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The Johto Escape: Chapter 11: The second escape

by Drider

Drider Thomas, soon to be put in jail, has decided that he needs to get out of the hospital. Not just to save his own skin, but to find Ledger...
It was just a bit past midnight. For the rest of the previous day, I had convinced the majority of nurses at the hospital that I was still very very sore, and wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

But I was, so when pretty much everyone was asleep, I grabbed my backpack from beside my bed and silently opened a window nearby. Looking outside, I saw that I was two storeys up. No problem, I thought as I prepared to jump, I've survived bigger heights.

I jumped.

Just to add a bit of flair, I did a somersault when I landed. Definitely not necessary, but it would've looked cool to anyone watching. Which they weren't.

Looking back briefly, I continued on my way through Violet City. The first chance I got, I ducked into the trees and stealthily made my way into Route 31. Thankfully, no one saw me.

When I was well away from civilisation, I sat down and took a breather. I need to get my Pokémon back, I thought, I think I can do it, but I'd need a PC...

So creeping down the Route, I eventually came to Route 30. I knew there were two houses on this way, hopefully one of them was unoccupied for me to break in and use the PC. Dear Arceus, I was becoming a criminal.

The first house I came across looked uninhabited. Looking at a sign outside, I saw that it belonged to Mr. Pokémon, and if I was correct, he was away studying Pokémon in Kalos, I knew this because I head it on the news a few months back. He wouldn't be back, surely.

So going around the house a couple of times, I saw my only option was to break a window. I chose a small one around the back. Taking my shirt from my backpack (as I was still wearing hospital clothes), I wrapped it around my right hand and punched through the window. It made a loud noise, but there was no one to here it.

Getting rid of any sharp bits, I carefully made my way in. It was dark inside, and I knew almost at once that no one was there.

Although when I stepped into the hall, I noticed a small red light flashing slowly. Crap, he had an alarm, I thought, searching the halls, I gotta make this quick.

Finding the PC in what appeared to be his bedroom, I turned it on.

It didn't start up. Hitting myself, I followed the cord attached to it until it took me to a plug. I switched the switch, and the PC started up.

Okay okay, I thought, typing in a certain code, surely some officers have used this PC.

Looking at the codes of every person to use this PC, I didn't see any that matched the Police code. Swearing out loud, I heard sirens in the distance.

Crap, gotta be faster, I thought, getting out of the screen and trying to break into another. Eventually I did, but the sirens were far too close.

Messing up the Police Code a few times, I eventually remembered it (it was P212OKKSUGB22M). Searching a list of Officer codes, I clicked on the top one, which I assumed was the Head of Police's code. It was, and I finally came to the Criminal's Pokémon Box.

I heard the door being kicked down, and a voice ring through the house.

"This is the Police!" yelled a voice, "if you're in there, come out with your hands up!"

As they ran down the hall, I quickly withdrew Banjo, Goku, Jasmine and Ricki. Just in time. Three Police and their Arcanines burst into the room just as I was saying hello to my Pokémon.

"Freeze Maxfield!" said the first Officer, and his Arcanine readied to attack, "no sudden movements son, just come with us to the Police Station."

"I'm not going to jail," I said, "Goku, Jasmine, Banjo! Go!"

Soon there were six Pokémon squaring up to on another.

"Goku, Water Gun, Banjo, Fury Swipes!"

"Arcanine, Extreme Speed!" yelled the Officers simultaneously.

"Jasmine, Sucker Punch!"

It went pretty fast, but here's what happened;

Goku was hit pretty hard, but managed to get an accurate Water Gun off, and pin the first Arcanine down until it passed out from the water.

Poor Banjo was sent flying into the wall, he didn't manage to get Fury Swipes off.

And Jasmine, although attacked by Extreme Speed, got in first and knocked her Arcanine into it's trainer.

"Arcanine, Take Down!" The second Arcanine leaped at Banjo, and the first officer backed out the room with his Arcanine, requesting backup.

"Ricki, protect Banjo with Spark!"

"Arcanine, Flame Wheel!"

"Jasmine, Play Rough! Goku, help her with Water Gun!"

As the Arcanine leaped at Banjo, Ricki shocked it back with a bolt of lightning. Not enough to take it out, but enough to allow Banjo to recover.

The other poor Arcanine didn't stand a chance. Caught between a Play Rough and a Water Gun, it soon passed out.

"Goku, Scratch on the last Arcanine!" I shouted, unlocking and opening a nearby window.

I retrieved Banjo, Ricki and Jasmine back as Goku managed to finish off the last Pokémon. Calling him back into his Pokéball, the Officers struggled to stop me as I made my way outside, past their motorbikes, through the trees and towards Route 46.

And freedom.

And hopefully Ledger.
  1. SquirtleLover
    Awesome :D Keep this story up!
    Aug 12, 2015
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