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Pokelover's Bonnie Fanfic: Chapter 11

by ~Pokelover~

~Pokelover~ Chapter 11!
Chapter 11: Pokemon Performace

Bonnie picked up the Pokeball from the ground. She had caught the Absol who had helped her before.
As she reached the aquarium leading to the exit of the town, she saw a TV when she walked in.
"The Cyllage City Pokemon Showcase will begin tomorrow night at 7:00. All Performers should sign up quickly!"
Dedenne looked over at Bonnie, who nodded.
"We should sign up and make a performance! That would be so much fun!"
Bonnie ran out to the beach, tossing Absol's Pokeball out.
"Ok! Maybe if you two are in my performance..."

"And then Absol, use Dark Pulse!"
The move collided with Dedenne's Thunder Shock, creating a sparkly explosion that almost looked like a firework.
"Yay!! This will be perfect!!" Bonnie exclaimed.
"Now we have to hurry and get to Cyllage City so we can sign up!"
Bonnie and her Pokemon ran off through the beach toward the city to sign up for the competition.
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