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How did I end up in Hoenn?: Chapter 12.

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is chapter 12 of How did I end up in the Hoenn region series. Before reading this I suggest you read chapters 1-11, (Which you can find on my Profile page,Just click Written Works) first to avoid confusion. Enjoy~!
Chapter 12~ Berries Galore~!

A young lady with a Wailmer pail, ran towards me."Wait there!"

Azure sighed. What is it this time?

"Would you like a berry? There not poisonous."

I screamed. This person doesn't know how to advertise."WHY WOULD YOU SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT?"

The girl smiled."Well, I'm just clarifying any doubts you have, if you want to feed it to your Pokémon." I then snatched the random berry that was in the girl's hand, and threw Poocheyana out of his Poke ball. I then told him to open his mouth, which he didn't want to do, so I opened his mouth myself. I now had dog drool, or wolf drool all over me, and I shoved a berry in his mouth. Of course he was angry, and tried to bark in retaliation, but was chocking in the process.

As I was laughing away, Poocheyana was still choking, and was about to croak, and die. The berry lady did CPR on Poocheyana, and he was good to normal.

The lady looked at me like I was crazy. "You're a rookie trainer, aren't you?"

I looked at her with my ultimate face of sarcasm. "Well, how did you know?"

She sighed. "Well, you're not supposed to feed it to Pokémon just with one gulp. It'll obviously choke, just like you're Poocheyana. That's why I gave it to you, to try it out, or least cut it. Anyway, come with me." She grabbed my hand, and we started walking through a berry patch.

"Woah, where are we going?"

The NPC grabbed my hand even harder."It's called the Berry house."

"Berry house?"


The trip was mostly in silence, but then I realized, that I never got her name! "Hey... what's your name? My name's Azure."

"Name's Yui, and were here." I obviously zoned out, and I bumped into a huge house which smelled like plants. In fact, to put it into simpler words, there was a greenhouse right next to it. Yui didn't let go of my hand, and instead held it harder, as we walked inside. She let go of my hand, and was suddenly full of enthusiasm. She yelled "Welcome to the berry house! I will ask you, Azure will you help me?" Before I could even make the slightest movement of approval, she continued.

"Now, you say, what can I help you with, correct? I need you to take this Wailmer pail, and these berries, and spread the joy of berries throughout the majestic land of Hoenn! Now, I ask, Azure, will you help me?" She then handed me a Wailmer pail, which was apparently full of unlimited water, and a ton of Oran, and Sitrus berries.

I nodded in approval, because I was scared of her wrath if I said no. Her hand was torture itself, so I couldn't even think of what she would do to me if I said no. I gave a fake smile and said "Yes, I'll help spread the joy of berries to the majestic land of Hoenn."

She then hugged me, and gave me some snacks, as part of her hospitality. She then asked, if I wanted to stay the night, but I kindly refused. I then hugged her and said "I'll get a Pokenav later, so just wait, and I'll get your number."

She nodded, and I left. Off to Rustboro city~!
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    Forget getting ORAS. I can just read this for the adventure 8)
    Nov 8, 2014
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