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The Ry Burst Chronicles: Chapter 12: Battle over the Rocks

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst Well it took 12 chapters, and here it is, Ry's first gym battle. Let's just say the Fantina thing didn't count cause that was unofficial and kinda embarrassing.
"So wait, you've already gotten the Coal Badge from Roark," Ry asked, as they walked towards the gym.
"Yeah, I battled him," Zak said as they drew nearer to the gym.
"So If you already have a gym badge, then I need to catch up!" Ry exclaimed, before bolting off towards the Oreburgh Gym. Zak followed in pursuit.
Ry burst into the gym to see a man with a spelunker hat on, holding a shovel standing not far from the battlefield.

"Who are you?" The man called out from across the battlefield.
"My name is Ry Burst, from Veilstone City. I'm here to battle for my first gym badge!" Ry exclaimed.
The man gave a chuckle and said, "My name is Roark, the Oreburgh City Gym leader. And I crept your challenge. Go Geodude! Let's make this a three on three battle." Roark stared after tossing out his Geodude.

"A Rock Type. Then I'll use you Splashy!" Ry shouted, tossing out the Poliwag's Pokeball. "Poliwag!" The Water Type Exclaimed happily. "Okay use Bubble Beam!" Ry shouted. Splashy opened his mouth to fire a barrage of bubbles at the Geodude.

"Geodude, Dodge and use Rock Tomb!" Roark comanded. The Geodude rolled left to avoid the bubbles and threw multiple heavy boulders towards Splashy.

"Knock them away with Bubblebeam!" Ry shouted, as Splashy narrowly stopped the attack, by knocking away the rocks with the bubbles.

"Now use Double Edge!" Roark commanded. Geodude charged at Splashy crossing the battlefield in only a few seconds, before slamming into Splashy. The little Poliwag was sent flying away, unable to battle. Ry returned Splashy to his pokeball and sent out Jet.

The Grovyle took the field and quickly flashed his leaves ready to strike. "Use Leaf Blade!" Jet punted forward slashing towards Geodude. "Double Edge!" Roark commanded. Geodude countered the attack knocking both Pokemon away.

"You see Ry, Geodude has the Ability, Rock Head, making him immune to recoil damage. My Double Edge doesn't hurt me! Now again, Double Edge!" Roark said laughing.

Ry cracked a smile and nodded to Jet. "Slow him down with a Bullet Seed attack!" Ry said to the Grovyle. Jet nodded, opened his mouth and fired multiple seeds at the ground below the charging Geodude. "Now Leaf Blade!" Jet leapt up slashing down at the Geodude, knocking it out with that decisive blow.

"Well done, but we aren't done yet. Go Onix!" The battlefield shook, as the giant rock snake let loose a loud roar. "Iron Tail!"

"Leaf Blade!"

Both Pokemon charged at the other, each using their respective move. Jet's high powered leaves collided with Onix's steel plated tail creating a strong gust of wind. "Now Bind!" In a quick motion the rock snake wrapped his body around Jet, squeezing tightly.

"Grovyle!" Jet cried under the pressure. "Okay Jet, use X-scissor to break loose of his grip!" Ry shouted. Jet built up pale green energy in his forearms and then released it, freeing himself from the Bind attack. "Now use Leaf Blade!"

"Iron Tail!"

The two attacks collided with great power, knocking both Pokemon out. Ry switched in Fuego, while Roark sent out his final Pokemon. A Pokemon resurrected from a fossil, Rampardos.

"Use Zen Headbutt!" Roark shouted. The Rampados lowered his head and charged at the Monferno at high speeds.

"Flame Wheel!" Ry shouted. Fuego began to roll, draped in flames, and hit the attack head on. Fuego was smashed into a rock, while Rampardos seemed unharmed.

"Dragon Tail!" Roark shouted without missing a beat. Rampardos lunged across the battlefield nd swung his tail crashing into Fuego, dealing serious damage.

Ry closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Okay Fuego, let's step it up," he said opening his eyes. Fuego nodded and gave a huge grin, despite his wounds. "Mach Punch!" Ry shouted. Fuego charged toward Rampardos, jumped and both trainer and Pokemon swung their fist. The Mach Punch landed, knocking Rampardos back.

"Rampardos, use Stone Edge!" Roark shouted. Pointed stones surronded Rampardos, before they were sent skyrocketing toward Fuego.

"Knock them away with Mach Punch!" Ry shouted. The Monferno raised his fists and began to punch away the stones in a flurry of arm movements.

"You're wide open! Use Head Smash!" Rampardos, charged forward and smacked into the distracted Fuego, knocking him into a rock. "It's over."

"No it's not!" Ry exclaimed. "Mach Punch again!"

"Giving commands to a knocked out Pokemon won't help," Roark said pointing to the pile of rumble that Fuego was buried in. Ry gave a smile and Fuego burst out from the rumble, and smashed his fist into the Rampardos knocking it out. Roark returned Rampardos and smiled warmly. Ry and Fuego gave a thumbs up and did a little dance to celebrate their victory.

"That was a good battle, and you deserve this," Roark said walking over, placing the badge in Ry's palm. "The Coal Badge!" Ry thanked Roark for the battle nd rushed off towards the Pokémon Center, to heal his team, still pumped about the battle.

"That kid has a lot of trust for his team. It could either be his downfall or his rarest strength. it all depends how he plays it," Roark said, after the boy had left. The kid had potential, that was true.
  1. Ry_Burst
    Thanks! I'm currently working on chapter 13 (on and off)
    Mar 9, 2017
  2. MegaloX
    I read this whole thing. Great story I need more XD
    Mar 9, 2017
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