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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions: Chapter 12, Ace And Jason VS Giovanni

by Sylvious

After beating Erika and getting the Rainbow Badge, Ace goes to the Game Corner and finds a Coin Case on the ground. In the Game Corner, Ace finds a cool poster. Touching it he found a lever. He pushed it and found what it looks like as a abandoned hideout. Ace goes inside and finds outfits on the ground with a red R on it. Then Ace finds Giovanni. And Jason comes. Jason: Oh hey Ace! Wait what? Who is that?!" Ace: It looks like Giovanni. Giovanni: Oh, hello young trainers! You remind me of.... Red......" Ace And Jason: I WANT TO BATTLE YOU!" Giovanni: Okay, Okay, what about a double battle? Okay. But I'm warning you. Im tough. Go Onix And Rhyhorn! Use Rock throw and Stomp! Ace And Jason: Go Golbat! Go Blastoise! MEGA EVOLUTION! Golbat! Wing Attack! Mega Blastoise! Water Gun on both of Giovanni's pokemon! Giovanni: Come back Onix And Rhyhorn! Go Kangaskan! Use Mega Punch!" Ace And Jason: Golbat! Wing Attack again! Mega Blastoise! Water Gun!" Giovanni: Wow, you are such good trainers. Well, bye Trainers." Jason: Well, that was a good battle. Hopefully we can battle later. Bye!" So Ace went out of the Hideout. So. What can happen after these events?!
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  1. Sylvious
    I vote Jason did all the work.
    Jul 25, 2015