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How did I end up in Hoenn?: Chapter 11.

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge Finally! A new chapter! This is chapter 11 of How did I end up in the Hoenn region series. Before reading this I suggest you read chapters 1-10 first to avoid confusion. Enjoy~! P.S. (I fast forwarded it a bit to the Petalburg woods.)
Chapter 11- The Petalburg Woods.

A team aqua grunt started screaming."Get lost kid!"

I immediately replied in rebuttal. "What! Excuse me, dude, but have you seen a Shrimoosh anywhere?"

The man right next to me pointed "He's the one that stole it!"

I stood next to him in wonder."He is?"

The team Aqua grunt yelled. "Damn, they found out! Let's get them! Poocheyana!"

I threw my poke ball in the air, like most contest people do."Oi! Poochy let's kick this guys ass!"

Poochy came out, unaware of his surroundings in the Petalburg Woods, and immediately got stuck in a bush nearby. The other Poocheyana howled.

Poochy struggled through the bush, and managed to get out. The two Poocheyana were literally dog fighting, when the Aqua grunt ran and the Poocheyana ran with him.

But he dropped something very important. The Devon Goods~!

-A hour earlier-

"Someone help!" A young man, about the age of 21, wearing a tattered green coat was on the verge of crying. Azure managed to get through the route leading to this dumb woods, and after this forest was a simple bridge to Rustboro city. She heard the young man's plea, and went his way.

Azure was straight to the point."You good?"

The young man replied almost instantly. "No! My Shrimoosh is gone, well stolen, also with the Devon goods!"

Azure sighed. She knew him well, after all the times she played Pokémon Emerald. He was the same man, who was going to give her the repeat ball, and eventually give her the job to go to Slateport city, and Dewford town to meet Steven~. Azure smiled and said "I'll help you." She gave her hand, in return for his.


"Thank you so much! I was supposed to deliver these Devon goods to the president, and I was afraid I would have lost them! Thank you again!" He started walking away.

Azure ran to catch up, but he was running too fast, like the NPC he was. "Wait! Don't you need your Pokémon?!"

He stopped, and bowed to thank me. "Nope, I think I'm fine."

"What do you mean, fine? You're going to get yourself killed, if you don't have any Pokémon with you!" Just then a Wurmple tried to throw a cobweb, but Poocheyana tackled it, and it fainted.

"I'll be fine. See ya!" He scurried away.

Azure sighed. What was up with that guy? She then saw a couple trainers, and destroyed their Pocket Monsters without a problem. She then, saw the magical daylight. It was like a new day.

A random NPC stopped her."Wait there!"

Azure sighed. "What is it this time?"