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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions 2 The Johto World!: Chapter 13, Jasmine!

by Sylvious

Ace Goes through the shortest Route ever. Route 38. And gets to Route 39. SHORT AGAIN. Getting to Olivine City. Ace wonders where the gym leader is. So Ace checks everywhere. And in the Olivine Lighthouse. Ace finds Jasmine. Ready to battle! Jasmine: I gave up on my gym. My Ampharos is the toughest of all Ampharos. If you want to battle me. I won't use the Ampharos. Because my type is Steel. I will stick to steel. Go Magnimite And Magnimite! Both of you use Thunderbolt!" Ace: Go Quagsire! Use Water Gun!" Jasmine: Come back both of you! Go Steelix! Iron Tail!" Ace: Ha! Water is super effective against your Pokemon! Water Gun!" Jasmine: ...You beat my steel pokemon. But. If you want the gym badge, you have to beat my Ampharos! Go Ampharos! Thundershock!" Ace: WATER GUN!" Jasmine: Okay. Heres the Mineral Badge." Ace got the Mineral Badge! Ace goes out of the gym. And gets ready to go out to Cianwood City. To fight the next gym leader!
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