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The Johto Escape: Chapter 13: On the Hoenn Islands

by Drider

Drider In this chapter, Thomas and his Pokémon have finally arrived in Hoenn. Feeling more free for the first time in ages, Thomas decides to explore this new region, or at least one of its islands…
It was the afternoon of the next day, and I was feeling very hungry. Luckily, the beautiful island of Hoenn was just up ahead.

"We've made it bud!" I cheered, patting my tired Feraligatr on the side of his head, "I'll make sure you get a big feast when we land!"

"Feral!" he said, weakly but relieved.

Deciding that the mainland was still a bit too far away, I told Goku to have a rest on on of the little islands surrounding it.

He agreed, and soon, we were standing on new soil.

Well, by 'standing' I meant 'lying face down on the sand', which is what Goku and I did.

The island we had landed on had very tall grass, with very few trees and lots of large rocks. The only place the grass didn't grow was the beach, which seemed to stretch around the entire island, which was large enough to fit about ten small houses.

"Thank you so much Goku," I sighed, "you've been amazing."

Sitting up, I rummaged through my backpack, grabbed Banjo, Jasmine and Ricki's Pokéballs and released them.

"Welcome to Hoenn guys," I said, as they gazed in awe at the new soil, "well, almost. We'll get to the Hoenn mainland in a few days, this is just one of its islands. Now, if you all will wait here, I'll find some tucker."

Leaving my Pokémon admiring Goku's Feraligatr form, which they hadn't seen yet, I walked through the grass and over to some trees where berries where growing.

Fashioning my Team Rocket vest into an okay basket, I proceeded to spend a good five minutes harvesting every berry the tree had to offer.

Pretty soon, the vest was holding about thirty berries for each of us.

The only issue now is water,
I thought, walking back to the beach cradling the vest in my arms, but I'm sure we'll find some around here, besides the ocean.

"Alright guys, here's some berries," I said cheerfully, placing the vest gently onto the beach as my Pokémon crowded around eagerly, "and we escaped! We're free from Team Rocket and jail!"

Banjo, Goku, Jasmine and Ricki cheered, and we soon were tucking into the berries. When we were down to Jasmine's portion, as she still didn't have many, Banjo came up with game of throwing the remaining berries into Goku's ever hungry mouth.

Having more fun than we'd had in ages, we decided to stop and set up camp when the sun started to set.

Although very damp from getting splashed during our great escape across the ocean, it was more then enough to house moi while the others rested comfortably in their Pokéballs.

Laying down at ease, with no Drowzee to eat my dreams, no Team Rocket to blackmail me into doing their dirty work and no authority hunting me down, I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

* * *​

The next day, I woke up with 'Walking on Sunshine' in my head. You already know why, so I'll skip to around four o'clock in the afternoon.

I was mucking around with my Pokémon on the beach in a game of tag minus the rules, when I noticed the tall grass rustling.

Knowing that it couldn't have been the wind, as there was none, I made a shushing motion with my hand to my Pokémon and silently walked over to my backpack. Luckily, I still had some Great Balls in there from ages ago.

"C'mon Banjo," I whispered to my Teddiursa, and he followed me to the grass.

There's gotta be a Pokémon in that grass, I thought, sneaking up to where I'd seen the movement, and I wanna catch it.

Throwing back the blades of grass, I surprisingly saw a Pokémon I was familiar with, native to my region. It was a Xatu, and it didn't fly away or anything, it just gazed at Banjo and I with little interest.

"A pleasure to meet you Xatu," I grinned devilishly, "now, I will challenge you to a battle. Banjo, Fury Swipes!"

Braver than I'd ever seen him before, Banjo leapt at the Xatu, swiping at it furiously.

This attack was quickly countered by a simple block of the wing by Xatu, and forced Banjo back.

"Alright then, use Thrash!" I shouted as Xatu finally decided to be part of this battle, flying up and diving at Banjo.

Banjo attacked, hitting the Xatu just as it was about to hit him. Squawking, it landed back on earth and sent powerful gusts of wind caused by its wings at Banjo.

"Dodge, and use Thrash again!" I shouted. Banjo managed to get through the wind, and slammed into the Xatu...

...which unfortunately took to the skies. Sighing, I looked back at Banjo to say well done...

"Woah, you're evolving!" I said excitedly, looking down at the bright white Teddiursa.

Shortly after, I found myself awkwardly staring at the legs of a powerful looking Pokémon.

"How do you feel Banjo?" I said in awe, looking into his face while pulling out my Pokédex.

"Ursa!" roared Banjo gleefully, as my Pokédex spoke;

Ursaring, the Hibernator Pokémon, it said, In the forests it inhibits, it is said that there are many streams and towering trees where they gather food. This Pokémon walks through its forest gathering food every day.

"Well let's go show the others the new you," I grinned, putting an arm around him as we headed back to the beach.
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