energy. Looking up, I saw a young man standing in the shade nearby with a Pokéball in his hand.

"Is that your Yanmega?" I said angrily, going over to him, "It could've seriously injured us!"

"My intentions exactly," said the man coldly, stepping out of the shade where I could see him properly.

"You!" I gasped, noticing his features properly.

"Remember me, Maxfield?" he said. His name was Jeremy, and he was one of the Grunts I was friends with. Not as close friends as I was with Pace, Tom and Scotty, but still a nice guy to hang around with.

"Well uh.. hey! How's it er... going buddy?" I said, in a way to casual voice. My Pokémon seemed to recognise him too, and where unsure as to whether to be happy or angry.

"Buddy is it?" said Jeremy menacingly, "Buddy? You have the nerve to call me buddy after you betrayed me?!?"

"Hey, it wasn't personal," I said nervously, "I just couldn't work there anymore."

"Bullshit," he growled, reaching for another Pokéball on his belt, "you betray Team Rocket, you betray me. Go, Arbok!"

The snake-like Pokémon thudded against the ground, yelling out its name to the air.

"Alright..." I said, thinking for a moment, "Go, Banjo!"

My Ursaring leapt forward and squared itself up with the Arbok. It was finally time to see what his evolved form could do...

"Arbok, Poison Sting!"

"Banjo, Bulldoze!"

The Arbok opened its mouth, releasing millions of purple needles towards Banjo, who dodged a little less than half, most of them sticking into his right arm which he used to block most of them. Roaring in pain, he managed to stomp the ground hard, creating a shockwave of earth that hit the Arbok hard, sending it reeling back.

"Hammer Arm Banjo!"

"Arbok, Crunch!"

Despite being slower, Banjo managed to get his attack in first, due to the Bulldoze lowering Arbok's speed. His right arm glowed white, and turned all of the needles sticking into it into dust. He charged at the Arbok, slamming the arm into its head. Despite having a couple of its teeth out, Arbok still managed to bite down onto Banjo's arm with its remaining glowing teeth.

"Banjo, Thrash!"

"Dragon Tail Arbok!"

Banjo started shaking his arm around, trying to get Arbok to let go. But as he continued punching and shaking Arbok, its tail started glowing white, and smacked Banjo over the head with it. It was Banjo's turn to reel back, and Arbok decided that it was time to let go.

"Arbok, Dragon Tail again!"

"Banjo, go for Hammer Arm!"

But Banjo was dizzy as hell, his glowing arm thrashing around wildly.

"Hey easy!" I shouted at him as him arm came within centimetres of my face.

Slithering fast, Arbok leapt up into the air with its tail glowing, spun around and smack Banjo in the head once more. The poor Ursaring was down for the count.

"Dammit," I muttered, "bad luck Banjo, you did awesome." Summoning him back into his Pokéball, I thought about my next action.

"Thinking of giving up, Maxfield?" laughed Jeremy, patting Arbok on his head, "I don't blame you."

"Not on your life," I growled, "Jasmine, go!"

Hoping that the Mawile was powerful enough to match the Arbok in strength rather than size, Jasmine squared herself up with the Arbok.

"Okay then," said Jeremy in an amused tone, "Arbok, Dragon Tail that cute little thing into next week!"

"Mawile, Sucker Punch!"

As Arbok leapt at Jasmine, the latter managed to slam into it with her powerful jaws, sending her large foe into a tree. Jeremy's jaw dropped.

"Good Jasmine, now Iron Head!"

"Arbok, Poison Sting!" ordered Jeremy, composing himself.

As Arbok's nasty looking needles sped towards Jasmine, they simply bounced off when she glowed white. Slamming into Arbok, she made sure that he was down for the count.

"Grrr..." Jeremy summoned Arbok back, "okay then; go, Scrafty!"

As the Hoodlum Pokémon came into battle, I laughed.

"What's so funny?" asked Jeremy, narrowing his eyes.

"Jasmine, Play Rough," I grinned devilishly.

* * *
"You can wait there until someone finds you," I said to Jeremy. After Jasmine made a mess of his poor Scrafty, he was more than likely to tell Giovanni that I was indeed in Hoenn. So I decided to tie him to a tree until someone found him.

"I loathe you Maxfield," he seethed, struggling to break free, "I absolutely loathe you."

My Pokémon and I just chuckled as we made our way back to Slateport City to heal up Banjo.
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