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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions: Chapter 15, Safari Zone! The Way To Catch Pokemon!

by Sylvious

To get to Fuchsia City. Ace needs to get through Cycling Road. So, you need a bike. Ace fled to Cerulean City and got a bike. Then woken up a Snorlax with the PokeFlute and goes to Cycling Road. Battling many bikers at then beating them going through a couple routes, then going through the rest fighting TOOOOOOOO much battles. At least 15. Then Ace gets to Fuchsia City. He heals his pokemon and goes to the Safari Zone.Not to catch pokemon. To do something else. Ace gets the good rod. But Ace finds a cool Scyther. So. He wants to catch it. Ace: Go Charizard! Use Flamethrower! Pokeball! Yes! I caught a Scyther!" So Ace replaces the Golbat Ace: Goodbye Golbat..." The Golbat evolved into Crobat.. Then left... Ace went to a hut at the end of the Safari Zone. And got Strength HM and Surf HM. So Ace goes out of the Safari Zone, and is ready to fight Koga.
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  1. Sylvious
    Safari Zone Walk Through Walls Glitch XD
    Jul 25, 2015