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Full Forms: Chapter 12

by obey_jaidon

obey_jaidon Sorry for the inconvenience of uploading this, school's been throwing homework and assignments at me, (then again, what is school? XD), anyway, I hope this makes it up to you guys XP
In a blurry setting, a lady was running in the hard, cold rain, in the dark night, in an empty street of a small town, just on the outskirts of Leeds. She stumbled a couple of times, but when she did tumble, she tried to prevent a little basket from hitting the wet floor. Then all of a sudden, a street gang of only two ran in front of the lady, grabbing the basket from her soft arms.
"Get lost, lady!" one of the gang members yelled.
"Give me my child back!"
"Like the guy said, get lost!" ordered the other gang member, with the baby in his arms.
Another man came from behind, taking the baby from the man's arms, smacking them in the head with a stick, ending with them falling onto the floor, unconscious.
He then made sure the baby was alright, giving the child back to the rightful person.
"Thank you!" the lady praised, hugging the child, crying in gratitude.
"Please, tell me who you are, I'll give you anything in return!"
The man's face was covered by shadows, but then came into the light, only to be shown that the man was Harry Derek.
"Harry?!" the woman questioned in surprise.
Harry leaned forward, laying a kiss on the woman's lips.
He leaned back, "I believe you don't owe me anything, I was only protecting my child, and a woman I love."
She then leaned forward, only kissing him longer. "Go. Alice must be worried sick about you."
The gang members woke up, only to be woken up in a police man's hand cuffs.
"Thank you, Sir Derek. We've been trying to find these two for a while, now we need to find the rest. Again, thank you."
The police men left, only the lady and Harry alone the street like it was before.
"Go, Harry."
"No, Andrea. You know I love you, and the baby."
"Alice is your wife. I'm just a widow only trying not to get into any trouble."
"Where are you going with the baby?"
"Cranes All Girl Orphanage. I can't take care of her, I don't even own a 'home'. There has to be another couple who can take care of her better than I can ever."
"I love you, Harry, but none of this was supposed to be. I don't want my - our child, being raised in a place that can't offer her shelter or food.".........
"Andrea, I lov-"

"Jes! Wake up already!" Blaze yelled.
I sprung up, frighten.
"You're sweating like crazy!" Ruby yelled.
"A bad dream. That's all." I answered.
"Good let's get on the road."
"Wait." I stopped, as did everybody else.
"What's wrong?" William came closer, touching my shoulder.
His face....Harry?
"Oh my -"
"What is wrong, Jes?!" William worried.
"Nothing, let's just go."
Everyone was confused, as I was too.

Ruby pulled out her map.
"We are right here." she pointed at a road. "Which way do you think we should go, Jes?"
He can't be my....
That's impossible.
"Um, Jessie?"
But how?....
"I asked you a question!"
"I don't care, just choose a route, and we'll go. Hurry up." I said, grabbing my stuff.
"Fine, princess. We'll go this way."

A couple hours later we made it out of Leeds. As we made it on the outskirts of Leeds, passing by this abandon shed, almost torn down.
"Oh, cool!" Blaze commented, running towards the shed. "Let's check it out!"
"Alright. But be careful!" Ruby warned.

Blaze tried to open a wooden door, but it was stuck from the inside.
"Fine. This guys doesn't wanna open, I guess it'll just have to answer to my other side."
Blaze hand his hand transform into a claw, slashing the door open."
"Serves you right for not opening."

He went in, being followed by William. I then, followed to.
Inside was a small table and hat bed, a ripped and torn carpet and blanket. There was a window on the back that was cracked, looking like someone wanted to get in. There was dust everywhere, also with cobwebs. Blood was dried on the walls, which made the place more creepier than it already was. This place seemed familiar, but I don't know how.

"Is it safe?" Lily asked outside with Steven in her arms.
"Yea! You two can come in!" William answered.
"Looks like no one has been in here for a while." William added.

I nodded, and turned around to see the words carved into the wooden wall. The carving was deep, like it was carved with a knife.
"Guys, come here, check this out."
They all came and I read out the words: "THE WITCHES WILL ALWAYS WIN AGAINST HUMANITY"
"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Blaze questioned.
"What?" I asked.
"Th Ol' Hag must've paid a visit to the one who lived here."
Blaze picked up a note from the floor and had a name written in ink on it.
"And I'm guessing the one who had a visit was named 'Andrea."
My eyes widened.
Oh no...~