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Pokelover's Bonnie Fanfic: Chapter 12

by ~Pokelover~

~Pokelover~ Pokemon Showcase!
Chapter 12: Showcase (The Performance Part 2)
Evening was here. It was time for the showcase.
Bonnie was in the back, explaining the plan to her Pokemon one more time.
"Ok Skiddo, you'll help me in the theme performance. Ok?"
The two Pokemon nodded. Absol, Dedenne and Squishy sat backstage while Bonnie got ready, watching the TV as she walked into the waiting room for the performers. The theme performance was making Pokepuffs. Bonnie was in the third group of performers, ready to spring into action. Dedenne and the others watched the TV as Bonnie and Skiddo did their best to make Pokepuffs for the judges, taking up the whole time limit and barley finishing in time.
"The performer who will move on the freestyle performance is... one of our newest performers, Bonnie!"
Bonnie leaped up and down with joy before returning to the waiting room, where her other Pokemon congratulated her and Skiddo. Absol and Dedenne went into the dressing room with Bonnie to get the outfits purchased earlier put on for the final performance.
"Skiddo? And Squishy? Cheer for us, ok?" Bonnie asked. The two Pokemon cried out happily as Bonnie was called to perform.

After a few minutes of waiting, it was finally time. As Bonnie and her Pokemon appeared on stage, they began their Performance. Dedenne used Charm while Bonnie and Absol danced.
Bonnie watched as Serena's Pancham used Stone Edge. Braixen leaped up, grabbing its stick and spinning it around as it leaped off each Stone Edge to cause each one to explode into sparkles as it jumped off of them.
Bonnie gave Absol the signal, and it shot out small bursts of Dark Pulse that Dedenne leaped off of to create a shower of sparkles. It went higher and higher until it was about to reach the top of the stage curtain.
"Dedenne, Thunder Shock!"
The last Dark Pulse hit the move perfectly. It exploded into a firework as Dedenne twirled through the air and landed on Bonnie's head right as the performance ended.
"The Performer who will win the Princess Key is...."
As the votes came in, Bonnie stood with Absol and Dedenne with her eyes closed, smiling. She wanted it to be a surprise.
"Performer Bonnie!"
Her eyes shot open.
"What...!? That's..... that's... AWESOME!!!"
She and her Pokemon ran to the announcer, who handed her the Princess Key. It was shiny and beautiful.
"My first Princess Key... watch out, Serena. I'll catch up to you someday. And Ash too."
Which reminded her of the Cyllage City Gym-- she wasn't done here quite yet, now was she?
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