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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions 2 The Johto World!: Chapter 12, Morty

by Sylvious

Jason: Wait! What if we battle together..." Morty: Go Gastly And Haunter. Use lick and Dream Eater!" Ace And Jason: Ha! Dream Eater doesn't do anything! Go Growlithe! Flame Wheel! Go Typhlosion! Flame Wheel Too!" Morty: Come Back Gastly And Haunter. Go Gengar And Haunter! Use Mean Look And Sucker Punch!" Jason: NO! GROWLITE GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT! FLAME WHEEL ON THAT GENGAR!!" Morty: How do you beat me in like 2 seconds?" Jason And Ace: Reasons......." Jason goes. And ace finds Bill. Bill is happy to see Ace again and gives Ace a Espeon."
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