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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 12: Third Round Tough Guys

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey The Third Round of the tournament, Brian vs. Goliath. Can Brian overcome this daunting giant?
Chapter 12: Third Round Tough Guys

“Himee! You in there?” I asked knocking on the only wooden door in the lab found on the third floor. This was Prof. Himee’s loft.

“Vhat? Vhat is it? Who’s zhere? I’m busy! Go avay!” he shouted from the other side of the door.

“It’s Brian. I got your milk.” I called back lifting the bag. No sooner had the words left my mouth I heard movement as the old man scrambled to the door. I was completely shocked to hear a deadbolt as Himee unlocked the door and opened it to greet me.

“Ah fresh calcium!” the professor cheered grabbing the bag from my hand. “Vould you like to join me for some Fruit Loops tomorrow for breakfast?” he offered.

“I’ll join you for breakfast, but I’m bringing the Lucky Charms I have stashed in my hotel room.” I replied. Prof. Himee’s face lit up with excitement.

“I love Lucky Charms! Zhey’re Magically Delicious you know!” he said gleefully.

“I know! I always eat the cereal first so that I have a bowl full of marshmallows at the end.” I agreed.

Apple Cinnamon Cheerios!” shouted Axel holding up his hand. I high fived the monkey with a big grin. Hell yeah for a conversation on cereal.

After a delightful breakfast with Himee the next morning, I left for the stadium. Rounds three and four were today so if all went well I’d have two matches and be moving on to the quarter finals tomorrow. If things don’t go well… well, I won’t bother with what ifs.

“We started with 128. In just three short days this number has dropped to 32. Which of these skilled Trainers will make it to the final eight? Find out today!” shouted the announcer into a microphone to pump up the audience.

“Anyone who’s been following this tournament would already know that much, genius.” I mocked silently. What made things worse was that I was last match of this round and the next.

Wanna play some poker to buy time?” asked Axel already searching my backpack for my deck.

“You are so going down Monkey boy.” I answered confidently.

I was getting strange looks from the people around me. I don’t know if it was because all six of my Pokémon were out playing poker with me, or because I was losing.

I looked up from yet another sucky hand, consisting of the 2 of clubs, 5 of clubs, 4 of diamonds, king of hearts, and 7 of spades. I looked up at the match list on the screen and grinned in sweet delight.

“Game over. We’re up next.” I said throwing down my cards.

You’re just a sore loser.” taunted the Infernape with a cocky look.

“If you want to fight next round you’ll be a good monkey.” I reminded. Axel froze for a few seconds slowly turning his head to me.

Well what are you waiting for? Put the deck away!” he demanded taking the cards from the other Pokémon and throwing them at me. I picked up the five usable Pokéballs to return their respective Pokémon before gathering the cards and putting them in the box.

“Brian. Goliath. You’re up next.” said the official sent to get me and my opponent just as I threw the deck in my backpack. Goliath?

“Hey there little man!” said a giant beast of a man with huge rock solid muscles staring down at me with hard black eyes. I’m a pretty tall guy standing at six feet even, however this behemoth had to be seven or eight feet given that I actually had to look up at him, and he was at least as wide as a tree. Oh how I wished my name was David right now. “Let’s make it interesting.” he said.

“Uhhh sure…” I said nervously. When I win I’m going to have to run like hell, Goliath could break me like a twig. As before, the official led us to the field, the spectators cheered, we registered our Pokémon, and then awaited the referee to say the word.

“Begin!” the Ref declared. On his word the two of us launched our Pokémon. From my Great Ball came the snow covered conifer shape of my Snover. On Goliath’s end a short brown man with broad shoulder pads wearing a purple skirt with matching shoes and red boxing gloves appeared.

“Hold on!” I shouted calling back my Snover.

“An abrupt Pokémon change! That one must not have been the right choice.” announced the referee. Of course it wasn’t, I had someone better suited to fight Hitmonchan.

“Let’s try this again with Hitmonlee!” I called summoning the solid brown creature with concave black eyes with white irises, long but underdeveloped arms, and huge feet that could break through anything attached to spring loaded legs that could stretch for several feet.

“So that’s what you were doing. I gotta say Little Man, you sure are making this exciting.” Goliath remarked. “But let’s see you keep it up. Hitmonchan! Comet Punch!” The Punching Demon jumped at Hitmonlee with one arm extended and the other one bent for a quick strike.

“Defense!” I commanded. Hitmonlee put his arms up with his palms facing out to block the rapid punches Hitmonchan was about to dish out. The latter Pokémon began to fire off multiple punches in quick succession, each of which my fighter blocked with his palms no matter where they were aimed.

“Now Double Kick Hitmonlee!” I called. This time it was Hitmonchan who took a defensive pose as the Kicking Fiend launched two bone crushing kicks from each of his powerful legs, the force of the blows pushing Hitmonchan back a bit. “Meditate now.” I said. The Kicking Pokémon closed his eyes and put his hands together in a cup shape.

“Get ‘em with Fire Punch!” yelled Goliath. The Punching Pokémon’s right fist ignited into a bright orange flame as he charged at my seemingly vulnerable Hitmonlee.

“Hitmonlee! Blaze Kick!” I shouted. Hitmonlee quickly opened his eyes, then threw his left foot forward about three feet at such a speed that it too ignited into an orange flame. Hitmonchan thrust his fist forward to meet his rival’s foot. The two fiery appendages met center field creating a spectacular inferno as the fires mixed into one.

“Close Combat!” Goliath and I shouted at the exact same time. In the middle of the arena the two Fighting-types engaged in a fierce show of strength by blocking and dodging their opponent’s attacks while simultaneously countering with their own. To put it simply, Hitmonlee looked as if he were floating because of how fast his legs were going, and Hitmonchan looked like he didn’t have arms. At the same time, both Pokémon’s upper bodies were moving back and forth in an attempt to avoid the other’s hits.

“This battle has been intense since the word go!” the Referee cried. I couldn’t have put it better myself. These Fighting Pokémon were insane!

“Rolling Kick!” I commanded to break the stalemate. The Kicking Fiend planted his left foot, then pivoted on it smashing his right foot into the Punching Pokémon’s side.

“Use Ice Punch Hitmonchan!” Goliath called. The Punching Demon pulled back his left arm and began forming a thin layer of ice around the red glove. He then drove his fist into Hitmonlee’s abdomen. The Kicking Pokémon staggered back with his hand over his injury but was luckily not frozen.

“Hitmonlee! Jump Kick!” I called. The fighter jumped forward in the air with one of his long legs extended to hit his adversary.

“Detect his movement Hitmonchan!” shouted Goliath. Hitmonchan took a defensive stance and began bouncing on the balls of his feet ready to move aside when Hitmonlee got close so that he’d crash into a wall. Too bad it won’t work.

“Feint!” I yelled. Just as the Kicking Pokémon was about to land his Jump Kick, Hitmonchan jumped out of the way as predicted. Hitmonlee then threw his leg to the ground causing him to slide and leave a gash in the surface. Then he spun on his heel using his momentum to catch the Punching Demon in the back with his opposite heel.

“Counter!” commanded Goliath. Hitmonchan quickly recovered and punched Hitmonlee in what would be his face.

“Revenge!” I called. The Kicking Fiend slammed his knee into his rival’s stomach.

“Also use Revenge!” Goliath countered. The Punching Pokémon delivered a devastating right hook to the side of Hitmonlee’s head sending him flying. The kicker slid down the arena back to his starting point. Hitmonlee stood up and wiped his face like nothing had happened before getting back into his fighting stance.

“That’s what I’m talking about! Focus Energy Hitmonlee!” I shouted. Hitmonlee crouched putting his head between his fists and began summoning all of his inner strength.

“While he’s doing that use Focus Punch Hitmonchan!” Goliath called. Hitmonchan took the same stance as his opponent enveloping his gloved fists in bright white energy.

“This is our chance! Hit him with Super Power!” I yelled. The Kicking Fiend’s body turned red, heating up to the point where steam was coming off of him, then he stretched his leg to its maximum length.

“Hitmonchan! Dodge with Agility!” shouted the giant. Hitmonlee swung his leg down guillotine style, only for it to pass through an after image of the Punching Demon leaving a large crater in the ground. Hitmonchan reappeared next to Hitmonlee’s leg as the Kicking Pokémon retracted it back to its normal length. The Punching Pokémon was unable to move having had his move interrupted. He’s a sitting duck!

“Hitmonlee! High Jump Kick!” I commanded. The Fighting-type jumped higher in the air this time then he did before and flew at his opponent, landing his hit to Hitmonchan’s jaw sending the Punching Pokémon flying into a wall. Hitmonchan picked himself up and wiped some blood from his lip with the back of his glove.

“Hitmonchan! Sky Uppercut!” Goliath called. The Punching Demon ran at Hitmonlee, only to stop in front of him and duck. Hitmonchan then threw his fist into the air as he jumped bringing Hitmonlee with him. The Kicking Pokémon flew backwards and landed on his back as his attacker landed neatly on his feet. “Now finish him with Mega Punch!” shouted Goliath triumphantly.

“Hitmonlee! Counter with Mega Kick!” I shouted. Hitmonlee jumped off the ground and sent a glowing white foot at Hitmonchan while the other Fighting Pokémon lobbed a glowing white fist at his rival. The two attacks clashed in a bright light that made the crowd awe. When the light returned to normal Hitmonlee had a fist in his face and Hitmonchan had a foot in his face. Both Hitmons were struggling under the force of the other’s blow but both were too proud to admit defeat and break away from their dead lock. It was up to the Trainers to decide this spectacular match.

“Reversal Hitmonlee!” I called. Hitmonlee grabbed Hitmonchan’s arm and flipped the Punching Demon onto his back knocking him out. Hitmonlee looked down at his fallen foe with respect. I sighed in relief as the epic battle closed. But it wasn’t over yet, that was only Goliath’s first Pokémon.

“Exciting first round Little Man.” Goliath said jovially. “But let’s see how you handle my Swampert!” Goliath through down an Ultra Ball releasing a large blue Pokémon with pointed orange cheeks, dark blue fins above each eye and one running down its back like a tail, and two massive arms. Unlike Swampert who was completely fresh, Hitmonlee could barely stand and was covered in numerous cut, scrapes, and bruises including a black eye. It would be completely irresponsible to leave him out.

“Hitmonlee return. You’re back up Snover!” I said rotating my Pokémon. My Frost Tree Pokémon seemed delighted to be back out. The clear afternoon sky suddenly became heavily overcast as snow and hail began to fall from the sky. A very odd phenomenon for the beginning of July that I doubt the people in the audience were dressed appropriately for. I felt the cold air, but I didn’t have it so bad standing next to a Fire-type.

“Swampert! Take Down!” Goliath called. The Mud Fish Pokémon firmly planted its powerful arms on the ground and pushed off, flying at Snover like a torpedo. The collision knocked both Pokémon to the ground. Swampert was the first to get back up followed a second later by Snover.

“While it’s in close, use Wood Hammer!” I called. The Frost Tree Pokémon swung his arm wildly into Swampert’s exposed torso. The amphibious Pokémon’s eyes widened in pain at the highly super-effective hit. It was further abused by a falling chunk of hail.

“Swampert! Get some distance and use Muddy Water!” commanded my behemoth opponent. Swampert did as instructed by putting a good many feet between itself and my conifer, then summoned a huge sediment filled tidal wave which over swept the field pushing Snover back by its force. As the water receded, it created a thin layer of ice on the ground thanks to the freezing temperatures that surrounded the arena.

“Snover! Restore your energy with Ingrain!” I yelled. Snover firmly planted his root like feet on the ground. The duel-type’s feet then burst open releasing even smaller roots strong enough to penetrate the frozen ground and gather the nutrients in the soil below at the cost of not being able to move.

“I’d like to see that strategy of yers work when there isn’t any solid ground to stand on! Use Earthquake Swampert!” shouted Goliath proudly. Swampert rose up on its hind legs then slammed its powerful fists to the ground sending earth shattering tremors down the field. The stadium floor exploded as the shock waves passed under it in all directions turning a formally flat surface into a terrain of jagged rocks jutting out of the surface. The Frost Tree Pokémon looked like an evergreen planted on the side of a cliff with some of his roots on the edge with the rest hanging out to the side completely exposed. At least Swampert was repaid with another chunk of hail.

“Icy Wind Snover!” I called. The snow covered tree pushed his arms forward and began directing all the falling ice and snow at the Mud Fish Pokémon in one cold wintery wind.

“Bide through it Swampert!” Goliath commanded. The amphibious Pokémon crossed its arms and began absorbing the attack. That is not something I’m going to let them get away with.

“I would rather not do this, but hey, victory is victory. Snover! Grass Whistle!” I shouted. Snover put his hands to where I guess his mouth would be and started blowing between his fingers creating a soothing melody. To keep myself and Axel awake, I punched him and had the monkey punch me back. I could see Swampert’s eyes flickering as the Mud Fish Pokémon swayed from side to side before finally collapsing into slumber. “Now use Ice Shard!” I called. Snover punched an incoming chunk of hail causing it to shatter and send the remnants at his sleeping foe.

“Nice try, but it won’t work! Swampert knows Sleep Talk!” boasted Goliath. In its sleeping state Swampert glowed red and unleashed his pent up energy in a single punch dealing heavy damage to Snover. The Frost Tree Pokémon was panting in quick raspy breaths.

“Just hang in there a little longer Snover. You can still win.” I encouraged. “Use Razor Leaf!” Several blade like leaves fell from Snover’s “hat” and flew at Swampert like heat seeking missiles, each leaf slicing at the amphibious Pokémon’s cold skin. Ouch.

Without needing a command from Goliath, the Mud Fish Pokémon activated its own Sleep Talk using Aqua Tail. Swampert subconsciously charged at Snover, smacking the conifer like Pokémon with its tail covered in a thin layer of water. Another clump of hail woke Swampert from its nap.

“This is getting ridiculous now. Finish the job with Giga Drain!” I commanded. Snover threw his arms forward sending out two green vines of energy from each hand which latched on to Swampert and began transferring its strength to the Frost Tree Pokémon. Swampert lifted its arm to block the attack but it ultimately failed and collapsed. By this point Snover’s breathing sounded like he was hyperventilating.

“Hey Snover. Are you ok?” I asked anxiously. As soon as I finished the sentence, Snover cried out and began rapidly growing to more than double his height and began to warp into a new shape. The creature that stood before me now was a tall thick white monster with green feet and hands, green spike running down his back to his tail, pointed eyebrows above pink eyes, and shingles hanging over his mouth, chest, and back.

“Amazing! Brian’s Snover just evolved into an Abomasnow! You saw it here folks! The first ever evolution in White City Stadium!” the Referee cheered. The spectators were going nuts with applause and whistles. I made sort of a cocky look. After all, it was my Pokémon that evolved.

“Congrats Little Man.” Goliath congratulated. “But don’t think you’ve won yet! Finish this guy off Ursaring!” From a white Premiere Ball with a red stripe on it, came a hulking brown grizzly bear with a lighter brown circle on its chest and was armed with long sharp claws. The giant bear roared upon entry showing off its powerful flesh ripping teeth while lifting its massive arms to the sky. A smaller chunk of hail struck one of Ursaring’s paws casing the Hibernator Pokémon to stare daggers at the sky.

“I agree Ursaring. Get rid of this annoying weather with Sunny Day!” commanded Goliath. Ursaring created a white ball of energy in its paw then threw it to the sky where it intensified the sunlight hidden behind the hail storm. Immediately the cold precipitation ended with the scattering of the clouds allowing bright sunlight to penetrate through. After the clouds we had had the past ten minutes, the sun was kind of blinding forcing me to squint and put my arm to my eyes.

“How are you doing Abomasnow?” I inquired. I got a positive reply from my Pokémon. “Good. Let’s try out your new Ice Punch!” I called after looking up possible changes to his move list in my Pokédex. The Frost Tree Pokémon gathered water vapor from his surroundings to his fist turning it into a ball of ice. Abomasnow then stampeded over the shattered ground toward Ursaring and punched it in the center of the circle on its torso. The Hibernation Pokémon did not look impressed.

“Teach Abomasnow a lesson with Fire Punch!” my giant foe ordered. One of Ursaring’s mighty paws ignited into an elegant red-orange flame which was then smashed into Abomasnow’s face with the power of a falling tree. The abominable snowman cried in agony putting his hands to his burned face.

“Use Bullet Seed Abomasnow!” I yelled. The Frost Tree Pokémon produced numerous brown walnut shaped seeds and began throwing them at Ursaring as if they were grenades.

“Ursaring! Furry Swipes!” shouted Goliath. The Hibernator Pokémon slashed through all the seeds thrown at it with its powerful claws. “Abomasnow shouldn’t have much left. Finish it with Rock Smash!” The great bear looked around the destroyed field for a second or two until deciding to pick up the largest of the loose fragments of the arena. Ursaring then smashed the boulder sized segment over the Frost Tree Pokémon’s head rendering him unconscious. Or concussed, but I have to call him back anyway so I’ll worry about technicalities later.

“The show is all yours Donphan!” I called summoning a grey elephant with black armor running from his rear to the tip of his trunk and ears and two long tusks coming from its mouth. Donphan lifted his trunk to the air trumpeting loudly letting all who heard him know he would win. He is a bit off a show off. “Avenge the fallen Donphan! Magnitude!” The Armor Pokémon stomped the ground with such force that it began shaking again leaving more damage in its wake. On the scale of one to ten, I’d give this one a seven, however it was strong enough to make Ursaring lose its balance and fall on its ass. I started giggling silently to myself. That made my day.

“Hit it with Metal Claw Ursaring!” commanded Goliath. The grizzly got up with a not so happy look on its face. Its pearl white claws turned a metallic silver as it roared and tore down the field.

“Defense Curl!” I shouted quickly. Donphan curled up into a ball just as Ursaring swiped its hardened claws across the elephant’s thick hide, not even leaving a scratch. “Now use Rollout Donphan!” While still balled up, the Armor Pokémon pulled back then barreled forward once again knocking the bear off its feet. Donphan rolled down the arena, then turned around hitting Ursaring once again before busting through a jutting boulder.

“Catch it with Seismic Toss!” Goliath yelled. As Donphan came back around for his third strike, the Hibernator Pokémon held out its palms preparing to catch him. Donphan plowed into his adversary, pushing the bear back a few feet before the two finally came to a stop. Ursaring lifted the elephant off the ground and threw him down the field with the latter, still being in his Defense Curl, leaving a crater upon impact.

“Because I just love destruction, you are going to use Earthquake Donphan!” I commanded. Donphan unballed by pushing himself in the air then landing with all of his weight and strength sending violent tremors down the already ruined arena. I couldn’t help but laugh maniacally at the sweetness of it all.

You are such a lunatic of a battler. I love you.” Axel said happily.

“Thrash ‘im Ursaring!” called Goliath. The grizzly bear threw itself into a berserk frenzy and began wildly clawing at Donphan.

“Donphan! Fury Attack!” I countered. Donphan rammed his tusks into Ursaring’s torso repeatedly shaking his head from side to side to do the most damage. In its out-of-control state, the Hibernator Pokémon could do nothing more than attack madly.

“Now use Slam!” I continued. The Armor Pokémon threw his entire body into his rampaging opponent. Ursaring was now panting heavily looking as if it was beginning to wear out.

“Take a Rest now Ursaring!” said Goliath rewardingly. I watched in annoyance as my almost eminent victory took a snooze.

“Go wild Donphan! Ancient Power!” I shouted. Donphan voiced his dissatisfaction with the opposition’s actions in a loud trumpet. The sound also caused all the loose stones on the scarred ground to rise then fly at the sleeping bear.

“Use Snore Ursaring!” shouted Goliath. Oh, of course. The Hibernator Pokémon began snoring so loudly that the sound waves actually shook the field.

“Whoa that’s loud!” I yelled holding my ears.

What?” cried Axel also holding his ears. When the noise stopped, I stuck my pinkie in my ear to clear it out.

“Right then. Use Earth Power next!” I called. The Armor Pokémon dug his face into the loose ground, and with a powerful upward thrust, sent a tidal wave of dirt and sand at his adversary. Ursaring awoke with the same unimpressed look it’s had all battle. Donphan and I agreed, this creature must go down.

“Welcome back Ursaring. Have a nice nap?” asked Goliath. If there was any hint of mockery, it was for me. “Carry on with Slash!” The Hibernator Pokémon yawn-roared, then charged at Donphan. When in range, it slashed across the elephant’s vulnerable flank causing him to trumpet in pain.

“You want to get it back? Then make it feel your pain! Endeavor!” I commanded. Donphan swung his head to the side slapping the bear Pokémon with his trunk which effectively drained Ursaring off all the energy it recovered from its untimely nap.

“Get some distance Ursaring! Prepare for Giga Impact!” Goliath called. Ursaring turned and ran the opposite direction of its opponent.

“That sounds like fun! Use your Giga Impact too!” I yelled delightedly. Should the results of this next attack not go in my favor, I still have two Aces left to ensure my victory.

When the two Pokémon were in position, Donphan trumpeted in triumph while Ursaring roared victoriously even though neither had won yet. At the same instant, both Pokémon ran at each other at their full speeds, Ursaring having gotten down on all fours to attain its maximum velocity. Then came the moment everyone was holding their breath for; the collision. The impact from the two Pokémon gave off a bright light further delaying the result of the battle. My heart was pounding in anticipation. Sheesh. The way this was going, someone would think this was the finals. When the dust finally settled both Pokémon were still standing, but barely. The final blow would come when they had a chance to recover their strength.

“Come on. Come on.” I chanted tensely. I was so excited. One word and it would be all over. To my dismay, Ursaring seemed to come to first.

“I guess it’s my go. You were fun Little Man, but now it’s over. Sorry.” Goliath said unapologetically. “Ursaring! Scratch!” As the bear raised its paw for the finishing blow, Donphan caught his second wind.

“FLAIL!” I cried at the top of my lungs. The Hibernator Pokémon raked its claws down, but not in time for Donphan to throw his whole body into the grizzly knocking it to the shattered floor. When it didn’t get up after a few seconds I began laughing completely relieved that I somehow pulled this hard earned win.

“And there goes the battle! The winner is… Brian!” shouted the Ref to the cheering crowd.

“I don’t believe it! You actually beat me Little Man!” said Goliath in shock. “Guess I got a little full of myself at the end there, huh?”

“I had my moments too.” I admitted calling back Donphan. We walked up and met at the center of what was left of the field. “I hope I kept this exciting for you.”

“You were excellent!” he complemented holding out a hand the size of my head. When I accepted the hand shake I felt like a little boy holding my dad’s hand. Once I exited the arena, which probably needed some repair anyway, I looked for a stadium map so that I could find the stadium’s healing station to prepare for my next match.
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