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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 13: Eve of Destruction

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey The Fourth Round of the tournament, Brian vs Eve. A memorable match indeed.
Chapter 13: Eve of Destruction

Pokémon fully healed and ready to go: Check.
Lunch break: Check.
Bathroom break: Check.
Ready to kick some ass: Check, check, check, and check!

“Ladies and gentlemen! The final battle of the evening has arrived! Whoever wins this will be participating in the quarter-finals tomorrow! Will it be Brian Nosurname or Eve Illuminati? We’ll find out tonight!” rambled the Ref. That guy is way too excited about this. Then again, who am I to argue? Quarter-finals means I only have to deal with three more opponents and I get to use all six of my Pokémon.

“Hey Hotshot!” Eve called over to me flirtatiously. I have to admit; even though she wasn’t really my type, she was still pretty hot. She had long whitish blond hair, piercing green eyes, and a Lolita goth outfit consisting of the ridiculously frilly dress and the platform knee high boots.

“Yes?” I responded interestedly.

“I just wanted to warn you ahead of time not to cry when I defeat you wittle baby.” she taunted.

“Keke!” I verbally ticked in annoyance.

Haha! She owned you.” Axel mocked.

“Sh-shut up!” I stammered. No one has EVER called me a little baby and not gotten their asses kicked. Come to think of it, this is the first time I actually have been called baby.

“Begin!” the Referee shouted. Must focus!

“I’ll show you a real baby! Come Espeon!” I called summoning the daughter of my Vaporeon. Fine smooth purple fur covered the Sun Pokémon’s body with a thick patch of whiskers under her ears. The red jewel on Espeon’s forehead between her large purple eyes and her long forked tail only amplified her psychic powers. Even though Espeon is no longer a baby, she was the first Pokémon I ever hatched making her my first baby.

“Show him playtime is over Luxray!” Eve shouted sending out a lion Pokémon covered in thick black fur with blue fur on its face, hind legs, and part of its torso. Its long tail ended in a yellow star that matched its menacing gold eyes which glared at Espeon threateningly. “Oh? Let me guess, your Espeon is female right?” inquired Eve.

“Yeah, so?” I asked. It took no more than a second to realize what was going on here. Eve’s Luxray must also be female with the Rivalry Ability. “Crap.” I sighed unhappily.

“Teehee! You figured it out huh? Guess you’re not as dumb as you look.” my opponent mocked.

“Geh! *Ahem* Right then.” I said regaining my composure. If I let her get in my head, I’m done for. “Espeon! Swift!” I called. The Sun Pokémon created multiple white energy stars in the fork of her tail, followed by wiping her appendage side to side throwing the stars like homing shurikens that struck Luxray no matter where she tried to dodge to.

“Looks like you’re not as predictable as I thought you were.” Eve admit. “Charge your power Luxray!” she instructed. The Gleaming Eye Pokémon never took her sinister gaze off of Espeon as yellow and blue sparks began flying off her glowing body.

“Miss Eve, I am predictably unpredictable.” I bragged. “Allow me to demonstrate. Psybeam Espeon!” I shouted. Espeon lowered her head and fired off a rainbow colored beam at her adversary.

“Counter with Charge Beam!” commanded Eve. Luxray opened her mouth wide and began concentrating electrical power into a ball between her jaws. Then with a forceful roar, the Gleaming Eye Pokémon blasted the electricity into a long bright yellow stream that tore through Espeon’s Psybeam like a rock through wet paper and struck the Sun Pokémon head on.

“Shit! Espeon!” I yelled when she didn’t get up. I heard Eve laughing mockingly.

“Don’t tell me she’s already done after only one attack.” she ridiculed playfully. At that second Espeon rose back up after catching her second wind. I didn’t think she would have lost so easily.

“Underestimating an opponent is a careless mistake, one that could cost you a battle.” I warned. “Let me just show you how wrong you are! Use Quick Attack!” I called. A purple blur streaked down the field ramming head first into Luxray’s left flank.

“Awww how cute. The wittle baby thinks he knows phiwosophy.” Eve said as if she were talking to a small child. I think I felt an anger vein growing on my forehead as another ‘Ke!’ escaped my mouth. “Luxray! Show our toy how he’s the one underestimating us with your Bite!” she said more seriously. The lioness flipped around and chomped her maw around the Espeon’s shoulders causing the smaller Pokémon to howl in pain. “Continue with Thunder Fang!” Eve ordered sadistically. The Sun Pokémon cried out again at lighting was shot into her wound. As Luxray released her grip, her face contorted in pain. By the way the two Pokémon were shaking, I would say Thunder Fang paralyzed the Eeveelution then Synchronize took care of Luxray.

“That’s what happens when you underestimate your enemies.” I said in an I-told-you-so way. “Even better, Espeon’s attacks are all mental based meaning she can attack so long as her body isn’t in too much pain. Espeon! Psychic!” I commanded. Espeon’s purple eyes took on a glow of the same color which then surrounded her entire body. Luxray was then surrounded in the violet aura and lifted into the air before being smashed back to the ground.

“Don’t let him do this to you Luxray! Use Spark!” shouted Eve. The Gleaming Eye Pokémon’s movements were stiff and sluggish as her body began crackling with electricity while she attempted to run at Espeon. It was a pretty pathetic sight; like watching a three legged Poochyena hobbling after a bone.

“You won’t get any closer than that. Use Shadow Ball Espeon!” I yelled. The stadium’s flood lights made the arena as bright as day. It also left numerous shadows in the corners of the stands and under the competitors themselves, all of which were now being lifted up into a swirling ball of darkness in front of the Sun Pokémon. Espeon pulled her head back dragging the Shadow Ball with her then threw her head forward launching the attack at her vulnerable foe. Luxray instinctively turned her head to the side to protect her face from the incoming attack which exploded into a cloud of darkness on impact.

“Well you’re not playing very nice.” Eve pouted sadly. Bipolar much?

“You haven’t been playing nice since before the battle even started!” I defended.

“But I always play nice with my toys.” she said innocently.

“See!?” I shouted pointing at her.

“Pointing is so rude. Didn’t your mother teach you anything?” mocked Eve. This bitch is really getting on my nerves now! “If Luxray is going to have trouble moving, then she’ll just have to use Charge to unleash stronger attacks!” she said confidently. Sparks began flying off the lioness as she gathered more power for her next attack.

“If she wants to buy time, then so will we! Future Sight!” I called. Espeon’s eyes took on their purple glow again as she called upon mystic forces to summon an attack from the future. Seriously though, how the hell does that work?

“You silly boy, you should know better. Take your advantages while you can! Use Discharge Luxray!” commanded Eve. Luxray roared threateningly as blue lightning began shooting off her body. Then it was almost as if the Pokémon exploded with bright blue bolts flying indiscriminately in every direction.

“Protect!” I shouted urgently. A violet bubble was emitted from the crimson gem on Espeon’s forehead until her whole body was enveloped. Just in time too as a random bolt of lightning struck at the Eeveelution’s location.

I hate attacks like this!” cried Axel dodging a stray bolt. When the assault ended, Espeon dropped her barrier. She received a furious glare from Luxray for not taking any damage.

“Did you know Espeon evolve from Eevee by being completely happy with their Trainer?” I asked rhetorically. “Well I decided to put that bond to good use. Espeon, show everyone how much you love me with Return!” I said very cutesy like.

You scare me sometimes.” commented the golden monkey by my side. Meanwhile, the Sun Pokémon had lifted her limp body into the air with her psychic powers and thrown herself into Luxray. I giggled triumphantly when Luxray didn’t get back up.

“Oh how mature.” Eve said sarcastically. “You’re such a child.”

“I was just trying to communicate with you in the only language you seem to understand.” I said playfully.

“Goo goo gaa gaa?” were the next sounds to come out of Eve’s mouth.

“What?” I questioned.

“Sorry, I was just trying to communicate with you in the only language you seem to understand.” teased Eve. Now who’s being mature? “Try not to wet yourself now! You’re next Steelix!” A giant thirty-foot silver serpent with a spiked tail and a giant head carrying massive jaws materialized from its Ultra Ball. One, two fangs, it’s a boy. Every other turning metal segment on the Iron Snake’s body had two long rods poking out.

“Sorry to disappoint, but I took a bathroom break before the battle.” I replied. “Anyway, use Psybeam Espeon!” Espeon fired a rainbow colored ray from the jewel on her head at the giant snake. The psychic attack simply bounced off Steelix’s body like it was nothing. Curse steel for being the most durable type!

“*taunting laughter* Is that all your Pokémon can do? Poor baby.” Eve mocked. “Steelix! Crunch!” Steelix roared as he lunged face first to the ground and scooped up my immobile Espeon in his monstrous mouth. He then carried the Sun Pokémon at least 25ft into the air, tossed his head upward throwing Espeon higher, caught her again in his mouth, then spit her to the ground. I quickly readied Espeon’s Pokéball and returned her as she fell.

“You God damn sociopath, what the hell was that!?” I asked furiously. “You could have killed her!”

“It’s not my fault Steelix likes to play rough.” Eve said flatly like she was blameless. “Besides, this is the big leagues. If it’s too much for you, go home and suck your thumb.” I began growling angrily deep within my throat.

Let me handle this.” Axel offered stepping forward. I threw my arm out in front of him.

“Not yet. We don’t know what her third Pokémon is. I might need you for that on.” I pulled a Pokéball from my side. “Let your student handle this one.” I held out the sphere releasing Riolu into the battle. The young Emanation Pokémon got a nervous look on his face after seeing Steelix, a Pokémon that’s head was bigger than he was. “You’ll be fine Rio!” I encouraged. Sensing my determination, he shook away his doubts and got ready to battle.

“Awww how cute! Another wittle baby for me to pway with!” cheered my opponent.

“And how old are you to think me so young?” I inquired.

“You never ask a woman her age or her weight!” she said offendedly. “But if you want to know my measurements…” she blushed putting her thumb to her lip.

“What? No! Have some decency woman!” I denied. “Riolu! Force Palm!” I commanded. Riolu concentrated his aura into his hand then thrust his blue-glowing palm into one of Steelix’s pointed segments sending a burst of energy through the Iron Snake’s body. Steelix roared in irritation.

“Phooey. Must be gay.” said Eve disappointedly. “Why else would you not want this?” she taunted slowly rubbing her hands up and down her body. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to hit a female this badly in my life. “Bind up that Riolu!” she commanded in my distracted state. Riolu was quickly surrounded by a thick metal tail and lifted into the air. Steelix held the Emanation Pokémon at eye level just for the sadistic pleasure of watching him squirm. Riolu let out a weak yelp as the snake tightened his grip on him.

“Use Rock Smash on him Rio!” I yelled. As Riolu struggled to get free a purple meteor fell from the sky smashing into Steelix’s head. That would be Espeon’s revenge. That was just the distraction Riolu needed to free his arms and slam his elbows into the serpent’s tail with all of his strength. Steelix subsequently released his captive, letting Riolu fall back to the ground where he landed on his feet.

“Steelix! Drag Riolu underground with Dig!” called Eve. The Iron Snake dove at Riolu head first with an open mouth. Riolu naturally knew to avoid the attack and jumped back as Steelix penetrated the arena floor sending a mountain of dirt and debris up around him as the giant serpent went who knows how deep.

“He’ll be back up soon Riolu. Detect where he’ll be.” I advised. The young fighter nodded and closed his red eyes so he could concentrate on locking on to his foe’s aura. The second his eyes shot open he quickly turned to his left and jumped backward just as the monstrous Steelix burst back to the surface with his massive maw wide open. Riolu put his arms over his head to block the rain of earth that fell from the sky in the Iron Snake’s wake.

“Why do you bother delaying the inevitable?” questioned Eve sarcastically. “You will lose, plain and simple.”

“Because by delaying your victory, I can still pull off the win.” I retorted. “Observe! Low Kick Riolu!” I shouted. Riolu ran at Steelix, followed by throwing his foot out in front of himself so that he dropped to the ground sliding into the giant serpent foot first. Riolu kicked Steelix in the segment the Iron Snake Pokémon had been using as his center of balance causing the metal monster to collapse. A tremor was created as his body came crashing down.

“Hm. Predictable response. Trying to deny fate when you learn it isn’t in your favor. I thought you said you were predictably unpredictable, not predictably childish.” Eve said disappointedly. “Steelix! Use Dragon Breath!” she commanded. After lifting himself off the ground, the Steel-type blasted an intense blue flame from his huge mouth at Riolu. The Emanation Pokémon ran to avoid the attack, but the Steelix lived up to his cruel nature by actually turning his head and adjusting how much of his body was up so that he could follow Riolu around the field with his blast until finally striking the young Pokémon.

“Riolu!” I shouted. Riolu weakly got up, rubbed his paws together, and got combat ready again. “I’m glad you’re ok Rio.” I said relieved. “Now, use Reversal!” I commanded. The young Emanation Pokémon ran around Steelix twice to confuse him before stopping behind the serpent. Riolu grabbed the Iron Snake Pokémon’s tail and pulled it causing the Steel-type to fall on his face again.

“Damn. I wasn’t expecting this. Your Riolu is stronger than I gave him credit for.” Eve admit irritably.

“What did I tell you about underestimating your opponents? Even a youngling like Riolu has untapped potential.” I reminded cockily.

“Why do you have to be that way cutie? I just wanted to have some fun, but I’m done playing now. Show no mercy Steelix! Use Stone Edge!” called Eve getting a bit more serious. Steelix slammed his body to the ground causing four huge spears of rock to shoot up around Riolu. “Now Crunch!” she ordered before I could even think of a counter measure. The monstrous snake dived at the trapped Riolu with his jaws opened wide.

“Defense!” was all I could yell before Steelix shattered through his own rock formation picking up Riolu in his giant head and taking him 25ft up like he did with Espeon. I could see the Emanation Pokémon holding the metal serpent’s mouth open with his hands on the roof of the mouth between two white square teeth and his feet on the jaw in front of another square tooth. Unfortunately, I could tell Rio was losing the struggle as his limbs began shaking and Steelix’s mouth got that much closer to closing shut.

“Push out!” I shouted. Riolu did as told managing to escape the serpent’s mouth as it clamped shut sending a metallic ring throughout the stadium. As Riolu fell, I could see him maneuvering in free fall so that he would land safely with minimal damage.

“Finish him with Iron Tail!” I heard Eve shout victoriously. She wouldn’t dare! Steelix got a sadistic grin as he lifted his pointed tail, now shimmering in the floodlight with a fresh coat of metal. Riolu yelped as the sharp tail was smashed into his already falling body making his plummet that much faster. I pulled out Riolu’s Pokéball and quickly summoned him back before impact. I stared at the ball for a while to confirm that Riolu had been fainted by that attack.

“This is all a game for you isn’t it?” I asked venomously.

“Pretty much. You’re just my toy. But don’t worry, I’m not going to break you because then you won’t be as fun to play with.” Eve responded carelessly.

“Axel.” I said darkly. “Combo One.”

As you wish. For Riolu!” cried Axel surrounding his right fist in fire. In a single leap he became a gold blur landing his fiery Mach Punch to Steelix’s jaw. The Infernape finished his combo with a flurry of close range Embers to the Steel-type’s face. The Iron Snake Pokémon let out a cry of defeat as he was finally brought down with Axel landing gracefully on his fallen foe’s head.

“Axel huh? He’s the only one of your Pokémon to have a name isn’t he? I’m guessing that he’s your first and undoubtedly strongest. You two probably share an unbreakable bond forged over hard training and good times.” analyzed Eve.

“Quit your rambling and send out your last Pokémon!” I ordered. The way she said all that was beginning to put me on edge.

“With pleasure! Allow me to introduce my Axel, although her color isn’t nearly as unique, Diva!” Eve threw down a Dusk Ball which released an ominous shadow upon opening. The shadow materialized itself into a small black doll with three horns, long black ‘hair’, evil glowing red eyes with vertical pupils, a yellow zipper for a mouth, and a star shaped yellow tail. The Banette gave an otherworldly cry upon emerging. It may just be me, but it feels like it just got a few degrees colder in here.

“Diva! Take care of wittle Axel with your Attract!” Eve called. Diva stared at Axel amorously, even going so far as to put her hands together under her chin and wink.

Good luck with that. I’ve got eyes only for other Infernape.” Axel snickered proudly. Eve looked completely confused.

“Your Infernape’s gay too?” she asked in disbelief.

“No, and neither am I. We both just happen to be asexual.” I corrected.

“Boooooooriiiiiiiiing!” Eve chastised shaking her hand at us.

“It keeps us from getting seduced by our female opponents so it works.” I replied. “But enough talk! Ghost-types have very dangerous move sets so I think a little precaution is in order. Don’t you agree Axel?” I didn’t need to say anymore. Axel kissed his palm, turned around, and began smacking his monkey ass. He got down on all fours and began shaking it in the Banette’s general direction. Being a Pokémon that likes to hold grudges, Diva was powerless to resist.

“Diva, teach that vile little monkey a lesson! Spite! Wait, no. Curse! Dammit!” complained my opponent.

“Having trouble?” I taunted.

“Shut up! Diva! Shadow Sneak!” Eve commanded. Diva dived into the nearest shadow completely disappearing from view. The Marionette Pokémon reappeared jumping out of Axel’s shadow before shoving her arm through the monkey’s back and out his chest. Axel and I both screamed in horror before realizing that it was just an optical illusion as Diva was incorporeal.

“*Hysterical laughter* Oh you are just too much! I wish you both could have seen the looks on your faces! Priceless!” cheered Eve still laughing.

“While you have Diva close like this, use Flamethrower!” I yelled.

“Sucker Punch!” Eve countered quickly. The Banette punched Axel in the face before he had a chance to breath.

Bitch!” he shouted spitting fire from his mouth that turned into a raging fireball at the close range the two Pokémon were in. When the flames subsided, Diva had a swirling black mass of dark energy between her hands and looked like she was ready to use it.

“Alright, fine Diva. You can use Dark Pulse.” Eve said giving in to her Pokémon’s already irreversible demand. The zippered mouth curled up into an evil grin. Axel’s eyes widened as the Marionette Pokémon thrust her arms forward unleashing a burst of pure darkness. The Infernape was thrown down the field by the force of the blow until the shadows dissipated.

“Get up Axel! It’s Fire Spin time!” I called. The Flame Pokémon jumped up then fired a long spiraling tongue of flame that quickly surrounded Diva on impact. She shouldn’t be too much trouble in there.

“Ooooo! Pretty fire!” Eve admired. “Unfortunatewy your wittle baby mind couldn’t compwehend that a weak wittle attack wike that would be usewess against Diva.” That baby talk is really getting old! “Show them your Hidden Power Diva!” she called being serious again. Dirt and sand exploded from the field completely putting out the Fire Spin and leaving a circle of freshly upturned soil around the Banette. Then the sand began to rise and form ten orbs of earth.

“Use your Hidden Power too Axel!” I commanded. Axel’s blue eyes took on a paler blue color as he held his arms out in front of himself with pale blue spheres in each hand. The monkey then turned both arms in a clockwise direction reproducing the orbs until there were twelve and his arms were opposite from where they started. As soon as the orbs became ice balls, Axel quickly uncrossed his arms sending his Ice-type HP at Diva’s Ground-type HP. The two attacks collided midair and cancelled each other out in a beautiful shattering of the ice and earth spheres. However, Axel had two more than Diva which were heading right for the ghost.

“Diva! Throw those back with Psychic!” shouted Eve. The Banette surrounded herself in an ominous purple aura while holding out her hands stopping the ice balls dead in their tracks. With a flick of her wrists, Diva sent the remnants of Axel’s Hidden Power right back at him.

“Axel! Flare Blitz!” I yelled. The monkey’s flaming mane went wild as he got down on all fours and charged at Diva melting the two ice orbs in the process. The flaming torpedo that was Axel sped down the arena bashing into the Marionette Pokémon’s stomach head first.

For a ghost, that kinda hurt.” complained the Infernape rubbing his head.

“Awww. Did monkey get a boo boo?” mocked Eve. “They say you get better when you sleep so why not take a nap? Diva! Show them why this next move is called Faint Attack!” commanded Eve laughing at her own joke. Diva disappeared in yet another shadow, then coming out in Axel’s blind spot, kicked the Flame Pokémon across the field.

Damn you!” cried the monkey rising in his Blaze state. His body was surrounded in a golden aura coming to a tip around his flaming mane which was like a raging inferno.

“Axel!” I shouted authoritatively. “Calm down! Eve has been messing with us all battle, but Don’t let her get in your head. We have to ignore her mindless taunts if we’re going to win. Relax with Calm Mind.” I said.

Right. Thanks.” Axel thanked. He sat down cross legged, crossed his arms in front of himself, and closed his eyes. His twitching face slowly began to relax as his labored breathing became more controlled.

“Wow. You used so many big words. I’m very impressed.” Eve congratulated sarcastically. I didn’t even bother to dignify that with a response. I can play mind games too. “Nothing? You are unpredictable.” she said in amazement. “Diva! Try and get a response with Night Shade!” The Banette’s presence quickly got stronger as if it was taking up the entire arena. Two giant Banette hands emerged suddenly from the ground under Axel and wrapped around the Flame Pokémon’s neck.

*cough* Can’t *ahk* brea-” Axel choked.

“Wench!” I yelled.

“What, so now we’re reduced to name calling? How very mature.” Eve said in a disappointed sarcastic tone.

“You damn succubus, you let him go right now or I’m coming over there!” I threatened. Eve looked at me seriously.

“Let Axel go Diva.” she said boredly. I gave a slightly relieved smile. At least she wasn’t obnoxious about it. Axel was coughing and panting.

Wh-what ever happened to calm?” he asked ironically.

“Not when you’re life is in danger.” I answered. “Now, use Flame Wheel!” I commanded. The Infernape curled into a ball and began rolling at Diva at such speed that his mane looked like one continuous loop. The Marionette Pokémon quickly recovered from the attack. Not a good sign.

“Hit him with Shadow Ball now!” shouted Eve back in her peppy voice. Diva gathered the darkness and shadows around us creating a black sphere with the darkest shades of blue and purple swirling around its center. Diva then tossed the ball carelessly at Axel but with enough force that it sent the monkey to the ground. As Axel started getting back up, the Banette stood above him with a sinister look in her eyes.

“Now finish him with Shadow Claw Diva!” Eve said knowing the match was hers while still rubbing it in for me. Diva thrust her hand all the way through Axel’s skull. The Marionette Pokémon seemed to be getting a sadistic pleasure by the look of pure terror on Axel’s face. My whole body was shaking at the sight. All at once everything that had happened this match became clear to me. I never stood a chance from the beginning.

“Be nice Diva.” Eve scolded. Diva frowned giving a disappointed sigh as she pulled her hand from Axel’s head without using her attack. If she had used her attack, I wouldn’t have been able to say what I was about to say.

“Axel. Come here.” I said somberly.

“Have you finally given up?” questioned Eve.

“Yes.” I admit. “I realized why you played with me all this time. It wasn’t to throw me off my game. You wanted to push me to my limits.”

“That’s right. This whole time when I said I was just playing and that this was a game, I really meant it. All my Pokémon were holding back.” Eve boasted.

“Then Espeon, Riolu, and Axel could have…” I began to ask.

“Right again. I could have ended their lives at any moment. But there is no fun to be had in that. I would rather not kill if it isn’t necessary plus tournament regulations and all.” she said like it was no big deal to her.

“Will any amount of training be enough to beat you next time?” I asked.

“I cannot be defeated by anyone who doesn’t have the intent to cause real harm. You’re a good person Brian and a marvelous Trainer, you just don’t have that capacity.” she pointed out.

So does that mean…” started Axel.

“Yeah. We lost.”

Psycho Monkey speaking! Ladies an Gentlemen, may I introduced Eve Illuminati, a woman whose name cannot be spelled without Eve Il; evil. >:D
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