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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 15: A Three Parter

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey Ok, so the chapter name isn't exactly 'A Three Parter' but you get the idea. It's similar in layout to Chapter 9 and is the last one to use this strange format. Brian is left traumatized by the night's events but will Axel just sit back and let his best friend get swallowed by the darkness?
Chapter 15 pt1: Emo Loneliness

I was completely shaken to the core. I didn’t go back to the hotel. I didn’t even go back to Himee’s lab. I wandered White City in my sorry state all night. My entire existence went through my mind. The night’s events were still fresh but were faded like a bad dream. No, not a dream, an all-out nightmare.

Brian…” whispered Axel worriedly.

“Don’t talk. Your words can’t help this empty shell.” I said in a monotone of sorrow. There was nothing he could do for me now, maybe not ever again. Then all thoughts vanished.

When my mind began functioning again, I was in the residential district a few blocks from my hotel. Axel was ever faithfully standing by my side with a disheartened look on his face. Still clutched in my hand was Beldum’s Pokéball. I felt the warm light of the rising sun on my hollow back. What time was it anyway? Hmph. It doesn’t matter. Time means nothing to those who have nothing left but darkness. I continued dragging myself until I got to my room. I have this big luxurious room when all I need is a small hole.

“Axel.” I said vacantly. I threw him Beldum’s ball and the remaining five Pokéballs I carried. “You know my username and password for the PC Storage System. Put them away.” I don’t need to drag my Pokémon down with me. They’ll be safe in the PC; data doesn’t need to eat for survival.

Don’t do this! You’re stronger than that!” Axel begged. I ignored him as I turned off all the lights and locked myself in the master bedroom. It was too late for talk and I wasn’t going to condemn my best friend to darkness with me.

I slept for I don’t know how long, but when I woke up it was completely dark. Was it cloudy or was it night already. Doesn’t matter. The light doesn’t suit me, I’m better off in darkness. For hours more I sat in darkness keeping my mind blank. I focused completely on darkness. I had no need for my thoughts or imagination to run wild. I was broken from my trance by a knock at the door.

You’ve been in there all day. Are you hungry?” came Axel’s protective voice. I made no effort to move or speak. All I wanted was to be left alone in darkness without interference. “*sigh* Still playing the quiet game? I won’t break down the door because you’ll only be pissed when you get the bill, but don’t think I’ve given up on you. Send me in Alakazam.” The room was suddenly illuminated in orange as Axel was brought in by Alakazam’s Teleport. I lifted my arm over my eyes from the sudden light.

“Axel, please leave. Your flame gives off too much light.” I requested.

I’m not going without you.” said the monkey defiantly.

“I’m not in the mood for this so just go.” I said coldly waving my free arm to the door.

Then get in the mood!” he ordered pulling out a Great Ball. “Vaporeon, this is for the good of our Trainer! Water Gun!” The Bubble Jet Pokémon spayed me with a light stream of water the second he materialized from the ball's red light. “Hopefully that woke you up a bit. We’ll be waiting outside.” Axel unlocked the door and walked out with the other Pokémon, then closed the door behind him leaving me completely soaked.

After I changed out of my wet clothes into a dry set, I tried to fade back into darkness. I’m not sure if I did or not though, I haven’t seen any clocks in a while as I unplugged the one in my room, nor could I recall any time lapse. Plus, it was still dark outside. Unfortunately, the darkness didn’t last very long as Axel once again opened the door flooding the room with light.

“Don’t you ever quit?” I asked uncaringly.

No, and neither do you. Now get your ass moving!” he commanded. Suddenly I heard a certain kind of tapping sound on the window. It would be my salvation.

“I’ll move, but to a place you can’t follow. It’s raining and I’m in the mood for a walk.” I said dully. Hopefully that will be enough to ease my troubled mind. I walked unfeelingly past Axel, out of the room, and out of the hotel. Once outside I realized this was not just rain; it was a downpour. That’s a relief. With any luck it will drown out my thoughts and wash away my existence. Unconsciously I began walking into the dark skied world.

Chapter 15 pt2: Fight in the Rain

The rain became heavier and the winds stronger. It was the most intense rain I ever had the privilege of existing in. I didn’t know where I was going nor did I care. Where ever my legs wanted to take me would be fine with me. When I had found my way to a grassy hill in the park, I heard another set of footsteps behind me.

Going somewhere?” asked that persistent Infernape. And here I thought he wouldn’t dare step foot in the elements.

“You hate the rain Axel. So why?” I inquired.

I hate the rain, but it is my curse as a Pokémon to be eternally loyal to my Trainer.” Axel said placing his hand over his chest.

“Then as your Trainer, I order you to be gone.” I commanded sternly.

I can’t do that. I live for battle, just like you, and without you I won’t see any action. I can’t get a new Trainer because no one knows me like you and you’re the only human I have any sort of respect for.” the monkey defended.

“Leave me in peace.” I said emotionlessly.

You idiot! I overheard someone outside our room saying how this isn’t an ordinary rainstorm. Why do you think it’s so intense? It’s a hurricane!” the Flame Pokémon said urgently.

“I’ve always wanted to be outside during a hurricane. Maybe this is the answer I seek.” I said with anticipation.

Come on! It’s too dangerous out here!” begged Axel.

“I’m not going back! If you’re so worried, then save yourself!" I said coldly. Axel got a sorrowful look on his face as his shoulders sank.

Fine. I get it. I’ll go.” he said hurtfully as if he were about to cry. Axel turned around and began walking. Surprisingly, the monkey then jumped in the air and spun, punching me in the face. The sudden impact sent me to the ground with a loud splash. Yes, the ground was so wet by now that it actually splashed. “But I’m dragging you back with me, conscious or not!” declared Axel. I got up and wiped the blood off of my lip.

“You will try!” I threatened. I had to almost yell as the wind was beginning to pick up. I threw a punch at the monkey with my right hand which Axel side stepped. He then grabbed my arm, pulled me in, and kneed me in the stomach knocking the wind out of me. I quickly recovered grabbing Axel’s still extended leg and flipped him on his back. The Infernape put his palms on the ground behind his head while curling in his legs and pushed himself back to his feet.

“Stupid monkey!” I yelled pulling my fist back.

Naked ape!” Axel retorted doing the same. We both ran at each other and punched one another in the face. Both of us realized this was going nowhere, so we jumped back to put some distance between us.

“Come!” I challenged taking the Repulse the Monkey stance. Axel must have finally learned his lesson as he didn’t charge at me. “Fine!” I declared making the next move. Before I could land the kick I had planned, the Flame Pokémon jumped in the air. As he landed, he grabbed my wrists in his opposable feet and my ankles in his hands.

Can’t attack now can you?” Axel mocked. “But I can.” The monkey then began smacking my face with his tail. Not letting an opportunity to regain the offensive pass, I opened my mouth and bit Axel’s tail as hard as I could causing the Infernape to scream in pain like the monkey he is, as well as loosen his grip on my limbs. I pulled my wrists free before grabbing Axel by the ankles and tearing him off me. I then spun around and tossed the Flame Pokémon into a puddle. The rain was now beginning to get heavier.

I was already running at Axel while he was getting up. In the art of combat one must always take an opening or exploit a weakness whenever possible if victory is to be attained. No sooner was Axel on his feet, I was already close enough to strike. I first punched him in the stomach causing him to keel over. I then slammed my elbow into his back making him fall. I caught his head between my hands and kneed him in the face. I finished my combo by kicking his now exposed torso which sent him back a few feet before falling to his back.

Axel spat blood from his mouth as he slowly got up. “Damn human! You made me bite my lip!” complained the Infernape.

“And you made me bite your tail.” I said finally spitting out the golden hairs that had been in my mouth for the last few moments. “We’re even.”

Not yet we’re not!” shouted Axel running at me. I quickly took Repulse the Monkey to prepare for whatever this monkey had planned. Regrettably, I hadn’t expected Axel to duck at the last minute and knock my legs out from under me with a well place karate chop behind my knees. Axel then paid me back for earlier by lifting me off the ground by my shins and flinging me into a nearby hill. I couldn’t exactly tell what was going on in my dizzied state, but it felt like I actually bounced.

When I started to regain focus, Axel was standing over me with his hand extended to help me up. I smiled and accepted his hand. My smile then turned devious as I pulled Axel to the ground and got up myself.

“Didn’t I ever teach you not to let your guard down?” I taunted. Before I knew it, I was on the ground again with Axel’s tail wrapped around my leg.

Like you just did there?” teased the monkey. I yelled and jumped at Axel only for him to side step causing me to land face first in a puddle with a splash. I struggled to get up because the weather was now at an all-time high with winds so strong that it was blowing the rain at horizontal angles which tried pushing me back to the ground.

I pushed through, throwing another punch at Axel, this time with my left. Axel caught my fist in his palm, then lobbed a punch of his own which I caught. I shifted my fist into a grip allowing me to pull Axel in closer for a headbutt. The monkey recoiled with a scream as our foreheads collided. I then took the opportunity to land a kick to Axel’s chest. While he recovered from that, I went in for another attack. Axel looked up at the last second and pulled his head to the side avoiding my palm strike. He then took a bite out of my hand causing me to scream in pain as his sharp monkey teeth pierced both my glove and my flesh. I pulled my hand back and examined blood trickling out of the puncture wounds on either side of my hand.

“Damn you A--” I started before the Infernape tackled me to the ground finally taking an opening when it presented itself. I pushed him off of me and rolled over on top of him pinning his arms to wet ground.

“Checkmate.” I declared.

For me.” Axel corrected kicking me in the gut. I fell off of him clutching my abs while trying to catch my breath. “Had enough yet?” he taunted. I glared at the monkey. Not out of anger or hate, but out of determination to win. I don’t know when it happened, but I had stopped fighting out of the desire to be left alone and began to actually enjoy the fight. I fought Axel for the thrill and fun of it. I think Axel noticed that too which meant that we had absolutely no reason to end this.

We continued beating the shit out of each other until were both laying in the wet grass completely exhausted, soaked, and covered in cuts, bruises, and other injuries. The rain and wind had finally subsided into a light drizzle and a calm breeze. I stopped panting and turned my head to look at Axel.

“Thanks Axel. I really needed that.” I said appreciatively.

Sure. I loved beating the emo out of you.” said Axel happily.

“Not that, I meant about saving me. I owe you one.” I said gratefully.

Nah, we’re even. You saved my life years ago. I was just repaying my debt.” Axel acknowledged. “I’m just sorry I had to kick your ass to do it.

“Excuse me, but I won that fight.” I reminded. “What I owe you is for coming out into the rain to get me.” Axel gave me a ‘Yeah right’ look.

If it makes you feel any better about losing then fine, it was a tie.” the monkey said playfully. Then both of us started laughing.

Chapter 15 pt3: Back to Normal

When the two of us finally had the strength to move again, we dragged ourselves to Prof. Himee’s lab both because it was closer than the hotel, and we wanted to say goodbye. We had every intention of leaving White City as soon as possible.

“Could someone bring me a towel?” I called when I walked through the double glass door. From head to toe I was completely soaked. My usual spiky hair was actually laying flat for once due to the weight of the water with only a few odd strands sticking up from the wind force.

Almost as soon as I called for a towel I began peeling off my shirt which was practically sticking to my back and was heavy with water. Once I got my shirt over my head, gravity did the rest by pulling it to the ground. I rubbed my aching shoulders. Just a minor injury from Axel. Next were my gloves which also took some effort to pull off. I investigated my right hand which still had Axel’s teeth marks in it, but it wasn’t as bad as it originally seemed. When I took off my boots I had to step back outside to dump the water out of them. I decided to just leave them there for now. The sun was starting to come out and there was the roof above to protect them if the rain came back. My socks soon joined the rest of my outfit being the only trace of white in a pile of black.

“Where the hell is that towel?” I called dropping my pants.

Whoa!!” cried Asuna walking in the front door. “What do you think you are doing?” she questioned turning her head to the side.

“Stripping.” I said nonchalantly kicking my pants off my ankles.

“I can see that. I’d rather not, but why at the front door where everyone can see you? Have you no shame?” interrogated Asuna.

“Nope.” I said proudly.

“Your towel.” said one of the other aides giving me a green towel.

“Why thank you Bernard.” I said taking it. I dried my body as best I could before wrapping the towel around my waist and shedding the boxers underneath. Asuna rolled her eyes and walked past me trying not to look.

“Good morning Brian.” Himee shouted coming down from his loft. He then got a curious look on his face. “Vhy are you vhering a towel? And vhy do you look so beat up?”

“Axel and I had a sparring match in the hurricane.” I answered casually. “Can I use a PC to withdraw my Alakazam to Teleport back to my hotel where all my clothes are?”

“Sure. Right up zhe staircase on your left. Or vas it right?” the professor stated.

“Hey Asuna. If you don’t want a view, don’t look up.” I warned. “And Axel, grab my wet clothes will ya?” I requested.

Why me?” he asked.

“Cause if I carry them and this towel comes loose, everyone gets a free show.” I said flatly while typing various keys on the computer to take out Alakazam. Once I had his Pokéball in hand, Axel and I were instantly taken back to the hotel room.

No matter how many times I’ve done it, teleporting is still the weirdest sensation I have ever felt. One minute you’re standing in a lab, then you get this tingling sensation all over your body as you’re blinded by a whitish blue light. When the light fades you are in a completely new location like a hotel room. The only way I can figure Alakazam gets us to the right place every time is his psychic powers to see where we’ll end up.

Before getting dressed even crossed my mind, I had to take a piss. The last time I went was before my match with Eve which had to be at least 24 hours ago if not more. Himee said it was morning and according to my watch it was 8:15a which means I lost a day. After taking care of that business, I was forced to put on my bathing suit as I only own two pairs of pants which were both wet thanks to Axel’s stunt with Vaporeon and the downpour. A direct contrast to what I usually where, my trunks were a bright orange with white flowers outlined in a blue flame pattern.

“Axel you are so lucky these are stylish.” I said threateningly. He is also lucky that unlike pants, I own three black T-shirts so I still had one of those left. I had Alakazam Teleport me and Axel back to Prof. Himee’s lab because I left my only footwear there and they were still wet anyway.

“Oh Brian! I’m glad you returned. I vanted-- Nice trunks! Very stylish!” the Professor complemented.

“Thanks. So what were you about to say?” I inquired.

“I vas about to say somezhing? Oh yes. Zhere is anozhere tournament coming up in three days if you are interested.” he proposed.

“Thanks for letting me know, but I don’t think I want to enter this time. Axel and I could use a vacation.” I answered after thinking about it for a second.

Agreed.” Axel said nodding.

But before we can do that, those parents of mine have a lot to answer for.
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