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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions: Chapter 14, Pokemon Tower Mysteries!

by Sylvious

After Defeating Jason. Ace goes to the third floor of the Pokemon Tower. Fighting many ghost type trainers. Going through a bunch of floors. Ace got trapped in ghost pokemon. He used the Silph scope and it was a bunch of Gengars. Ace could not do anything until Jason saved the day. Jason: Your trapped by Gengars! Go Gengar! They are your family! Deal with them! What?! Come back Gengar. I guess they Don't like you Gengar.... Go Blastoise! Water Gun! Bye Gengars! Im happy that Giovanni gave us the Silph Scope so we can see the ghost pokemon. Okay Ace. your saved. Ace: Thanks Jason. Your A really good trainer. Jason: Yeah, no problem. Im a hero!" Everybody in the city: Thanks trainer! Your a hero!" Ace: Really... I don't get any action of being a hero.. Jason: Because your the one getting trapped. I saved you, and the whole city. Your welcome guys! Everybody In The City: How can we thank you! Your the best kid ever!!" Jason: Heh.. Ace. I will teleport you outside to the pokemon tower because of my Kadabra. Also. The city gave me two PokeFlutes. You need one to continue your journey right? Okay, here. Bye!" So after Jason becoming the hero of Lavender Town. Ace got teleported out of the Pokemon tower. So. Should Ace go to Fuchsia City?!
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  1. Sylvious
    Jason is a hero :D
    Jul 25, 2015